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Parks of Simferopol: top-5 of the best green areas of the Crimean capital

The park is a green area of ​​urban space,intended for recreation and recreation. In the Crimean capital there are a lot of green areas in which rare trees and shrubs grow. In addition, almost all parks of Simferopol look beautiful and well-groomed. The photos presented in our article will help the reader to make sure of this.

Residents of the city with great pleasure to relax in its parks and squares. Which of them can be called the best and most beautiful?

Parks of Simferopol: description and history

The capital of Crimea is a beautiful and very green city. The parks of Simferopol are pleasantly surprised not only by their appearance, but also by their interesting history.

parks of Simferopol

For example, Gagarinsky park owes itsbasis of one of the Moscow officials. He, stopping briefly in Simferopol, wished to visit the main green zone of the city. The official was taken to the current Trenyov park, but he did not like an important metropolitan guest. The city authorities got out, saying that they are going to create a central recreation area not far from the railway station. Since the official promised to personally control this process, the idea had to be translated into reality. So the modern park named after Yuri Gagarin appeared.

Some parks of Simferopol appeared in suchplaces that were previously completely unsuitable for such purposes. For example, the City Garden was laid out in the first third of the XIX century on a huge dump! As one of the local historians wrote, the townspeople had to cover their nose with their hands when they passed near this place. In 1820 a beautiful garden was founded here, in which more than one generation of Simferopol people walk with pleasure.

Interesting and a bit gloomy story at the squarethe name of Lenin, which welcomes almost all visiting tourists and travelers. It is located near the train station. The square was defeated in 1922 at the place where public executions took place during the Civil War.

Not all parks of Simferopol survived to ourdays So, the oldest green area of ​​the city, according to archival documents, appeared at the end of the XVIII century. It occupied the territory between Dybenko Street and the current rail transport technical school.

All parks of Simferopol: list and addresses

In the capital of Crimea there are more than twenty green recreation zones. Of them - 7 parks and 14 squares. Below are all parks in Simferopol (addresses are also listed in the table).

Park name


Central (City Garden)

Kirov Avenue and Lenin Street


Streets of Tolstoy and Gagarin


Kirova Avenue and Kievskaya Street

Shevchenko Park

Voykova and Sevastopol streets

Park "Salgirka"

Vernadsky avenue

Trenyov Park

Prospect Kirov

Simferopol Arboretum

Yalta highway

It is worth noting that the green areas in the cityarranged very unevenly. Almost all the squares and parks of Simferopol are located in its central part or on the banks of the Salgir River. In the south-eastern outskirts of the city, on the banks of a large reservoir, there is an arboretum. This urban forest park is notable for the fact that from its territory there are beautiful views of the foothills of the Crimean Mountains.

parks of Simferopol list

Based on the analysis of feedback from tourists, residents and guests of Simferopol, we identified five of the best green areas of the Crimean capital. This top includes:

  • Park "Salgirka".
  • City garden.
  • Park named after Yuri Gagarin.
  • Children's park.
  • Park forged sculptures.

Park forged sculptures

On the fifth place of our rating is the squarethem. 200th anniversary of Simferopol. He is also a park of forged sculptures, or a square to them. Dybenko. The green zone is located in the historic center of the city, on the site of the St. Petersburg Hotel (the building was demolished in the twentieth century).

For a long time this square was unremarkable. However, in 2007, local blacksmiths began to decorate it with their works. So in the square appeared "Broom Baba-Yagi", "Mysterious Monk", "Winged Motorcycle" and other original forged sculptures.

Children's park

In fourth place - Children's Park. It was created on the site of an old forest in the middle of the twentieth century. From the latter, by the way, in the park there are several centuries-old handsome oaks.

parks of Simferopol photo

This recreation area is considered the first in the USSR andthe world's second specialized park for children. On his example, later began to create the same objects in other cities of the Soviet Union. There are many sculptures in the Children's Park of Simferopol, there are attractions, sports grounds, the Museum of Minerals and an aquarium.

Park named after Yuri Gagarin

Gagarinsky park is the largest in this city. Its area is almost 36 hectares. The park ranks third in our ranking. Walking along its many paths is pleasant at any time of the year. The park is divided into marshland, at the confluence of Salgir and Small Salgir. Its main alley is planted with fir trees with wide beautiful crowns.

Gagarin Park is suitable for a relaxing family holiday and romantic walks. Here you can feed wild ducks or ride catamarans.

City garden

Central Park Recreation (or City Garden)occupies the second line of our list. This is the oldest of the urban gardens of Simferopol. It was founded in 1820. The park is located in the central part of the city, on the bank of the Salgir River. The recreational zone was broken in the English style. There are over 800 specimens of various trees and shrubs.

parks of Simferopol description

In Central Park there is an old fountain with the source of the Apostle Savopulo, known since the middle of the XIX century.

Park "Salgirka"

Our leader has several titles.(Vorontsovka, Botanical Garden of TNU), but most often it is called the Salgirka Park. In the XIX century this territory belonged to the German academician Pallas. In his estate, he gathered an impressive collection of flora and minerals. Later, the estate was bought by Prince Mikhail Vorontsov. Today the park is decorated with one of its palaces.

parks in Simferopol addresses

In 2003, the park was transferred to the Tavrichesky University to create a botanical garden. Today you can see a wonderful rose garden and syringarias.

Here they are - parks of Simferopol, each of which is in its own beautiful and original.