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Advertising: types of advertising and their role in the promotion of goods and services

Advertising - this is certain information data,which are distributed in a variety of ways. Almost every entrepreneur knows what a huge role advertising plays. Types of advertising can be divided according to different criteria. In this article we will consider them, taking as a starting point the means of conveying information circulation.

advertising types of advertising

Outdoor advertising

So you can call any advertisement located on theopen area. This method is inexpensive and covers a fairly wide audience. Information is placed on boards, signs, signboards, city structures, public transport, in elevators. All this is outdoor advertising.

Types of advertising in the Internet

This method of advertising has a number ofadvantages: it is relatively inexpensive, and you can cover a significant part of a particular audience, because usually sites specialize in a particular topic.

1. Banner - a rectangular graphic drawing. This type of promotion is considered the most popular advertising tool on the Internet. Banners are placed on the sites.

2. Text advertising - a publication that is located on the sites to the right or left of the text in the form of several lines.

3. Videos. Such promotion of goods and services is quite expensive. Videos are posted on the same principle as television.

4. Contextual advertising. This species is divided into two subspecies:

  • Texts and banners that are located on pages that have the same information orientation as advertising itself. This kind of less annoying visitors to Internet resources.
  • Advertising in search engines. Such a hidden promotion of a particular service or product is referred to as guerrilla advertising.

types and types of advertising

Types of advertising in print media

Despite the fact that the Internet now enjoysincredible popularity, the press is still a traditional place to promote services and goods. Magazines and newspapers usually read in their spare time, so information of an advertising nature is learned by people quite well. Kinds:

1. Classified advertising. Placement of the announcement according to the headings.

2. Text advertising. A separate article dedicated to the promotion of a certain product.

3. Modular advertising. It is a definite strip.


Advertisers appreciate TV, because TValmost everyone is watching. However, this type has a significant drawback - a great cost. Modern types of advertising on television include a running line, television shops, videos, sponsorship.


Sound messages are perceived well, butaddresses and phones listeners often do not remember. True promotion of a product on the radio is several times cheaper than television advertising. Types of advertising on the radio: announcer announcement, music screen saver.

Basic Types

In marketing, distinguish both types and types of advertising.We sorted out the views. As for the types, they are distinguished by eight: corporate, brand advertising, political, retail, retail, social, advertising with feedback.

modern types of advertising

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to promote services and goods. Your task is to not get confused and choose the most optimal option.