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Tizer advertising - what is it? Secrets and examples of teaser advertising

Advertising is the engine of commerce.The modern world is difficult to imagine without it. So, any manufacturer, releasing a novelty, does not even dare to hope that it can become interesting in itself, without additional efforts.

And here all means are good: both presentations, and commercials on TV. But, since we live in a world where the Internet reigns, your product should appear there.

Absolutely new trend in the industry of presentationsthe goods became teaser advertising. The biggest surge was in 2013-2014. However, in order for advertising to work for you properly, it should be understood. To do this, you need to know the possible options for its implementation, the secrets of skill, because advertising should not only scream: "Buy!", It should be interested, attracted. That's why everything should be harmonious: both texts, pictures to them.

In this article we will try to answer the question: "Teaser advertising - what is it?". For an explanation of the subject, see below.

1. Teaser advertising. What it is?

Teaser advertising. What it is?

To be brief, teaser advertising is a mystery. However, our topic requires more disclosure of such an unusual term. So, let's try to understand, teaser advertising - what is it?

Since the derivatives of this type of advertisingis a "teaser", then its structure is based on this element. Tizer advertising is built on intrigue, understatement, riddle. A similar effect is created by using short phrases that tell about the object of advertising. There is also the option that teaser advertising does not contain a novelty at all. In such cases, the consumer is even more interested: "And what is hidden there?".

A good example of intrigue in the teaser is MTS advertising company. White eggs on a red background - who could know what they are talking about.

In addition to rebranding, teaser advertising is presented in the form of ad units, all kinds of banners that add up to a single picture.

Teaser advertising examples

A very important element in creating teaser advertising is photos or pictures. After all, in addition to the intriguing text, the external factor has no less importance for the consumer.

And here it is very important that the picture was unique. Selecting materials for the teaser, you can use author's photographs or pictures created with photo editors.

An irreplaceable helper in this kind of activity is the canvas program.

2. Canvas technology

Teaser advertising Canvas is the ability to supplement content with multimedia without resorting to additional tags.

The Canvas teaser ad designer allowscreate contextual blanks, animation and just a banner. You can create two-dimensional images using the scripting language (JavaScript). The default program sets the size to 300 * 150, which can be changed. Canvas is used for drawing graphics in the field of articles, less often - in the browsers of the playing field. Additionally, you can use the video in your teaser. Teaser advertising Canvas supports .mp4, .ogg. All you need in order for a video to appear in your banner is to download it.

The main advantage is the lack of links fortransition to advertising. The program has fixed this problem for you. Thus, you get the most secure banner, which will be available only to live people.

Canvas minimizes the number of random clicks by means of a special indicator. Additional protection is built in the same way due to the traced elements - a set of points, the so-called captcha.

Continuing the topic "Teaser advertising - what it is", I certainly want to dwell on specific examples of its implementation.

3. Teaser advertising. Examples

Speaking of "riddle advertising", it is worth noting that its structure is based on the principles of pull-advertising.

As an example, you can imagine that youare a manufacturer of dietary yogurt for a healthy diet, and your novelty needs advertising. Rollers on TV for you at this stage can not afford, banners do not give the proper effect, and tastings do not allow you to grab the right audience. There is an exit! You simply have to advertise your product in the teaser.

A good platform will be a women's portal. All you need is to post on the site the news: "To effectively lose weight, eat ...". For the best effect, complete the message with a suitable picture.

The result of teaser advertising will bethe visitor's transition of the resource on the link, where, by reading useful information about the methods of losing weight with the mention of your dietary yogurt for a healthy diet, he will get maximum useful information. Since the topic title is very relevant, numerous clicks on your teaser advertising are provided to you. Thus, the goal is achieved. The right audience is informed about the novelty, and the costs are minimized.

In order to maximize the audience, the news can be posted on several sites.

Not only products can present teaser advertising. Examples of its use exist for pizza delivery services, sushi and other.

4. Top examples of teaser advertising

Perhaps one of the best examples of suchadvertising is the company Nike and its world-famous laconic logo. Without further ado, he is already a household name for the sport world. But at the dawn of the brand's formation, no one knew what the "tick" was hidden under.

In the photo below, a completely unexpected advertising company from Nike in city parks.

The best teaser advertising

The very first and rather successful exampleteaser advertising was advertising the coffee brand MJB Coffe. Then, in the distant 1906 on the streets of San Francisco appeared mysterious posters with the inscription "Why?". However, they can not be called teasers quite because the company used this phrase in their reports before. The answer to the question "Why?" Was: "MJB makes the best coffee". Then "Why?" Became a direct association with MJB.

