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Golden 5 Diamond: photo and reviews of tourists

It's not a secret for anyone that Hurghada is one of thethe most popular Egyptian resorts. Every year tens of thousands of tourists come here. Of course, in the resort area there are a lot of hotels and hotels. One of them is the resort complex Golden 5 Diamond. Where exactly is this hotel located? What kind of living conditions do they offer? Is this place suitable for a family holiday? How do travelers talk about it? Answers to these questions will be of interest to many readers.

Where is the hotel situated?

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Big hotel complex Golden 5 DiamondResort is located on the first coastline, very close to the azure sea, in the resort area of ​​Hurghada. The distance to the city center is approximately 17 kilometers. The nearest international airport is located a bit closer - 10 km. It should immediately be said that tours to Hurghada already include a transfer from the airport to the hotel, so about the distance you should not worry - the road will take no more than 20 minutes.

Brief description of the territory and infrastructure

What does Golden 5 Diamond 5 look like?Hurghada is a resort that is famous for its luxury hotels. And this hotel is included in a complex of hotels called Golden 5 City, along with six others. The total area is 540 thousand square meters. You will have the opportunity to move around and enjoy amenities throughout the vast territory. Here you will find comfortable walking paths, bright flower beds, decorative compositions, neat lawns and even a large, blooming green garden.

The hotel complex was opened in 2003.And already in 2008 was a complete restoration. The hotel meets all international standards, is famous for its comfort and hospitality. The hotel Golden 5 Diamond consists of the main building, 8 one-storey and 9 two-storey bungalows, built in the oriental style.

Hotel complex Golden 5 Diamond 5 (Hurghada): room description

There are 332 rooms of the following categories on the territory of the hotel:

  • 317 standard rooms with an area of ​​36 square meters. There is a spacious bedroom with a seating area and a bathroom.
  • 15 large family rooms, an area of ​​48 square meters. m, which consist of two separate bedrooms and two bathrooms (designed to accommodate four adults and two children).

Regardless of the category and the building, allThe apartments are quite spacious, furnished with exquisite Egyptian-style furniture. The room has a roomy balcony or terrace with comfortable wicker furniture - from here you can enjoy the view of the garden and the sea or watch the bubbling life by the pool.

Naturally, the number is completed with the necessaryquantity of household appliances. In particular, there is an air-conditioning system that will help to create suitable temperature conditions in the room. On the TV with a large screen you can watch satellite channels (there are several Russian). You can make international calls by phone, but they are not included in the price. There is a mini-bar, which is filled free of carbonated and drinking water (for children, juice is also given). Securities can be stored in a small safe with a combination lock.

The bathroom is quite spacious.Since the bath itself is closed with a glass door, it can also be used as a shower cubicle. There is a large wall mirror, a stationary hair dryer for drying hair, a washbasin and a toilet. Each guest receives a set of towels, which are changed every day. Also in the bathroom you will find soap, shampoos and other personal care products, the stock of which is also constantly replenished.

Rooms are cleaned every day.What really pleases the guests of the Golden 5 Diamond 5. The tourists' testimonies indicate that the rooms are really kept clean. Linen on the bed is changed three times a week.

What type of food does the hotel offer?

Of course, for many travelers, the question ofnutrition is quite important. So what does the hotel complex Golden 5 Diamond 5? Tours to this hotel include a full three meals, as well as snacks and drinks of Turkish production, which can be obtained at the bars and cafes of the complex throughout the day.

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Three times a day in the main restaurantcover the Swedish tables for the guests. The premise is designed for a simultaneous stay of up to 260 people. According to reviews, the menu here is quite diverse - there are enough snacks, vegetable, meat and fish dishes, as well as Turkish sweets and delicious desserts. It should be noted that the guests of Golden 5 Diamond Hotel can eat in any of the common restaurants of the huge hotel complex.

There are several restaurants on the territory a lacards, in particular Baroness (German restaurant), Tsar (Russian cuisine restaurant), Promenad (mostly Mediterranean cuisine), El Tableyah (Egyptian cuisine), Mumbai (Indian restaurant), La Luna (Italian cuisine), Quick Club Pub (cafe, where they offer fast food). Guests are entitled to one free visit to each of these restaurants during the rest. By the way, you need to reserve seats in advance.

The hotel also offers its guests a pleasantspend time in one of the local bars. The big popularity among tourists uses a pool - a bar Rainbow where it is possible not bad snack. There are several bars near the pools, as well as in the water park and in the lobby - here you will be offered light snacks, coffee, tea, soft drinks and spirits of Turkish origin.

Beach holiday for travelers

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The hotel, of course, has a private plotthe coast, and quite impressive size. The beach, 1500 meters long, belongs to the whole Golden 5 Diamond City complex. The distance to it is about 200-300 meters, depending on the location of the residential building - it can be reached in a few minutes. The beach is sandy and pebble, with a gentle descent into the sea and a coastal coral reef, because tourists are advised to purchase the appropriate footwear.

On the beach there are sun beds and umbrellas, andWicker from the vine fence, which make the stay here more cozy. Chaise lounges there is a sufficient number even with a large influx of tourists.

Naturally, they will find something to do and fansmore active rest. The beach is equipped with several grounds for volleyball and other team games. It is possible to rent a boat, canoe or catamaran. Of course, you can ride a banana, a boat, water skiing or parasailing. Constantly conducted excursions on boats and yachts along the coast.

