/ How to make a logo yourself?

How to make a logo yourself?

Do you open your company?Or maybe you produce or produce unique products? Then you need to create your own logo. But not all start-ups have money to order the development of a brand name from the designer. How to make a logo yourself, read below.


how to make a logo

The first thing a man who wants to docreate a logo - sit down and think about the concept. But it's difficult to invent something at once. Therefore, you need to help brainstorm. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. And now write everything that comes to mind with respect to the logo. For example, you release handmade bags. What can I write? Bags, leather, fashion, style, luxury, influence, comfort. How can this help? The ideas that you will write by brainstorming will be the first step. Having a list before your eyes, you will know what to start from. The logo does not necessarily represent what you produce. Often this is simply impossible if you do not produce goods, but provide services.

How to make a logo?After you have the result of your brainstorming session on the sheet, you should choose five words that best represent the scope of your activity. It is to these concepts that you will be guided in the future.

Collection of analogues

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After you have brainstormed, youYou need to understand how the logos of your competitors look. For this you need to collect analogs. In the search engine, enter your field of activity and go to the pictures tab. Now create a folder on your desktop and save all the images you like. You must save them in one place. It makes no sense to bookmark your browser. If necessary, it will be difficult for you to find the information you need. First you should look at the Russian-language sources, and then ask the query in English and see the result of such a search. At this stage, you need to collect information that your world competitors use as a logo. Do not be surprised if the images from Russian-language sources will be different. The world design is better developed than the domestic one. At this point, you will become closer to the answer to the question of how to make a logo. But do not immediately finish the job. It is not only ugly, but also illegal, to plagiarize into foreign companies.

The target audience

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Everyone who decided to work on a designon its own, the question arises as to who is the product or service to be produced, which the company will provide. The firm's organizer must have an idea of ​​its target audience. Here you need to consider everything: the age of customers, their taste preferences, as well as financial opportunities. You may think that everything from small to large can be used by your services or goods. But this is not so. Such products are sold poorly. Immediately decide who you would like to work with. For example, by organizing a children's center in a new district, you can assume that children will go to it, whose parents have mortgages. And this means that the price policy for you will be low. And if you open an Italian shoes store, you can assume that you will have clients with higher than average income.

The form

how to make a company logo yourself

When you have identified the wealth of your customers, youcan make an assumption about their life values. Young people want to receive new emotions, they are attracted by everything new and interesting. How to make a beautiful logo for this audience? Use non-trivial complex forms. For example, you can draw a detailed image of a person in motion. If you want to stick to geometric shapes, give preference to the triangle - it is associated with speed and looks stylish. If your clients are middle-aged people with a good income, give preference to something simple and concise. How to make a logo for this population group? A square is what the representatives of the elite want to see. This geometric figure is associated with stability. Whimsical forms, plants and abstractions should be avoided.


how to make a company logo

Did you draw the first sketch?Now you should make the company logo. Try to simplify the original drawing. Today in the world of design there is a tendency for simplification. It is rare to see something fancy on the logotype of a well-known company. Designers prefer styling. Did you depict a tree? Now draw only its outline. Foliage can be shown by five chaotically growing leaves. No need to draw a crown. The viewer will understand that there is a tree in front of him. The trunk and leaves speak for themselves. If you have depicted a person, translate it into a conditional image. Do not paint your face and do not depict your hair, if there is no special need for it. You need to create an image that clearly demonstrates the direction of your company to the client. If your company is engaged in legal assistance, portray a portfolio. You do not need to draw the person who holds it.

Color spectrum

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You are tormented by the question of how to makelogo of the company independently? You already have a ready-made sketch that looks very simple and concise. Now you need to think about the color scheme. It should be understood that each color carries a semantic load. You do not need to be a designer to understand that red is aggression, and green is ecology and calm. Do you like pastel shades? Yes, you can use them, but keep in mind that such a logo will only look good on a certain background. It will be difficult to call it universal. If you decide to use calm colors, be sure to compact the image into any geometric shape and use a neutral color of the substrate.

