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The merchant marine is ...

The merchant marine fleet is a collection of vessels with personnel currently engaged in commercial activities.

The Purpose of the Merchant Marine

The subdivision is responsible for the following tasks:

  • observance of peaceful and maintenance of military order;
  • protection of territorial sea borders;
  • protection of national interests of citizens.

In addition to the main ones listed above, there are secondary, but no less important tasks, which the merchant fleet is engaged in.

During the existence of the structure, cargo sea transport played an important role in the formation of the economic state of the country, being the financial support of the state.

The fleet is

The fleet is the basis of navigation.Today, the merchant fleet includes not only ships and ships of long-distance voyage, but also small water transport. Small vessels are engaged in servicing the sea coast and water area.

Which boats are part of the merchant fleet

In addition to large and small vehicles, the country's merchant fleet also includes:

  • The organizations and the enterprises which are engaged in repair and towing works;
  • Operational management bodies;
  • marine insurance agencies;
  • maintenance centers for marine bunkers, shipyards, berths.

The merchant marine fleet is a subdivision inmost of which belongs to private structures. Thus, their activities are conducted independently of the leadership of the head of state. But there are cases when the head of the republic interferes in the activities of the merchant fleet.

How to recognize a merchant ship

Merchant navy
Floating equipment automatically acquires the status of official sea transport, if it displays the national flag of the country. This is the symbol of the status of the sea vessel.

Raised on the ship the flag of the state implies,that the ship is officially registered in the register of marine swimming means, has a certificate confirming this and a full package of ship documents.

Due to its national status, the ship receivesprivileges in the form of diplomatic support not only of the ruling state, but also of neighboring friendly countries. The government has the full right to dispose of the private vessels of the merchant fleet in the event of emergency.

The merchant fleet is a subdivision for the management and operation of which the state regulations apply.