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Light box: manufacture and types of lighting

Today light boxes are among the mostdemanded designs in outdoor advertising. They are used in the design of any trading platform and support the brand. This popularity of light boxes is no surprise, since the effectiveness of advertising is quite high. Almost all companies order a light box. Manufacturing it does not require huge financial investments, so the cost of the service is quite acceptable.

light box manufacturing

How does a lightbox look?

The appearance of the light box can be different,but the essence does not change. A lightbox is a framework that has a translucent surface. It is advertised, which is clearly visible at any time of the day due to the source of light inside.

Types of light boxes

Depending on the purpose and scope of use, the flyboxes are divided into the following types:

- Signboards;

- light boxes.

They are presented with rather high requirements, fromtheir design depends on the effectiveness of advertising. They should look fresh and attract glances. Manufacturing of light boxes is a serious task, as they are the visiting card of companies and manufacturers. In addition, lightboxes can be used as a building decoration. They are easy to operate and often used for short-term shares instead of paper posters.

Depending on the design of light boxes, they are divided into types:

- simple;

- figured;

- Panel-brackets, which are mounted perpendicular to the building.

Manufacturing of signboards, light boxes can have different variations. Products can be either one-sided, used as signage, or bilateral.

The surface of the product can be made of various materials:

- cellular polycarbonate;

- plexiglas;

- Banner;


All these materials are durable, durable and resistant to the effects of unfavorable factors. As a rule, a fluorescent lamp is used as a backlight.

manufacturing of signboards of light boxes

"Pros" of light boxes

Every successful entrepreneur knows thatadvertising should be noticeable. That's why he chooses the light box. Manufacturing of various models gives the chance to pick up the most favorable variant to tell to potential clients about the goods or service. Lightboxes work day and night, so many institutions, centers and clubs make their choice in their favor.

In addition, the merits of light boxes include:

  • Easy to operate. Such advertising is easily cleaned of dirt and dust, and replacement of lamps is not difficult.
  • Durability. All materials that go to the manufacture of light boxes are durable and reliable, so even after years the product does not lose its original appearance.
  • Possibility of replacing posters. If necessary, you can replace advertising without changing the frame. This allows you to save money, because printing on paper is much cheaper.
    manufacture of light boxes

Production technologies

Making light boxes canbe carried out by various technologies. The basis is taken of a strong material that will give the structure stiffness, for example, aluminum or steel plastic. Usual plastic is used much less often. Inside the product, a light source is mounted: fluorescent, halogen, neon lamps or light-emitting diodes.

To the frame is mounted a panel, which is made inaccording to the dimensions of the light box. Advertising is applied using self-adhesive films or printed on a specialized film. Recently, more and more popularity is gaining silk screen printing.

Entrepreneurs appreciate that it is possible in a short timebuy light box. The production of standard models is put on stream, so you can always choose the most suitable option. If necessary, many manufacturers are ready to fulfill an individual order.

 light box signboard manufacturer

Illumination by fluorescent lamps

Carrying out the production of outdoor advertising,Light boxes are most often illuminated by fluorescent lamps. The cold spectrum is the most successful for advertising purposes. The advantage is also the duration of work - about 9000 hours. It is important that compensating capacitors are built into the structure. In the case of their absence, the energy consumption is significantly increased, which does not have a better effect on the functioning of electronic equipment.

Neon lights

Manufacturing of signboards, light boxes, whichhave a complicated form, it is impossible without neon illumination. It is used for open signage and lighting in the interior. With the help of specific effects, a contour around the boxes is created. The service life of neon is 3-4 years. The drawbacks of this method include a significant consumption of electrical energy and high voltage. The maintenance of neon boxes is not easy and requires certain skills.

Glued light boxes

They have small dimensions, so with successare used in interiors. The remaining parameters are determined depending on how complicated the light box is. Manufacture is made of plexiglas and plastic. The absence of a bezel gives the lightbox a presentable look.

production of outdoor advertising light boxes


Such lighting is used for structurescomplex shape. Small dimensions of LEDs, ease of installation and brightness allow creating different effects. In addition, energy consumption is minimal.

Depending on how complexthe design has a light box, a signboard, manufacturing and type of lighting will be different: neon and fluorescent lamps can be installed or LEDs mounted.