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Chrissi Amoudia Hotel & Bungalows 4 * (Chrissi Amoudia 4 *), Crete, Anissaras, Greece - photos, prices and reviews from hotels in Russia

Chrissi Amoudis Hotel Bungalows 4is located on the picturesque coast of the Aegean Sea. Travelers here are expected not only by decent living conditions, but also by fine cuisine, national flavor, sincere hospitality, professional service and, of course, the atmosphere of the ancient myths surrounding the island. It is worth noting that today more and more Russian tourists are interested in additional information about this hotel.

Chrissi Amoudia Hotel location Bungalows 4

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4

The hotel is located almost on the beachAegean Sea, on the territory of the famous island of Crete in the village called Anissaras. Blooming gardens, clean sea and picturesque rocky shore - it is in the midst of this luxury and is the hotel Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4. Heraklion and the international airport are located about 25 kilometers from the hotel complex. And quite near is the place that is no less popular among tourists - the city of Chersonissos. The city center can be reached in just 10 minutes.

Brief description of the infrastructure and territory of the hotel

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4 reviews

Chrissi Amoudia HotelBungalows 4 is located on a hillside surrounded by a lush garden where it is so pleasant to relax in the shade of trees. The hotel consists of several two-storey bungalows, decorated in a traditional style. The rest of the territory is occupied by swimming pools, sports grounds and other places for entertainment and recreation.

Description of hotel rooms

The hotel has 224 spacious rooms- these are standard rooms of different capacity. Each room has its own balcony (rooms on the second floor) or a spacious terrace from which you can admire the view of the garden or the sea shore.

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4 Heraklion

Naturally, the rooms have all the necessaryfurniture. The air conditioning system will create the most comfortable temperature conditions in the room. There is also a TV connected to the satellite dish. In addition, there is a telephone and a radio. Valuable things and documents can be stored in a safe.

The bathroom is also equipped with modern plumbing - here you can take a bath or shower. There is also a washbasin, a mirror, a set of towels and branded hygiene products.

Meals for travelers

Naturally, tasty food is an indispensable attributehave a nice rest. And many travelers are primarily interested in what kind of food scheme the hotel offers Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4.

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4 Greece

Greece is a country that is famous all over the worldits exquisite and original cuisine. And here, on the island of Crete, you will have the opportunity to try out the most famous national dishes. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis. Three times a day, on the territory of a cozy main restaurant for residents, there are lavish tables - here you will find light snacks, fruits, fresh salads, as well as meat dishes, seafood and fish. Tasty desserts and ice cream will please even the most demanding gourmet.

On the territory of the hotel complex alsothere is a real Greek tavern, decorated in a colorful, national style. Here you will be offered traditional Greek dishes and drinks. In addition, residents can visit the bar located in the lobby of the main building. He works mostly in the evening, and visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea, sitting on the terrace. Another bar is located by the pool - here residents are also offered light snacks, national drinks and exotic cocktails.

Beach and water kinds of rest

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4 Crete

The luxurious beach is located just 600 meters from the beach.of the Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4. It can be easily reached on foot. But for the convenience of residents between the hotel and the beach is constantly running a tourist bus.

Here you will find soft sand and clear sea withcomfortable descent. On the beach there are sun beds with soft mattresses and umbrellas. But for their use it is necessary to pay separately, however, the price here is small. Of course, in addition to bathing and sunbathing for travelers, there are other, no less interesting activities. For example, you can ride a boat, make a trip along the coast by boat, get a dose of adrenaline, swim in water skiing, or enjoy the beauty of the underwater world by visiting the local diving center. In addition, on the beach there are sports grounds for volleyball, where you can also have fun.

Conditions for children's recreation

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4 beaches islands holidays with children

Of course, many parents are interested inquestions about what the conditions of family rest can offer the hotel Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4. Beaches, islands - rest with children will be a real adventure, because even the smallest guests of the hotel will have something to do.

To begin with, it is worth noting that, if necessarya child's bed or a fold-out bed (for an older child). The rich menu of the restaurant allows you to choose tasty dishes for children, and employees on request will bring you a child seat.

In addition, the hotel hasa beautiful outdoor children's pool - here your children will be able to have fun in complete safety under the supervision of rescuers. Children can also spend time in a children's club - professional employers work with them to help organize fun and educational as well as leisure. There is also a children's playground with slides and swings.

Additional services for hotel guests

Of course, on the territory of the hotel complextried to create the ideal conditions for a carefree holiday. For example, for a small fee you can rent clothes in the laundry or dry cleaning. For those wishing to travel around the island, the car rental service operates independently - by the way, transport can be left in the hotel parking lot.

In addition, in public placesthere is wireless internet access. The hotel has a currency exchange office. If necessary, you can deposit items in the administrator's safe. On the territory of the hotel there are several shops where you can buy things of prime necessity and interesting souvenirs. And very near there is a large supermarket.

Sports and entertainment for travelers

chrissi amoudia hotel bungalows 4 Greece reviews

If you are looking for entertainment and vivid impressions, thenthis hotel will suit you. First of all, it should be said that there is a large swimming pool on its territory, which can be a great time. Loungers, umbrellas and towels guests can use for free.

Of course, there will be entertainment for people,preferring active sports rest. For example, you can have fun by visiting water slides. There is also a gym. The hotel regularly holds classes in aerobics, and everyone can take dance lessons. There are spacious sports grounds for volleyball, mini-football and basketball. Fans of tennis will appreciate the local court - rackets and other accessories can be rented here for a nominal fee. The hotel also has tables for table tennis and a TV lounge. And in the evenings the guests are entertained by a team of talented animators who arrange funny contests, performances and performances in the national Greek style.

Naturally, this is not all that cansuggest hotel Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4. Crete is an island full of mysteries and ancient legends. And, visiting the local tour desk, you will have the opportunity to see the most interesting places of the island, including the labyrinth of Minotaur, the high mountain lake, the ruins of ancient cities and temples of the ancient gods, as well as numerous museums. Moreover, in the center of the resort city you will find a lot of pleasant entertainment, shopping, noisy markets and, of course, night clubs.

By the way, if you want, the hotel staff will gladly organize for you a romantic dinner, a celebration of some significant date or even a wedding.

Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4 (Greece): customer reviews

Crete is a great place for summer holidays.And today more and more Russian tourists choose Chrissi Amoudia Hotel Bungalows 4. as a temporary haven. Reviews about this place are mostly positive. The rooms are spacious, clean and equipped with everything you need. And from the balcony or terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and rocks and breathe fresh sea air.

Separately it is necessary to talk about the food system,which is more than worthy here. Tourists give thanks to local chefs, because the tables are always waiting for an abundance of dishes, including fish, seafood and fresh fruit. Parents traveling with children consider this place to be excellent for a family holiday, as the boys always have something to do. The service is also at a high level - hotel staff are always kind and polite. By the way, most of the workers are fluent in Russian. This hotel is suitable for family, youth, business and, of course, a romantic getaway.