And how many colors can I use?It is advisable not to complicate the logo. Select one primary color and two additional colors. If the colors are not enough, enter one more shade. But more than four colors are not recommended.


how to make a transparent logo in Photoshop

Color stretching should only be used incase of emergency. Did you choose an extremely simple geometric form? Then the transition of colors will be appropriate. But immediately think about what color will be in which to go. Look good those shades that stand side by side in the color circle: red - yellow, yellow - green, green - blue, etc. But with contrasting colors, the situation is more complicated. Yes, they can also harmonize well, but on the press, dirt can form on the border of the fusion of colors, and you definitely do not need it.

Such a factor as a combination of colors is also neededConsider if you want to make the logo yourself. How to avoid mistakes? Look at the color selections. Not all colors look good with each other.


People who do not work with logos eachday, poorly understood in the fonts. And this is their main problem. The philistine can not distinguish one font from another and understand which one will be better read. By default, greasy letters without serifs are read better, and look more flashy. But italic and handwritten text is problematic for understanding. The name of the company, written in such letters, will be difficult to disassemble.

If you are tormented over the solution of a question, howmake the logo of the company, and think that the image is too simple, then boldly add a font to it. The name of the company that stands next to the logo is better remembered by the client. But keep in mind, the name should be complete. If you have recently entered the market, and no one knows your company, it makes no sense to write an abbreviation. She will not tell anyone about anything.

Concerning font color it is possible to advisegive preference to the classics. Always better read black letters on a white background. Of course, both white on black are readable, but they get worse to the client's consciousness.


The logo itself is not very difficult.But the idea should be your original. You can not copy the logo of a foreign competitor and give it out for your own. Some may think that you are working under a franchise, and others will decide that the products of the competitor and yours are one and the same. Some illiterate people suggest that by looking at someone else's image, they will make it original. Nothing of the kind, recognizability will be the same.

Originality is also needed to helpyou stand out from a number of competitors. If you produce organic food, you do not need to draw sheets and trees on them. It's too commonplace. It is better to stylize the landscape of the field or the village view.

Do not try to keep up with fashion, you do notwill succeed. If you do not open your company to close it in a year, make a logo that will look great not only today, but also in five years.


You will need to draw the logo in one of twocommon formats. The first of these is a vector. This graphics is suitable for creating a perfect logo. You can change the format of your brand name without losing quality. And also insert this image will be easy in printed products. On a vector picture you can order a seal. If you do not own such programs as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator, then it makes sense to order the sketch of your sketch from the designer. Yes, you will have to pay for this service, but on the way out you will get a unique logo, the source file of which can be used everywhere. And one moment. Drawing the image yourself or ordering it from the designer, make the logo transparent. How will this help in the future? If you do not have a colored substrate in the logo, then it should not be anywhere, including on packages, labels, business cards, etc.


The second format for graphics is bitmap images.They differ from vector ones in that they lose their quality as they increase. So a clear little picture can become pixilated if it is enlarged. But many people can work in Adobe Photoshop. This facilitates the work process. How to make a logo in Photoshop? You need to take a pen, a pencil or a brush and draw an image. It is advisable to draw in large format. If necessary, the picture can be increased or decreased. But the original image should be such that when printing on the banner it looked presentable. You made the logo in Photoshop. How now to use it? You need to save the source file and save the image in one of the popular JPEG or png image formats. You must make a transparent logo. How in Photoshop to achieve this? If you save to png, the background of the layer will be transparent if it did not initially have a fill.

Creating online

If you do not own any of the graphicsprograms, and you do not want to pay designer money for developing a logo, then you can make yourself a brand name online. To do this, you should go to any of the popular sites. Enter the keywords in the search box. They will help to find a lot of different ready-made logos that fit your request. And now, according to the principle of the designer, you should collect the image. But remember that nothing very difficult to do is not necessary. Do not pile up, more does not mean better. Today, simplicity is in vogue. As for the font, then choose the one that you like more. But again, be guided first of all by its readability, and only then think about beauty. What can you say about the color scheme? If you collect a template logo, then by default you will have two colors: one that you choose, an image will be painted in it, and the second one will be black. If you do not like this option, change the color. But remember that any, even bright, shade on a white background will look worse than black or brown. Gray is also better not to use, although it is standard. Such a whitewashed logo will be unattractive for customers.