/ Advertising. Manufacturing of advertising signboards

Advertising. Manufacturing of advertising signboards

Manufacturing of advertising signs, and also tablets- this is a good way to earn. After all, many companies need to increase sales of their goods. Without outdoor advertising, it is very difficult to manage in production, in trade and even in services. Signage allows you to attract the attention of consumers, thereby increasing income. Such advertising is used not only by shops, but also by pharmacies, boutiques, restaurants, banks and even public organizations.

advertising signage manufacturing

Features of creating advertising

Manufacturing of signboards, advertising signs andPoster allows you to start your business. However, this process has some peculiarities. Outdoor advertising is often placed near the entrance, on the roof and on the facade of the building. However, many do not think that such tablets should attract people's attention. Therefore, in the manufacture of outdoor advertising must take into account the interests and needs of the target audience, as well as a feature of urban or landscape design.

In addition, the placement of large advertisingSignage requires special permission from the regulatory authorities. After all, to install them will have to some extent to change the appearance of the building and cause him some damage. The production of signboards, advertising placards and posters should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law.

 production of advertising signs

The main types of outdoor advertising

At the moment, signs of several main types are made. They are subdivided not only in size, but also in the way letters are arranged and in volume. There are several basic types:

  1. Static. These are fixed advertising signs, which do not change their appearance neither at night, nor during the day. In this case, as a supplement, static illumination is often used.
  2. Dynamic. These advertising signs are equipped with flickering lights and neon lights. This creates a movement effect and attracts the attention of potential customers.

Also, advertising signs are divided according to the principle of their illumination and by the method of placement:

  1. Light. In this case, not only the internal, but also the external illumination is applied.
  2. Not light. Illumination is not used here.
  3. Interior.
  4. Facade.
  5. Banner.
  6. For businesses.
  7. Signboards-price lists.

manufacturing of light advertising signs

Where to begin

Begin the manufacture of signboards, advertising signsand posters should be from the creation of the brand. This process is quite complicated, since it has certain features. It is important to take into account all the nuances of the design. But the most important thing is the brand.

If the company only recently appeared on the market,and it does not yet have its own name, it will be difficult to create outdoor advertising. Begin the production of a signboard is only after the organization has passed the procedure of branding.


It is difficult to imagine the manufacture of advertisingsignage without creating a project. This stage is very important. After all, you need to determine what will be indicated on the plate. It is also necessary to design the type and shape of the future sign. At the moment, created a huge number of options for outdoor advertising. Signs can be of any size, absolutely flat, with constantly burning bulbs, with neon lights and even with voluminous letters.

The main task of designing is to create advertising,which will give the consumer the right amount of information and become recognizable. It is at this stage that the style is determined. There are also some nuances here. For a certain type of activity, a particular type of signage is less or more suitable. For example, LED outdoor advertising is ideal for buildings, nightclubs and bars. After all, it is dynamic, colorful and well visible in the dark.

The production of light advertising signs takeslittle time. But their popularity is growing every day. After all, these signs are visible not only in the dark, but also in the daytime. When they are created, only bright and juicy shades are used. More modest signage options are suitable for financial organizations and offices. Outdoor advertising with voluminous letters differs style and a strong character. This option of signage is suitable for companies that provide certain services, shops, as well as law firms.

What to do better

Production of signboards, advertising posters andtablets are not just design. The next step is to choose the right material. It is worth noting that this affects not only the appearance of the product, but also its cost. When choosing a material, do not forget that a cheaper and less durable base will not last long. Of course, outdoor advertising is not always required for long periods. When choosing a material, one should rely on financial opportunities, as well as on real needs.

manufacturing of outdoor advertising signs

Usually the manufacture of outdoor advertising signsis made of sufficiently strong white or colored plastic. This material allows you to give the product almost any shape. And this, in turn, makes it possible to translate into reality even the most daring design ideas.

Also often used by masters of cellularpolycarbonate. In this case, the image on the advertising sign is applied using a vinyl film. Often, the drawing is transferred using color printing. Items made of glass or metal can be used as decorative elements.

Advertising creation and editing

Advertising sign production technologyis quite simple. If desired, any newcomer can learn it. However, to create quality products, only modern equipment should be used. To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the basis for the future signboard. It can be not just a sign, but letters or elements of an image.

advertising sign technology

After preparation, all the details must be connected.To do this, usually use hardware, fasteners or glue. The latter option is less reliable. When choosing materials, it is worth considering the conditions in which the sign will be used. That's all. On the base remains to put a drawing.

Installation of a ready-made advertising sign mustpass in accordance with safety rules. The weight of the structure must be taken into account. Fasteners must be sufficiently reliable. When installing, it is worth to be careful not to damage the walls of the building.