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What is the standard business card format?

A business card is an integral elementbusiness. Every entrepreneur who wants his business partners to know about his company must have it. Of course, you can show a creative approach - to change the format of a business card, decorate it in different colors, draw colorful images on it. However, it is better to leave it for your advertising campaign aimed at the target audience. When it comes to a business card, your goal is to briefly and clearly provide basic information that may be useful to your partner or client for contacting you. For this, it is better to follow the standard business card format and the relatively business form of the content.

Standard format

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Many people who do not do business,believe that the format of the business card is absolutely free - you can make such business cards as you want. However, in fact, this is far from the case. After all, there are certain standards that should be observed - although, of course, no one forces you to do it. So, if you are doing business in Russia, then the business card format should be as follows: 9 by 5 centimeters. This is a typical size that is used everywhere, so you should stick to it. First, your business card will look neat and familiar to all customers and partners. Secondly, most people fold the cards into a business card, which has a certain size. And it just fits under the cards nine by five centimeters. So do not ignore the rules. Of course, they are not mandatory, but there is a certain business culture, and the standard size of a business card is one of the rules of good taste.

European format

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If you are going to print yourself a businesscards, then you should contact a specialized company, which for a small fee quickly, efficiently and efficiently will provide you with the appropriate service. Most often you need a business card on a computer, a Word document format. Then you can easily make the right number of cards of standard size.

There is, however, another format with which you do not havethere will be no difficulties. If you go on a business trip to Europe, then you will need a business card of a slightly different format. Their length should be slightly smaller - 8.5 centimeters, and the width is slightly larger - 5.5 centimeters. Similar settings are available in most companies that make business cards, so you can safely apply for the service. Again, all you need is business card templates in Word format.

Custom size

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As already mentioned, the standard formatis only the norm of decency, there are no established rules by which your business card should have specific dimensions. However, you should understand that the production and distribution of non-standard business cards is associated with a number of problems. None of the card printing firms will have the right settings for the machines and cutting machines. Therefore, you will definitely be required to pay extra for the trouble. When the cards are manufactured, you will lose a lot in the effectiveness of their use, as they will not be placed in the standard business card or will drop out of it, so the likelihood that the client or partner will lose your business card is greatly increased.