Secrets of teaser advertising

The best teaser advertising in Russia is advertisingcampaign from MTS. Absolutely laconic logo of the updated MTS - white egg on a red background. Having seen such posters around the city, everyone was wondering "What are they about?". Just like that, without a hint of mobile communication.

5. Methods of effective teaser advertising

To work was effective, you need to know the secrets of teaser advertising.

Here are five effective techniques:

  1. Parallel advertising of your products and servicespartners. This is based on the general promotion of goods on similar thematic groups within the same partner network. So, let's say through one partner network you can promote clothes, shoes, accessories. To work with such a group suitable for such networks as Recreativ.ru, Trafmag.com, Tovarro.ru and partly Marketgid.com. To promote goods to care for the body, face, cosmetics, it is better to choose a well-known partner network for Ladycenter.ru female audience.
  2. Availability of Landing and Metrics.First of all, let's define what Landing is, first of all, your main site. It is with her help that you will be able to track all traffic on the traffic of your teaser advertising. The best performance of your platform will show statistical data. To create statistical information, an auxiliary program such as "Metric" is used. It exists both on the basis of Google's browser, and Yandex. It is "Metric" that gives an opportunity to imagine where exactly the main revenues come from, where more clicks are collected. Also, "Metrics" helps to learn about the shortcomings of teaser advertising, showing it on the reverse side. Using this program, you get the opportunity to increase revenues from teaser advertising by 2-3 times.
  3. Qualitative descriptions for teasers.In addition to an attractive and intriguing text, it is also worthwhile to include animated images of the teaser. Particular attention should be given to the title. It should be bright, noticeable, but must contain the essence of your advertising and the advertised product in it. The brighter the title, the more likely the clicks.
  4. Identify the target audience for your product.Once you clearly identify the audience for which your product is prepared, you can create the maximum conditions for attracting it. First of all, the essence of this secretarial advertising lies in the limited possibility of advertising in the Internet. For effectiveness, it is necessary to clearly understand, within what sites your teaser advertising will be visible.
  5. The last secret is analysis.This is the most important condition for the effectiveness of any business, as a proper analysis of the company's test version will allow us to understand and imagine the future of advertising and the likelihood of its restart. It is these conclusions that will enable us to understand future incomes. Here you need to track everything: from the number of clicks, profits from registration. Analyze the attractiveness of certain headings.

6. Teaser advertising. Stages of creation

In fact, the practice of Western companiesIt is shown that "mysterious" advertising can be used even at the stage of production launch. That is, when the audience has no idea what it is about. But it's more important not to guess, but to surprise, to intrigue.

Often it was the issue of teaser advertising that was the first step for all the advertising companies of new products. Companies of such products were deployed in all sorts of BTL-projects.

If you need teaser advertising, how to do it? Here it is important to distinguish two main stages of its creation:

  1. The appearance of a teaser. The essence of this step lies in the creation of the very intrigue itself, which will entice the consumer.
  2. Issue revisleyshena. This stage involves a detailed acquaintance with the contents of the teaser, that is, provides a story about the product and service that are subject to advertising.

Sometimes the advertising movement is enough to organize once, and then just keep your success.

Examples of such instant teasers areadvertisement of shaving cream from Burma Shave. The slogan of the company read: "Maidens pray / To men / Have faces / Without bristles / Burma Shave". The company passed in 1925 in the USA.

Another example is advertising a coffee companyStarbucks, which for a long time perfectly well managed without advertising. And by the new 2005 I decided to launch a teaser. The advertisement was placed by the New York Times. The essence of advertising lay in the fact that from page to page the number of coffee mugs (the company's trademark) grew until it formed the Starbucks corporate calendar for 2005.

Tyrée advertising, how to make

When creating a teaser, it is important to remember that the writtenThe text should not contain errors, it must necessarily spur to action. As mentioned above, teaser advertising with its content must promise to solve the problem. So, the transition from the interested header should lead immediately to the text with an answer to the exciting question.

Do not pay much attention to highlighting textsigns. It is enough to make a few selections in order to attract the audience. The teaser should be simply noticeable, designed for a specific audience, then the result will be what is needed.

So, we hope you understand the essence of teaser advertising (what is it)?

If you want a positive result from yourcampaign, then you should remember the main secrets of its creation. Do not forget about the simplicity of slogans, riddle, intrigue. Choose high-quality, unique pictures. Remember that your teaser advertising should be such that you yourself react to it.

Advertising should not be boring. It must be a real work, which will find its spectator. Make high-quality advertising - and the result will not keep you waiting.