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Making instructions of different types

An instruction is a guide or a collection of rules,actions, the appointment of a case or a description of the ways and procedures for doing something, for example, taking medication. Instructions are different not only in their kind, but also in content, respectively, and the manufacture of instructions is performed in different ways.

General view of the instruction

According to the description or set of rules, the manufacture of instructions can be performed in three versions.

  1. Booklet.Instruction in the form of a folded sheet format A3 or A4, having two folds. According to the contents, the booklet instruction should have the maximum amount of information, so when ordering for the execution of instructions a large amount of this space may not be enough.
  2. Brochure.Manual with the volume of printed information from four to forty-eight pages, usually A5 format. The brochure can describe the entire range of recommended actions, from the purpose of the buttons, if it is an instruction to the technique, to a description of the methods of working with the apparatus or a guide to its repair.
  3. Leaflet.The production of instructions in the form of leaflets can be carried out both in one-sided and in two-sided form. Can contain a color print, and can be strictly black and white. Instructions in the form of leaflets can often be seen in the package with medicines.

Production instruction manual

The printing house has high requirements formaking any manuals. The manufacture of the operating instructions describes the use, safety measures and warranty information.

manufacture of operating instructions

In production, these documents go through several stages.

  • Translation of the declared text, if the operated device is made abroad.
  • The layout of the instruction is carried out by the designer in strict order in accordance with the rules set forth for the manual and according to a certain layout.
  • Print runs are made within the order and can be executed in any format and in any quantity.
  • Postpress processing allowspreparation of instructions to the final stage. In this case, the paper is cut according to the specified format, page-by-page assembly of the material and binding or binding of the instruction by springs or staples.

Manufacture of instructions for medicines

Preparation of instructions for medicines is carried outin strict form, without the content of drawings, in rare cases it is permissible to use tables or color logos. The manual offers a description, dosage, order of application and side effects of the drug. The font for such instructions is selected in accordance with the size of the future size of the leaflet and should be as simple as possible in the visual perception. The use of a fine font is acceptable if the manual has a large amount of text.

preparation of instructions for medicines

Instruction to medicinal products may haveform of a folding form or be in the form of an accordion. Therefore, the task of the designer when making the document is to correctly identify the folds of the leadership and, in accordance with the wishes of the client, to build detailed information on the medicinal product. Prescription for medicines is performed on a thin or newspaper white paper without textures and drawings. The color palette in the production of such leaflets is usually black, but blue or red color is allowed provided the text is written in the entire manual in one tone. When printing, the offset type of printing is selected, if the instruction is black and white, and digital when another color is selected.

Assembly and instructions for it

The manufacture of assembly instructions is differentavailability of schemes and enumeration of the sequence of actions when installing different parts of the product. In the manufacture of such manuals, color photographs of product details or the process of its mounting can be used.

manufacture of assembly instructions

For assembly instructions, it is advisable to selecta booklet type of printing, but it is also possible to use one sheet of paper, divided into pages. Printing methods are performed in both color and black and white. Assembly instructions are needed for any type of product, where you need to correctly fold the parts together. Such instructions can be accompanied by many products: from toys to complex equipment.

Production of job descriptions

Manufacturing of instructions on labor protectiondiffers in the type of professions and the workplace of the performer, so there is no single style in the production of such manuals. The designer of the printing house can advise printing of the document either in booklet form or on sheets A4, fastened together by a bracket.

manufacturing of instructions on labor protection

Such instructions specify the behavior of the employee at the workplace, security measures and actions in the event of an accident or equipment failure.

Requirements for the manufacture of instructions in the printing house

When ordering the printing of instructions, the printing unit presents a single block of requirements. To calculate the cost of the order you need to know these points:

  • Number of copies or circulation.
  • The format of the future instruction.
  • The density of the paper and its appearance.
  • The presence of colored parts on the instruction.
  • The need for preliminary or post-print processing.

instruction writing

When printing large instructions, you may need tolayouts. They must be executed in PDF format with correctly arranged photos or illustrations. Many printers can take information without a layout and execute it independently for an additional fee.