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Natural places of interest in Bryansk region

The Bryansk region covers an area of ​​34,857 km,quarter of which is covered with forests. Thanks to them, it is often called the "lungs of Europe", which is by no means an exaggeration. Sights of the Bryansk region, including natural ones, are interesting and diverse, that's why many tourists come from other regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

 Sights of the Bryansk Region

Nerusso-Desnyanskoye woodland

This biosphere reserve is part of theprotected areas under the auspices of UNESCO. Its core is the reserve "Bryansk Forest", covering an area of ​​12 186 hectares. In the west, the Nesrusso-Desnyanskoye woodland is bordered by the Navya River, and in the north by the Desna. In the territory of the main natural site of the Bryansk region 37 species of trees and 39 varieties of shrubs grow. Basically you can see pine, oak, ash, birch, aspen and spruce. Of special mention is the fact that the Nerusso-Desnyanskoye Polesie is the only remaining natural habitat of all 10 species of European woodpeckers.

Contrary to the opinion of some Russians, that in "Bryanskforest "bison live, they can not be seen there.The fact is that the experiment on the migration of these animals to the territory of the region, which began in 1996. Failed because of the lack of habitual pasture, the bison began to raid the vegetable gardens in the villages around "Bryansk Forest." When they were forced to move away from human habitation, animals began to die one by one from accidents and through the fault of poachers.

Bryansk region attractions

Animal world

Visit to the main natural landmarkBryansk region - Nerusso-Desniansky woodland - it will be interesting for fans to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. In the reserve at the moment live 500 species of insects, 30 species of fish, 12 - amphibians and 10 - birds. Among the mammals living there, one can note hedgehogs of common chestnut, common shrews, moles, forest batters, water moths, bicolored leathers, wolves, foxes, forest martens, elks, wild boars, deer, roe deer, hare, common squirrels, river beavers, red and a water voles and a yellow-necked mouse.


To see the most interesting naturalsights of the Bryansk region, it is best to visit the reserve Nesrusso-Desnyanskoye Polesie as part of an organized group. The excursion along the ecological path length of 640 m "Our house - the Bryansk forest" is very popular. It runs along the wooden flooring, which is sold out, and has a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

During the tour, tourists are introduced to the historyreserve and with the habits of its inhabitants. Since the trail runs along the valley of the Terebushka River, reserve visitors can see traces of beavers. At the end of the tour, tourists are invited to watch a film about animals that inhabit the "Bryansk Forest", created on the basis of video materials obtained with the help of photo traps installed in the reserve.

Sights of Bryansk and Bryansk region

"Guerrilla stories"

Telling about natural attractionsBryansk and Bryansk regions, we can not fail to mention the powerful patriotic movement that originated in the local forests during the Great Patriotic War. You can find out more about it by participating in the Guerrilla Stories tour, which takes place on a specially equipped trail near the village of Smelizh.

During the walk, tourists are told realhistory of the life of 13 guerrillas, who fought in these places. The trail at the reconstructed dug-out in which the partisan hospital was located ends. In addition, the participants are shown a stele erected in honor of the first performance of the famous song "Noisy Severely Bryansk Forest".

The nature monument "Bologna"

This zakaznik with an area of ​​2995 hectares is located inKlintsy district, 20 km west of the city of Klintsy. It is of international importance, since plants of many rare species grow on its territory, animals listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Bryansk region can be seen.

interesting places in Bryansk region


The nature monument is a part of the reserve"Bryansk Forest". "Ozerki" is located 4 km south-west of the village of Kokorevka in the Suzemsky district. It is a marsh tract, which is of lake origin, surrounded by virgin forests. The territory of the "Ozerk" is a great place for ecotourism lovers, there you can observe rare birds, and also gather mushrooms and berries, which the Bryansk region is famous for.

Sights, photos of Bryansk

In the administrative center of the region, tourists can:

  1. Visit the park "Nightingales".On its territory is the Mound of Immortality, which was based on the earth from all graves of soldiers who died for the freedom of their native land. In addition, in "Nightingales" there is an observation deck, from which you can make beautiful panoramic photos of the city.
  2. Visit the Temple of the Renaissance (address: st.Bezhitskaya, 263). The church is surrounded by forests, on its background you can make magnificent photographs. In addition, in the church from time to time there are concerts of spiritual music.
  3. Examine the Gorno-Nikolskaya church (address: Arsenalnaya street, 8). The temple was built in 1751 in the Naryshkin Baroque style and is located on an elevation opposite the Pokrovskaya Mountain.
  4. Climb to the complex Pokrovskaya Gora. It erected a monument in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the city, and just below the monument to the hero Peresvet.

Sights of Bryansk region with description

Other attractions in the Bryansk region with a description

Due to its border status this regionHe was constantly attacked and suffered during armed conflicts. In this regard, the historical and cultural attractions of the Bryansk region do not differ in antiquity. However, lovers of cognitive excursions are waiting there:

  • Monument of Friendship in Klimovo. This composition is set to remind us of the inviolability of the friendship of Russians, Byelorussians and Ukrainians at the place where the borders of the three countries intersect.
  • Sculpture park A.Tolstoy in the Red Horn (Pochep region). It belongs to the museum of the famous writer, his visitors are happily photographed against the background of wooden compositions carved from trunks, dried up trees.
  • Memorial complex in Hatsuni. This mournful place serves as a reminder of how in 1941 the Nazis destroyed about 1,000 local residents for 3 German soldiers killed by partisans.

natural places of interest in Bryansk region

Now you know where are the most famousnatural attractions of the Bryansk region. Interesting places are in every corner of Russia, so domestic tourism in our country has a huge undiscovered potential.