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What is CTR and how to use it to earn money

CTR (click through ratio) is a term thatdo not translate at all. This is "clickability". Such an indicator is very important. Recently, many are asking themselves what CTR is. Initially, it was used for banners, but when the great and all-powerful Google appeared, the concept of CTR was transferred to the sphere of contextual advertising. With the help of various resources you can earn, because you can place various advertisements for money on your website. If you want to unwind, then you have to pay money, so that your texts, created by all the rules of copywriting, were posted on the network. With banners, a similar situation. You need to know the clickability. This is done for advertising using banners and selling space for them.

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What is CTR? How to calculate this figure?

CTR is the ratio of people who watched andclicked. For example, the attendance of your site is 1000 people a day. According to the advertisement, 50 of them click. Now we consider: 50 divide by 1000. It turns out to be 0.05. Then 0.05 is multiplied by 100% and as a result CTR = 5%. You can see for yourself that there is nothing difficult in this. The page's CTR is considered normal if it is 2-2.5%. If less, advertising is not targeted, i.e. it is not targeted to the target audience. In other words, if you sell advertising and have not entered the keywords well enough, Title, Description, then contributed to the fact that Google did not recognize you that way. For example, Title "Beautiful life" for a store that sells curtains, is very vague and it is very difficult to break through in the search engines. The more accurately you will register keywords in ads, the higher the chances of getting on the site with related topics. Of course, much depends on the money that you are willing to pay.

How to increase the CTR and what factors affect it?

1.A website, a blog similar to the one with your ad, is already 50% of the success of a good CTR. This time. It is clear to any person that the announcement of an "SEO specialist" will be relevant for the promotion of sites, and not on a dating site.

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2. You should consider which target audience you are contacting (country, gender, age, etc.). These are two.
3. Try to objectively evaluate the specifics of the product or service. Perhaps this is a narrowly oriented and expensive product, and even low rates of clickability - this is normal. It's three.
Remember! CTR is not yet your customers, but those who are interested in your product or service.

What is CTR in the eyes of the advertiser?
Contextual advertising is a motivation for action.It is recommended that you start with verbs: do you want to? are you looking? But do not forget about the brevity. If the query that you buy for a specific ad in the content network will be low-frequency, then do not expect a lot of traffic from the content in a short time. On the reverse side, the purchase of low-competitive requests is an opportunity to optimize the budget. Optimize the site for "expensive" in terms of the cost of clicks - this is the way to increase revenue, which are derived from the placement of contextual advertising.

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What is the CTR through the eyes of the webmaster?

CTR for webmasters is an opportunity to increaseRevenue when paying for user clicks on links for a period of time. They are placed within the block of contextual advertising. The CTR increases due to the competent location of the unit. An effective method of increasing the revenue of a webmaster with the help of contextual advertising is the filtration of sites that host ads. This can be helped by special resources that determine the most frequent queries that users are switching to. To do this, it is enough to optimize the content on the site for them without advancement. As a rule, the most successful requests are those that are related to the content theme.