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What determines the success of the leaflets? Size of flyers, design, tracking

Today it is quite difficult to walk along the street andto avoid the offer to take an information leaflet with the hands of a person standing near the metro station. It became the norm - when we return home, for example, from work, we either try not to notice the promoters, or we take their leaflets out of pity (or out of interest, which is very rare). As a customer, the sizes of flyers that are offered to us are of little interest to us. Most often we do not even remember what they are, just by sending such a sheet to the garbage can. And from the point of view of the cost of this type of advertising, the difference is quite noticeable.

Surprising in such a common methodpromotion, like the distribution of leaflets, there is nothing. The main thing is to know how to correctly apply this tool and for what purposes it will fit the most. For example, with the help of flyers, you can advertise another stock in your store or announce the opening of another outlet. In general, the leaflets are in demand, and this is a fact.

But some of the advertising campaigns conducted withattracting this marketing tool, are successful, while others are not. The reason for this is extremely difficult to establish, since there are many factors that influence the behavior of the person who received the leaflet. We will discuss some of them in this article, we focus on what sizes flyers are used most often.

sizes of flyers

Design determines everything. Design and size of the leaflets

You should start with the external design of leaflets -their design. Obviously, what the flyer will look like determines its further influence on the person to whom it was handed. If advertising products have a boring or difficult to read design, they will simply throw it away. The same applies to the situation when the flyer does not differ in anything special. The same fate awaits him.

It is necessary that the external designIntrigued man. Of course, according to him, the size of the flyers and flyers should be chosen. It is difficult to place a large amount of text on a small sheet of paper, so it's better to limit yourself to a minimal set of keywords that will characterize your product or service in the most detail.

Obviously, to apply these or other designyou can decide based on how large your flyer is. Therefore, in this article we mainly talk about their size; We give not only which of them are considered standard, but give general recommendations.

standard flyer size


As to how big theyour leaflet, then there is an established system of standards. It, in principle, coincides with the normalized paper sizes. This division of sheets into formats: third A4, A5, A6 and A7. In millimeters this is expressed as 98 by 210 (the so-called euro-format), 148 by 210, 105 by 148, and 74 by 105 mm, respectively. It is these leaflets that you can meet on the streets most often (bent in half, in three parts and so on). Their application is clearly due to practicality - small dimensions and at the same time a sufficient amount of space for your advertising.

The size of the flyer for printing is important not only from the pointview of the cost of its production, distribution, etc., and also from the side of design. Again, a simple example is given: on a third of the A4 sheet, the vertical layout with the text in the form of a column will be most advantageous; while the flyer A7 is better to distribute as is. Consider this when composing the leaflet design. If it is already ready, choose the sizes of leaflets, estimate, how to contain more information on a smaller quantity of a paper. Or consider that you do not need to choose a standard flyer size. You can use a folded sheet (as we wrote above). In general, many advertisers do so. This allows them to stand out among other companies using the same solution, and do not order individual layouts in the printing house. The standard size of the flyer, for example Euroformat, can also be chosen, and it costs, of course, cheaper.

the sizes of leaflets and flyers

Information saturation and dimensions

But, as you know, the sizes of flyers are notthe only element that ensures their success or, on the contrary, failure. There is still such a criterion as the content that is placed on the flyer. It, naturally, also depends on how much free space will be on your flyer, and hence on its size. Content is what you write there. Not mentioning the attractive graphic design for the potential client, the contents of the leaflet should carry the right semantic load - to be interesting to the person who took it; to match his interests from a commercial point of view. The latter means that the advertising of student programs should be given to young people who are potentially able to use the service, not pensioners and so on. The recipient should be the target audience - those who will come to the advertiser in the future and order a service from them.

Again, choose a leaflet of such size that you can place on it the maximum amount of data necessary to attract a buyer.

size of the flyer for printing

Conversion Tracking

This item is important for leaflets of any size.Do not forget to keep statistics of the success of your promotional products. Consider how many people came to see you after seeing your leaflets. Change the size of flyers, their design and distribution methods, and then you will know exactly how to advertise your products most effectively.