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Island Tachay - a paradise in the Andaman Sea

The island of Tachay is known in the tourist environment due to the virgin purity of its sand. If you get here, you will have all the chances to be convinced of this on your own experience.

About paragraph

The island of Tachai (Thailand) is located some distance from the islands of the Similan group. However, he is still ranked according to the 1998 decree.

Isla Tachay is a territory wherepreserve the purity and innocence of nature. The man did not have time to change much here. There is a possibility to walk between the tropical thickets, from which the blissful fragrance proceeds, to admire their splendor and multicolor. Being on the shore of the ocean, you will see a bright blue water in front of you, characterized by crystal clearness. You can luxuriate on white sand without debris. This is the nature of the island of Tachai. Fortunately, now we can touch this splendor.

An attractive place for divers is thea local coral reef. It can be called one of the most magnificent in the whole world. In a great variety in the local waters live fish, typical of the tropics. In addition to them, this environment for themselves was chosen by turtles, underwater rays and various kinds of sharks.


Special zone

Island Tachay included in the heritage of the parkof national importance under the name Mu Ko Similan. Thanks to this, access to it has become more limited. Tourists without barriers are allowed here in the period from November to April. To restore the nature of this beautiful place, at the rest of the time, she is given rest and stops contacts with tourists. Whatever you say, and human touches leave their mark.

The Andaman Sea, where this point is located,is an excellent environment for the development of wildlife. The distance to the archipelago is 20 kilometers. Such entertainment, a way of rest, like an excursion to the island of Tachay, became available only about two years ago. So the nature has not yet been discredited, and the administration makes every effort to continue this way. Once you get here, you completely forget about the existence of the world outside. The mind is immersed in silence, and the soul experiences true grace.

the Andaman Sea

What awaits a tourist

Tours here include pastime on the beautifulbeaches, the length of which is more than 700 meters. Thanks to an experienced guide, you can get to the very depths of the island, where there live colonies of so-called chicken crabs, whose life can be looked at.

Together with the group you will climb the mountain, where there isviewing platform. You have to spend only 7 minutes on climbing. There is a swing for photos of couples in love. The water here is very clean. Through it you can clearly see the different tones of blue.

Conduct here and such an interesting procedure assnorkeling, which means swimming under the water surface. You will be given a tube and a mask. Thus, you will see the turtles living on the bottom, as well as the stunning landscape of this area. Here there are all the wonderful details that can be seen in the resorts of the Red Sea type.

island swing thailand

On the aquatic environment

You will be affectionately welcomed into the waters by the Andaman Sea,where is the most beautiful array of coral reefs. This water point is half closed and enters the Indian Ocean. Nearby are the peninsula of Malacca from the east and Indochina.

From the south you can see Sumatra.Thanks to a number of islands, the reservoir is separated from the nearby bay. Its area is more than 600 thousand square meters. km, and the average depth is 1043 meters. The maximum can be sunk to 4500 m. Characterized by the tides, which increase the water level by 7.2 meters. The sea was named so in honor of the divine essence of Anduman, who enjoyed great reverence in Malaysia. In the winter of 2004, there was an earthquake in the local waters, through which the devastating tsunami rose.

excursion to the island

Where and for how much to buy a ticket?

If you have enough enthusiasm forHaving visited Tachai (island) how to get there is becoming one of the main issues that many tourists are interested in that have not been there yet. And to visit this paradise was made by very few people because of the small duration of its existence. There is nothing difficult in the visit.

Many travel agencies Khao Laki and Phuket are engaged inthe implementation of permits there. To do this, you need to fly directly to one of these cities, where you will be included in the excursion group. Such a trip can cost about 2000 baht (at least one person). This price includes a wonderful holiday at the seaside, snorkelling, a walk in the forest full of tropical plants. Tours, which also include diving, are easy to get. They can cost 4,500 baht per person.

The respite

If you are determined at all costscome here, remember one important detail: you can get here only in the period from November to mid-May. In other cases it will be necessary to wait until the nature is prepared for your arrival. The flora, as well as the plant world of the island, should be restored. All the same resting a little harm to it and frighten animals by the presence. Each year, the start and end dates of the resort are different. In 2016 the respite is planned to be arranged from the middle of May to the end of October.

How to get there?

The local corals are very deep from allsides of the land. We need to go down a couple of meters. It is so interesting to see all the details of life unfamiliar and unusual for our country's tropical nature. This new world under water is amazing with its beauty, captures the imagination, and memories of it for a long time live in the shower.