/ / Khimki, Tolstoy park: rest for the whole family

Khimki, Tolstoy park: rest for the whole family

In 2017, the Moscow Region Park of Culture and Leisure. Leo Tolstoy turns 70 years old. Today it is a huge green area near the channel to them. Moscow and a tremendous leisure center.

Cozy silence and active rest

The recreation area is located just a few steps from the station"Khimki". Tolstoy Park - these are endless alleys, themed lawns, alpine hills, bright flower beds and unusual flower beds. Guests are greeted with magnificent forged gates, from which the central alley leads to the monument to Leo Tolstoy. The garden of stones is broken nearby. On each of them you can read a quote from the famous works of the classic, whose name is called the park.

Khimki, the park of Tolstoy

On the coast of the canal there is a well-equipped beach. On its territory there are free showers, a medical center, a dressing area and toilets. Sun beds and bath accessories are provided for a fee. The beach has free playgrounds for volleyball and table tennis. Visitors can enjoy water entertainments and a fitness area. Nearby there is a summer cafe and a phytobar.

For those wishing to swim in clean water, there is a closed paid zone with two spacious swimming pools surrounded by sun loungers and a bar with a large selection of drinks and snacks.

For private events, familyholidays, banquets, weddings and corporate parties on the beach organized indoor gazebos, which can accommodate up to 30 guests. By prior arrangement, the arbors are equipped with musical equipment, plasma panels, refrigeration units and coffee machines. For a fee, you can make an individual order for a catering company, invite a facilitator and develop a scenario for the event. By the way, excellent organizers can be found in the city of Khimki.

Khimki, Moscow region

Park Tolstoy has several paid zones for cooking barbecue and shish kebab with cozy houses.

Children's paradise

PC & O offers a very large number ofentertainment for children. One of them is the "Ark", a contact zoo. Adored by children place, especially if parents bought food for animals. Here live a good turkey, rabbits, kangaroos, llamas, reindeer, macaques, etc. A total of more than 50 animals and birds. On any day of the week, except Monday, the zoo hosts master classes. Children under the strict guidance of animation artists learn to draw animals or sculpt figurines of birds.

The city of Khimki (Moscow region) will be visible both in the palm of your hand with a large ferris wheel. For kids there is a small Ferris wheel.

Park of Culture and Rest. L.N. Tolstoy

The zone of the "revived" deserves special attentiondinosaurs "Secrets of the world." Incoming guests are greeted by the heterodontosaur, who is blaring in his own language and nods his head. On weekdays you can get acquainted with ancient lizards for 400 rubles, on weekends - for 450 rubles.

For kids in the park there is an amusement area. Children with pleasure go for a drive on swans-boats and jump on a trampoline. Here you can pamper your child with airy cotton or a milkshake. Prices for rides start from 200 rubles.

For children in the park area, five sites are open. Each of them - a modern gaming complex for children of different ages.

Khimki (Moscow region) is proud of the hockey box in the PKI O. them. Lev Tolstoy. There is also a sports school for children from three years old.

Adult Entertainment

A rarity for park areas and a great pride of PK & O them. Tolstoy - a tennis court. For adults and active youth there are two gym zones in the park.

Park of Culture and Rest. L.N. Tolstoy acquired a bookcrossing point. In the shadows near the court there is an old bookcase. Guests of the park bring their read books here and choose their own reading.

Family holiday

Not so long ago in the city of Khimki (Tolstoy Park)there was entertainment for fans of thrill - rope park, which is called "Superhero School". There are several routes developed. They are oriented to guests of different ages with good physical training and amateurs. There is even a route for kids four to five years old. On weekdays, the attraction is 250 rubles, on weekends or holidays - 350 rubles.

Mass events, holidays and film screenings take place in the city of Khimki (Tolstoy Park) on the open stage. There is always an exhibition at the Festival Square.

Prices for attractions

In the recently opened Library Area, it is quiet and cozy. Around the library house there are comfortable reading benches, which are almost always occupied.

On the shady part of the park there is a two-kilometer cycle track.