/ / Brateevsky cascade park - green recreation area with a unique landscape

Brateevsky cascade park - a green recreation area with a unique landscape

Brateevsky cascade park is on the shoreMoskva River opposite the residential area Marino. Today it is a landscaped natural recreation area with an interesting landscape and several viewing platforms. What entertainment does the park offer its guests? How to get to him?

History of the recreation area

Brateevsky cascade park
In the 1980s, active construction was carried out.residential areas in Marino. At the place of the modern Brateevsky park then there was an unattractive wasteland, where active sand mining was carried out. As a result of excavation of a significant amount of soil, a bay was formed here, which existed until the beginning of the 2000s.

During the construction of the Lefortovo tunnel wasa decision was taken on the improvement of the Brateevskaya Embankment. This brought soil, freed during the work. The bay was covered, an original relief was formed with an abundance of terraces and hills. This place was decided to turn into Brateevsky cascade park. The grand opening of the recreation area took place in 2006.

On the territory were planted the first treesthere were stairs with ramps, tiled paths, lanterns and bins. Quickly enough, the recreation area became popular among the residents of the nearest housing estates. However, the park did not receive sufficient care. The recreation area quickly became littered and lost its original scenic view.

Improvement of Brateevsky Park in 2016

Brateevsky cascade park fireworks festival
In 2006, the cascade park on BrateevskayaThe embankment survived its rebirth. As part of the landscaping of the green areas of the capital, stairs and walkways were repaired, street lights were replaced, and flowerbeds were broken. Brateevsky cascade park has become more beautiful and well-groomed. There are new benches, sports and playgrounds. Today it is a complete family recreation area.

The total area of ​​the park is 38.9 hectares. For walking, a convenient network of tracks is created. All staircases are equipped with safe ramps.

Recreation opportunities

Brateevsky cascade park Moscow
The well-developed Brateyevskaya Embankment isfavorite place for walking young mommies with children of all ages. It is convenient to walk along neat paths with a sidecar. Children, standing firmly on their feet, really like children's towns and playgrounds. Many schoolchildren enjoy working out on simulators or playing football on a field with a special grass cover.

Join the sport and active lifestyle inBrateevsky park can adults. This recreation area is attractive due to its original landscape. From different elevated points of the park, you can take a completely new look at the surroundings. Improvement of the park continues, very soon, cozy cafes and new attractions should appear here.

Interesting events

One of the highlights of 2016 wasinternational fireworks festival. Brateevsky cascade park was chosen as one of the venues for this colorful performance. Recognized masters of pyrotechnics from various countries competed with each other in their art. In the evening sky of Moscow, incredibly beautiful fireworks exploded, flowers bloomed and the most unexpected figures appeared.

During the event, many guestsvisited Brateevsky cascade park. The festival of fireworks is planned to be held this year. It is possible that you can watch the pyrotechnic show again on Brateevskaya Embankment.

Thanks to its unique landscape, this parkresembles a giant amphitheater in the open. And this means that many spectators can enjoy the spectacle in the night sky without interfering with each other.

Where is the main entrance to the park?

Brateevsky cascade park how to get
You can get to the recreation area on a personal orpublic transport. Should be guided on the street Borisov ponds, it is on it is the main passage in the Brateevsky cascade park. Entrance to the recreation area is free and free. The building nearest to the park’s gates has the address: Borisov Ponds 10. You can use it for a trip on the navigator by private car.

If you decide to go publictransport, the easiest way to use the subway. You need to get to the station "Borisovo", not far from it is Brateevsky cascade park. How to get to the recreation area after leaving the subway? Everything is very simple, you need to walk on the side of Borisov Ponds street. Very soon you will see the entrance to the park.

Reviews about the park on Brateevskaya embankment

Brateevsky cascade park entrance
Brateevsky park like many residentsneighborhood neighborhoods. They come here regularly for walks with their families. More recently, the recreation area was quite neglected and littered. But today it is a real oasis among the stone jungle. Thanks to the high-quality lighting, it’s not scary to walk in the evenings, and instead of dubious companies, young athletes come to the park more and more often.

Should I come specifically for a walk inBrateevsky cascade park? Moscow is a very large city, and such natural recreation areas can be found in almost any area. Today there are no unique attractions, monuments and art objects in the park. And this means that a trip here from another district of Moscow can be justified only on the day of interesting events.