/ / Saratov River Station: history, how to get there, schedule of motor ships

Saratov River Station: history, how to get there, schedule of motor ships

Saratov is one of the 20 largest cities in Russia. Despite the fact that its population does not reach one million people, this city is an economic, educational and cultural center of the Volga region. It is built on the Volga River. For this reason, the waterway is very developed in Saratov: there is a river port that receives and ships cargo ships, as well as the Saratov river station, where cruise flights to other cities are carried out.

History and internal structure

The first passenger river station in Saratov wasIt was built in 1932-1933. In 1967, it was destroyed and a new modern complex was built in place of a wooden pier. At the moment there is a hotel, a suburban pavilion and a shopping center in the station building. The length of the quay wall is about 550 meters, it includes 8 berths.

How to get there: itinerary and public transport stops

The Saratov River Station is located at: Kosmonavtov Embankment, 7A. Points for the landmark: the Museum of Local Lore, Gagarin Square and the Cathedral Mosque.

Saratov river station

Nearby there are many public stopstransport, so you can get to the station from almost anywhere in the city. For example, to the nearest stop, which has the same name, there is a bus number 82. There are buses 11, 33, 54 and trolleybuses 2 and 2a to the stops of "Museum Square" and "Lermontov Street".

Route and ship timetable

Cruises departing from the river station inSaratov, organizes the travel agency "Volga-Heritage-Tour". It also cooperates with other major tour operators. "Volga-Heritage-Tour" owns four motor ships: Volga-1, Volga-2, Moscow-62 and OM-164. These are spacious two-decked vessels, suitable both for walking along the river, and for carrying out various activities on board: conferences, speeches, celebrations and others.

river ferry terminal

The main entertainment of tourists visitingSaratov, - walks along the Volga. Motor ships "Volga-1" and "Volga-2" depart daily: on weekdays - every two hours from noon (the first flight at 12:00, the second at 14:00, the third at 16:00 and so on), in the weekend is every hour from 11:00. However, the schedule of recreational motor ships of the river station in Saratov can be changed for technical or some other reasons, therefore it is recommended to specify it by phone or on the official website.

Buy tickets at the office of the company locatedin the building of the station, or at the ticket office at berth no. 6. The ticket for adults costs 350 rubles, for children under 11 years - 200 rubles. Children under 5 years old, as well as veterans of the Great Patriotic War can make a walk along the Volga for free.