/ / Brateevsky Bridge in Moscow: photo, location

Brateevsky Bridge in Moscow: photo, location

This bridge will be erected at the same time as this area was built up by residential areas. And this place is called Brateevo.

Brief history of construction

The Brateevsky Bridge was erected in a vague and difficultfor Russia time is a period of perestroika. Sometimes it even seems that the name of this bridge corresponds to the trends of that era. But he is named so because of his location in the Brateevo district.

The founders and builders of this bridge were BA, respectively. Town-dweller and contractor "Mostootryad" №4. It was built in 1989, but it was only opened in 1991.

The main idea of ​​the bridge project is to make this structure part of the high-speed highway Khovrino-Borisovo. However much later this Brateevsky bridge was built.

Brateevsky Bridge

Photo and description

The channel section of the structure reaches a length of 308 meters. The design is made in the form of a steel beam cut, which is covered with an orthotropic slab of the carriageway.

On the bridge in each direction are 3car belts, and on the edges on both sides there are pedestrian sidewalks. There are also stair flights for pedestrians, along which it is possible to carry out descents and ascents to the bridge. 33-meter-long overpasses are made of reinforced concrete.

Brateevsky Bridge: photo

Where is the Brateev Bridge?

Passes this bridge across the Moscow River and isan important link between the districts of Brateevo (Southern Administrative District of the capital of Russia) and Marino (Moscow district Southeast). Next to the bridge is Nagatinsky, located down the river at 13 kilometers.

Today in the plans of bridge builders there isvery important for today the project of creating a backup of the Brateevsky building (on Donetsk street). It is the future link between Moskvorechye - Saburovo and Marino (Moscow districts). This will relieve the now existing Brateevsky Bridge.

Where is the Brateevsky Bridge

A little bit about the area

The Brateevsky Bridge is located in a rather curious historical district of Moscow.

Brateevo is a former village that has become part of thethe territory of the city of Moscow in 1960 during the expansion of the capital. There was a village on the right coast of the Moskva River, on the site of the current large area of ​​Brateevo. These are the areas of the Khordovsky Passage and the modern streets of Ferry, Key, Borisov Ponds.

South-west of the location of the Brateevo districtonce there was a large village Borisovo. Numerous pagan mounds were discovered in these places, which prove that ancient settlements were settled here long ago. In the Middle Ages, on the Brateevsky Hill and in its environs, there was a well-to-do village, the inhabitants of which grew fruit trees on fertile soils. Also from the depths of the earth, numerous healing springs flowed here. Residents of the villages were engaged in fishing, handicrafts and agriculture (all this is reflected in the modern coat of arms of the district).

Today, the Brateevsky bridge stands in the area whereMuch attention is paid to gardening, landscaping and flower decoration of the territory. The places of walking and rest for the townspeople are well equipped here. The most popular recreation areas for citizens are the Moskva River, Borisov Ponds, landscaped mini-parks, cozy courtyards and squares with children's and sports grounds.


Brateevsky bridge has a special meaning inthe road network of the South-Eastern and Southern districts of Moscow, separated from each other by the Moscow River. Only 3 bridges have been built here across the river: Nagatinsky (Andropov Avenue), Brateevsky and Besedinsky (MKAD).

The demand today for these bridges is enormous, and they all work in high overload mode. In this regard, the authorities of the district and the city today have an important task to solve this growing problem.