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Lubricants: how to choose, reviews, where to buy

The mysterious word lubricant in someone causes a nervous chuckle, someone has a complete misunderstanding, and someone sweetly smiles from pleasant memories.

Lubricants - what is this?

At its core, a lubricant is a lubricant thatallows to avoid unpleasant sensations, superfluous friction, irritations during any sexual contact. Thus, it helps to cause especially bright emotions, burning desire and incredible excitement in both partners who know the art of love.

For more effective and widespread usemanufacturers offer different lubricants. How to choose, reviews, characteristics - each pair decides for themselves individually. The choice of means for enhancing pleasure, as well as for intimate hygiene is great, it remains only to decide.

Types of lubricants

1. Exciting lubricants.

Means that include components that affect the sexual desire of partners. Excitation occurs due to action on nerve endings and activation of blood circulation.

stimulating lubricants

2. Antiseptic lubricants.

Means containing drugs with antiviralaction. In some percent contribute to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. It is much easier to use such a lubricant, the price of which is not so high, than to cure the terrible consequences of sexual infections.

3. Prolongators.

Means that promote a long and at the same time quality sexual intercourse. They act by suppressing the functions of the nerve endings and the cooling effect.

4. Contraceptive.

Intimate means with a spermicidal basis that reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy. It is advisable to use together with condoms for a guaranteed effect.

Also all the intimate lubricants can be divided into male, female and universal.

lubricant for women
Lubricant for women actively moisturizes the vagina. Lubricants for men contain substances that increase the potency. Universal fit both partners.

Types of lubricants

All groups of lubricants can be divided into several basic types.

1. Water.

Created on a water basis. This allows you to use them together with a condom and not be afraid of damage to the surface of the product number 1. Water lubricants are easily washed off, neutral in terms of allergic reactions. Long-playing in use.

2. Silicone.

The latest invention among the main types of lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants can also be used with condoms, plus they are great for applying to various toys and attributes for sexual pleasures.

3. Fat (vegetable).

Use with caution asoil base can destroy latex and surfaces of intimate toys. Despite this, they cause significant slippage and benefit when used, for example, for anal sex.

Choosing lubricants in pharmacies, it is best to focus on water-based or silicone-based products.

lubricants and lubricants

What are lubricants for?

The main purpose of lubricants - saturationmoisture contacting surfaces of the body to avoid strong and unpleasant friction. On this basis, it is possible to determine exactly which lubricants are needed, how to choose (it is better to study the reviews in advance) and for what to use.

The main groups of lubricants according to their purpose are anal, oral, vaginal.

1. Anal.

For anal sex using intimate lubrication is a must. It relaxes and relieves pain. It also has a bactericidal effect and prevents mechanical or other tissue damage.

2. Oral.

Most often this means having a bright taste andolfactory features. Suitable for people who disdain the natural smells and tastes of certain organs, but nevertheless oral sex is important for a couple.

3. Vaginal.

All other lubricants and lubricants listed above are vaginal.

lubricants how to choose reviews

How to choose and where to buy?

It is best to buy lubricants, like other tools for intimate hygiene and intimacy, in pharmacies or in specialized sex shops.

When buying lubricants in pharmacies or sex shops, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer, the integrity of the packaging, expiration dates.

If there is a history of allergic reactions,diseases of the reproductive system, as well as diseases that are sexually transmitted, you should choose intimate drugs with special care. And it is better to consult with a specialist.

It is important to consider what the tool will be used for. Do not use oral lubricant for anal sex or grease based on fat for sex, protected by a condom.

In the form of release intimate lubricants can be divided into gels, sprays, foam, napkins. Convenience and comfort of use often depend on the form.

A lubricant whose price is too low should raise suspicion. Lubricants can not be too cheap, otherwise it indicates a low quality of raw materials from which they are produced.

There are major, most popular brands.lubricants that have long and firmly won their honorary position in the market for intimate intimate products. Prices vary depending on the type and type of lubricant, as well as the form of release and packaging volume.

Average prices for intimate lubricants:

- JO from 1050 to 2770 rubles.

- Pjur from 783 to 3120 rubles.

- Glide from 460 to 980 rubles.

- Durex from 206 to 649 rubles.

lubricants in pharmacies

How to use lubricants?

Before using it is better to know in advance what kind of lubricants are, how to choose, reviews on the use of real buyers.

Before using, preferably not directly before sexual contact, but in advance, you must read the instructions.

Usually gels and lubricants are applied directly tothat part of the surface of the skin that will contact the skin of the partner. Massage lubricants and oils can be applied to the whole body. On the chest, back, buttocks, arms and legs.

After contact, the grease is removed with warm water and soap.

If unforeseen reactions occur, it is necessary to immediately remove the preparation from the surface of the skin and contact a specialist.

lubricants how to choose reviews

What else are useful lubricants?

In addition to its intended purpose, lubricants also have indirect beneficial properties.

Each intimate lubricant has basic and optional components.

The basis is usually taken "detergent" components.

Additional may be antisepticsubstances, as well as various oils, fragrances and extracts of natural origin, which bring in the means of tempting aromatic notes and help relieve irritation, healing wounds and microcracks.

Often vitamins are added to the lubricant, the most popular is vitamin “E”.

Reviews of lubricants are varied and dependprimarily from the purposes for which they are acquired. And also on the quality of the products themselves, which are offered by the manufacturer. The only thing that users of intimate lubricants, gels and sprays definitely agree on is that these drugs are definitely needed and useful in correctly applied dosages. In certain situations - age changes, physiological features, game performances, some types of sex - you cannot do without quality lubricants.

Deciding for yourself that lubricants are needed, likechoose, reviews of users having studied, as well as having decided on the type and type of lubricant, you can safely proceed to love experiments. Give each other the highest pleasure and immerse yourself in sex games and entertainment with your head. The most important thing - do not forget about safety and precautionary measures, even in such a passionate affair as love adventures. Using these or other intimate means, you should be careful and attentive.