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MSU Lookout: description, address and features

The MSU viewing platform, like the entire building, wasdesigned by L. Rudnev. The building was created in such a way that students and employees of the educational institution had the opportunity to cover the whole of Moscow: the territory of the Kremlin, the Park of Culture, the Palace of Soviets, the Moscow River channel, and Sokolniki.


Striking scenery opens up to its visitorsan observation deck of the Moscow State University. Vorobyovy Gory is the highest point of the Russian capital. It rises 70 m above the Moscow River, is a kind of "crown" of the city.

viewing area mgu
At any point it is easy to see this building. It is logical to assume that the viewing platform of the Moscow State University opens the gaze of the people visiting it every place in the Russian capital.

This magnificent survey point was created together withthe building itself between 1949 and 1953. Half of the success of the idea was due to the very landscape of the steep cliff. The Teplostan Upland was washed away for a long time by the current. There are no analogues to this place in the entire capital.

The round structure of the Luzhniki is clearly visible,opened in 1956 for the Olympic Games. Coming to Moscow, before wandering around the city, it would be superfluous to visit here, to move from the map to a more visual image.

In a buiding

The most interesting place is the balcony at 32floor. Also an excellent view of the 24th. In 1955, they were conserved immediately after they were transferred to the ownership of the Museum of Landholding belonging to the educational institution. By his administration these places were turned into technical facilities.

Now there is equipment for lighting(backlight for night time). In 2000, the Ostankino TV Tower was on fire. Then some equipment was moved to the Premises of the Main Building, as it was next in height in the city.

Today the spire looks like a hedgehog, as there are antennas. It is pleasant to observe the construction at night, because the bright lights give it a special charm.

observation deck mug address

Where to look at the city

The observation deck (Moscow, Moscow State University) is located onthe most well-kept and landscaped balcony of the 24th floor. Comfortable devices were added here. It's safe to be here, so from similar places it's the best in terms of weight criteria in the capital. Although today there is a large number of modern construction projects, especially in a dynamically developing city like Moscow, nothing more interesting and far-reaching has been achieved. Still, in the Soviet Union they knew what they were doing.

The MSU viewing platform is decorated with massivestatues. It seems that they too are looking at the city, its magnificent landscapes, as well as the visitor. Stalin's skyscraper has an inimitable finish, which can be fully seen while being here.

The best places

Not a single point of view is carried outexcursion to Moscow State University. The observation deck is located on each of the floors 17 to 22, however, they are not accessible to everyone. Mainly it is a zone of hostels, carrying out the load assigned to it. Here are the sectors B and B, which open the view of the west and east. Here, the halls of leisure for students are over.

An interesting feature are the balconies, the exitwhich are only available through the window. Lucky students living in the clock tower. Outsiders do not go there. Impressive panorama opens on the upper levels of the building. According to the architect's idea, one can see the whole of Moscow from here.

lookout place


Not every MSU observation deck is open forVisits, however, guides guide visitors to the points from which the Luzhniki, the Kremlin buildings, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the White House, the hotel of Ukraine, the circus and much more are clearly visible.

On the roof of the building is especially interesting. At the given building of Stalin's times the complex construction in some tiers, crowned with a spire with a star.

First it is worth to visit the open surface abovean assembly hall in two stories high, in which one thousand people are placed simultaneously. Being in the main building, it can be seen quite clearly from the window.

It's not bad here, but many people are trying to get to the goalhigher - for postgraduate corps or professorial towers. However, to ensure that there do not appear uninvited guests, just as in the engine rooms and basements, is monitored by the security service.

The roof of sector B and B deserves attentionThe main building. It is higher than all the others, equal in height to the 20th floor. During the tour, it can be seen quite well. Many are struck by the observation deck of Moscow State University.

How to get there, most people are interested inbuilding. It is best to do this under the supervision and guidance of the guide. Many of the sights of the city are opened from here. Visitors are brought to a height of 250 m. A 360-degree view will provide the most complete picture of the city. Spectacular views of Moscow opens the observation deck of Moscow State University. Address of the main building of the educational institution: st. Leninskie Gory, 1 A. The entrance fee is not charged.

observation deck mga sparrow hills

Time travel

Going here, guides show guestscolumn hall rotundu. Here you will get acquainted with the exhibits in order to fully understand the history of the educational institution. After visiting the observation deck, visitors are invited to go down to the auditoriums on the upper floors to look at the situation there that is characteristic of the past century. It seems that a bygone era comes to life in these walls. It is not only the guests of the city who love it, but also the indigenous people.


Perhaps you really interested in the observation deck of Moscow State University. How to get to this magnificent view of the city?

You can admire the views of Moscow inside the building andon the immediate territory adjacent to it. The easiest option is to use your own car or taxi. In the search bar of the navigator put the address of the nearby church on Kosygin Street, house 30. But economical people or not having a car are unlikely to want to use it. They are best suited subway. The map will help you to orient yourself. You need to go out at a stop called "Vorobyovy Gory", which belongs to the red branch. It is convenient to get from the Kremlin or Okhotny Ryad. The road will take no more than 15 minutes, but after that it will take another 20 min. walk.

lookout platform moscow mugu

From the metro to the site

Once you get to the desired station, the main thing is notget confused between the two outputs. Choose the one that is marked "to the street. Kosygin. " He will lead to the high-rise Moscow State University. Having risen on the escalator, the person is under the bridge. It is worth going to its beginning. There is a fork in here. We turn to the right. There may be a blocking ribbon, however, not intended for pedestrians.

You can safely go on without paying attentionon the obstacle. The movement continues to another fork. Move to the right. Since 2014, there is a fence, in which the yellow indicates the right direction. Further it is difficult to make mistakes, because each path leads to a goal.

On the way there are benches, pavilions and a pond withpanoramic balconies. Seeing as the road is divided into four separate ways, choose the extreme left. It requires increased attention, because in the canopy of trees and bushes the right path is easily overlooked. Seeing the steps, rest assured that you are already close to the goal. Very soon the site will be available.

A true sign will be the stela Ogaryov andHerzen, after which people go to the street. Kosygin, turn right and see the cable car. Then another staircase and chic views are available.

First, the eyes just run away.It is interesting to look at the metro station, where it had arrived some time before. Near the building of the Moscow State University and the church, popularly called "Trinity, that on Sparrows." Return to the metro is carried out in the same way. Getting here is difficult and tedious, but the sight that a person sees as a result is worth all the hard work.

viewing platform how to reach

On the trolleybus

Metro is only one way to overcome theSparrow Hills. Also use a trolley. However, it does not suit those in the center of the capital. On the 7th number they go to Kaluga Square from Kievsky Station or Victory Park. This flight is not often. There is no separate band for public transport on Kutuzovski Avenue, so it is undesirable to use this option during rush hour.

excursion to the observation deck
Having visited near the MSU building on the viewing platform andHaving participated in the excursion with a visit to its roof, people get indelible impressions. After that, Moscow no longer seems so big, because a person saw it, as if on the palm of your hand. The place is definitely worth the time and attention.