/ / "Bykhanov Sad" - one of the oldest parks in Lipetsk

"Bykhanov Sad" - one of the oldest parks in Lipetsk

"Bykhanov Garden" is one of the oldest parks in Lipetsk. Today it is a cozy natural recreation area where you can enjoy silence or from the heart of fun. Everyone here will find something to their liking. Where is this park and what kind of entertainment does it offer to its guests?

Bykhanov garden

General information about the recreation area

"Bykhanov Garden" was founded in the eighteenth century. The history of the recreation area begins with a nursery laid by the brothers-botanists Vasily and Evgraf Bykhanov. The founders of the park personally took part in the creation of the alleys that have survived to this day: "Elovoj" and "Bolshoi" (now renamed "Bykhanovskaya"). During the Great Patriotic War, the recreation area suffered considerably. Local residents cut down a lot of trees for firewood, the park looked deserted and destroyed. Its restoration was started in 1954. Then the "Bykhanov" garden was renamed the "Komsomol park of culture and recreation." Once again, the recreation area changed its name in 1967. For several decades residents and guests of Lipetsk knew this place as "The Park named after VN Skorokhodov". At the same time, a monument to a Soviet teacher and an outstanding party figure was erected on the territory. Only in 1993 the park was returned to its first historical name. And today every inhabitant of the city knows where the "Bykhanov garden" is.

Bykhanov orchard Lipetsk

Attractions and other entertainment for children

The recreation area is very popular, asa place for walking with children. There are many attractions for every age and taste. Kids can ride a mechanical swing, a children's train and a "Forest Fairy Tale." Preschoolers over the age of three like such carousels as: "Turtles", "Tea set", "Helicopters" and "Virage". In the recreation area there are various trampolines, as well as playgrounds for kids. Before buying tickets, it is recommended that you specify the age and growth restrictions for a particular carousel. In the summer season there is a café in the park, booths with ice cream, sweet cotton wool, popcorn and souvenirs. Do not know where to spend the weekend with the family? Go to the Bykhanov Garden. Attractions in this recreation area are not only for children. It will be interesting for adults to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, water boats and the real "Dragons". Also in the park there is "Autodrome" and extreme attractions: "Lavitsa" and "Funny turntables." Check your own accuracy and luck in the crossbow dash.

Bykhanov garden attractions

Quiet vacation in nature or unrestrained fun?

Walk in the "Bykhanov garden" will be interesting for everyonelovers of nature. The park has a lot of greenery, there are tall old trees, including real "exotic guests" for this region. In the warm season in the recreation area beautiful flower beds are broken. If desired, it is not difficult to find a quiet and peaceful place in the park. On shady alleys it is very pleasant to walk or ride bicycles, roller skates. In the park there is a rental of sports equipment and outdoor exercise facilities. Fans of a relaxing holiday will surely like cozy wooden pavilions. The highlight of the recreation area - open pools with painted walls, swim in which anyone can. Park "Bykhanov Sad" is a place where it is interesting and fun to spend a whole day. In the recreation area there is a cultural and entertainment center "Solaris", which has a restaurant, a cinema and a nightclub. On holidays and weekends on the territory of the park, folk festivals, musical concerts and other entertainment events are held.

Park Beykhanov garden

"Bykhanov Garden" (Lipetsk) are waiting for a big change!

One of the oldest parks in Lipetsk is being transformed into aevery summer season. Annually in the recreation area there are new flower beds and interesting art objects. Very soon the park will be broken into a real botanical garden. In 2007, a contest was held, the finalist of which was the architect A.K. Nikolyukin with a very unusual project. This building with a glass spherical dome. The building will be organically inscribed in the surrounding landscape and will decorate "Bykhanov Garden". Lipetsk today is a modern and fairly large city. It is environmentally friendly places are very popular. Most of the residents and guests of the city like to rest on the nature and regularly visit the park "Bykhanov Sad". The recreation area is located in the Pravoberezhny district of the city, its exact address: Lipetsk, Gagarin Street, house 70-b.