Do not forget that there is a livingA coral reef that impresses with the diversity of marine life. You can enjoy the bright colors of nature while swimming with a mask. Also on the beach there is a diving school where you can rent necessary equipment. For those same tourists who do not yet have experience in diving, they conduct training courses, and the first dive is offered to them in a company with a professional.

Are there any conditions for recreation with children?

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Many parents today travel together withchildren. Accordingly, they are interested in the question of the availability of amenities for the child in the territory of a particular hotel. So what can the Golden Five Diamond Hotel 5 offer?

Immediately it is worth noting that the hotel offersalmost the whole range of such services. For example, a crib for a child must be delivered to the room free of charge. In the restaurant, waiters are sure to offer a highchair if you are traveling with the youngest children. There is also a special children's menu - you can choose really useful and tasty food for your baby.

As for entertainment, the Golden 5Diamond can offer a lot of ways to interestingly and profitably spend time. Naturally, there is a spacious pool, small enough to be safe. In the whole complex there are several playgrounds with a swing, where children can have a great time. It is necessary to reduce the child to the water park, where there are water slides for children of any age. By the way, here, on the territory of the park, there is a big sandpit, where small tourists just love to spend time.

Children are engaged in a team of animators whoconstantly organize fun games, competitions and other events. Every day there is a children's club where animators and experienced educators will work with your child - here children paint, dance and engage in other forms of creativity. In the evenings, discos are organized where your child can probably have fun with new friends. A child younger can be left with a professional nanny if necessary - her services are paid separately.

Golden 5 Diamond Hotel (Hurghada): additional service

Certainly, on the territory of the hotel complextried to create all the conditions for a quality rest, not overshadowed by everyday problems. First of all, it is worth saying that here you will have the opportunity to purchase everything from very much needed things like batteries and toothbrushes to interesting souvenirs and even clothes. There is a pharmacy, which is convenient in case of health problems. There is also a currency exchange and ATM in the hotel complex.

There is ample parking, as well as a smalla berth for tourists who wished to rent a yacht or boat for a long time. Dry cleaning and laundry services are available. Staff will help you book a taxi or even a limousine. For a small fee, you can rent a safe at the reception. Internet access is available in the hotel lobby. You can also visit the Internet cafe.

The hotel complex Golden Five City hasa good business center, as well as three roomy conference rooms (the largest holds up to 300 people). The premises are often used for seminars, gatherings, conferences and holidays.

Entertainment and leisure for tourists

Tours in Hurghada today enjoy a hugepopularity. And many travel companies recommend this hotel, as its territory has everything you need for a pleasant, eventful holiday.

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To begin with, it is worth noting that in the internalthe yard has a large swimming pool. In addition, guests can visit any swimming pools in the entire complex. It is worth to visit and a large water park with slides for children and adults.

Do not have to be bored and fans of sportsrecreation. There is a mass of sports grounds on site, as well as tennis courts, billiards rooms, table tennis tables, a mini golf course, etc. Bicycles, including children's, can be rented at a reasonable price.

Also on the territory of the hotel there is a centerriding, where you can take a few lessons or enroll in a horse ride in the neighborhood. Guests can visit the large gym, where you will be offered a large selection of modern exercise equipment and the assistance of professional instructors. By the way, here also organize group sports activities, including fitness, dancing and water aerobics.

On the territory of the hotel there is a team of 25animators. According to travelers' reviews, these guys are really good at their job. They entertain guests from the very morning, organizing various competitions, performances and other events. In the evening, guests are invited to the amphitheater, where they are given real shows. By the way, at nine o'clock in the evening the hotel will include "singing fountains" - a delightful sight, which should not be missed. Until three o'clock in the morning there is a disco-bar where you can dance to wonderful music.

What else can the Golden 5 hotel offer?Diamond? Egypt is a country that is famous for its ancient history, interesting traditions and a lot of sights. Therefore, lovers of educational and sightseeing vacations will also find a suitable occupation. You can see the brightest places in the country, visit museums and even make a real sea voyage.

What kind of rest is the hotel suitable for?

Quite often a place of resttourists-compatriots becomes the resort city of Hurghada. 5 Golden Five Diamond is a great place to spend a vacation. This hotel is ideal for any type of holiday. Families with children often stay here, as the hotel offers all the conditions for comfortable living and entertainment with children.

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Also the hotel complex Golden 5 DiamondResort often becomes a place of rest for the elderly. Here the companies of youth stop. From time to time in the hotel, even corporate retreat for employees.

By the way, Golden 5 Diamond Hotel isorganization of holidays and weddings. If you have the opportunity and the desire to marry on the beach, among luxury and oriental exotics, then the hotel staff will gladly organize for you the perfect holiday.

Traveler Reviews

Many people, going on vacation, are interested inquestions about what other tourists say about the hotel Golden 5 Diamond 5. Reviews about this place are positive. Guests at the very first moment celebrate a really huge and well-groomed territory with a lot of pools, areas, flower beds.

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The same goes for the numbers.The furniture in the rooms is not new, but in excellent condition. Cleaning is carried out daily, as well as a change of snow-white towels, which the staff beautifully fold and stop in real scenery. The work of the chefs deserves praise - in any of the restaurants you will find a huge number of dishes, all really tasty and fresh (some are cooked in your presence). The beach is clean and well maintained, with enough sun beds even at the height of the beach season.

Special thanks to travelers expressservice personnel. Everyone here, including concierges, waiters, administrators and animators, is extremely polite and hospitable, but at the same time unobtrusive. By the way, almost all employees are fluent in Russian, so there will be no problems with communication. By the way, most of the holidaymakers here are Russian speaking.