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The syndrome of a white coat - how to get rid of it?

Each person is different and reacts differently to the circumstances. Some people have particularly difficult, because there is the term "white lab coat syndrome."

how to get rid of white coat syndrome

What is it and how does it manifest itself

Visiting a polyclinic is not an enjoyable activity,so everyone experiences negative emotions when visiting a doctor. But there is a certain category of people who are most exposed to circumstances. The white coat syndrome is a term for increasing blood pressure during its measurement. In many, it manifests itself in a sharp jump in the indices from only one species of man in white. Having crossed the threshold of the hospital, people can not cope with internal excitement, which develops into a painful state of hypertension. Science singled out this manifestation as a separate section of medicine and subjected it to careful study. How to treat the syndrome of a white coat if hypertension is caused by someone who should treat it? After all, as soon as the patient falls into the familiar home environment, he feels fine ... A paradoxical and specific phenomenon raises fear, since the manifestation of a morbid condition is not as harmless as it might seem at first glance.

white coat syndrome

Course of the disease

Hypertension occurs in 15 percent of the population inthe time of medical examination, namely during the measurement of pressure. The patient can not relax and cope with his own body, as a result of which the pressure is significantly increased and the syndrome of the white coat at the measurement of the indicators manifests itself in all its glory. The effect of an inadequate response to consultation and the actions of a specialist may affect the treatment, since the patient may be prescribed unnecessary medications because of the symptoms of a serious illness. The syndrome of a white coat at measurement of pressure in house conditions is not shown. When a person remains in the usual situation, without the presence of a medical worker, he can calmly measure his pressure - and the indicators will be normal. It is interesting that the digital chart on the scale of normal pressure shows that a person is healthy. However, at the doctor's appointment there is a sharp jump with all the ensuing consequences in the form of a deterioration in the state of health.

 pressure in white coat syndrome

Who is most prone to white coat syndrome?

The conducted studies revealed a certain pattern: not all are subject to an atypical phenomenon. The following categories of people are the most susceptible to people in white in dressing gowns:

  • overly emotional people;
  • personality with an unstable psyche.

Before visiting the doctor's office, the morally weakpeople are severely stressed, on the background of which a problem called "white lab coat syndrome" is formed. Most often it is a usual reaction to acute experiences, fears and assumptions about a diagnosis or fear of finding out bad results of a survey.

The phenomenon of adaptation

Any living being has conditionalreflexes. A person perceives the world around him through natural data: smell, hearing, sight. Congenital unconditioned reflexes help in life and are called upon to make it comfortable. Conditional reflexes sometimes cause serious trouble, as, for example, the syndrome of a white coat. The phenomenon of adaptation lies in the fact that a person at a primary visit to the doctor's office remembers the reaction of the body. Most often these feelings convey fear to trembling in the knees, a state of stupor, confusion. The organism gives an installation to all systems to remember this situation and, under repeated circumstances, produces the same reaction, which manifests itself in a rapid increase in blood pressure. But we should not lose sight of the fact that some people always react equally to all stressful situations, which is in no way connected with the functioning of the conditioned reflex and the visit to the medical institution. This factor is due to the individual characteristics of the body.

white lab coat with pressure measurement

Possible danger

Pressure in the white coat syndrome showsincorrect values, which can not be taken as a basis for awareness of the patient's condition. Usually, many mistakenly assume that such pressure differences at the sight of the doctor do not pose a health hazard. In fact, this is not so. It is believed that the average pressure indicator freezes between relatively normal and high, so it does not cause concern. But with a careful examination of the patient, a pathological picture is revealed, which can significantly affect the patient's lifestyle. First of all, many people have elevated blood cholesterol levels, sugar above the norm, coronary heart disease and prerequisites for diabetes. If the white coat syndrome has overtaken a person at a young age, it can be safely assumed that at a more mature age he is in for a real hypertension, even if at the moment it appears only under certain circumstances. Pathology can pose a serious threat to the health of older people who have experienced various surgeries. Also at risk are people who live in an unfavorable psychological and environmental setting, have little activity and suffer from bad habits.

white coat syndrome when measuring

Hypertension and pregnancy

In the process of carrying a child, the body of a womanis experiencing severe overload, which affects the overall well-being. The syndrome of a white coat is quite unpleasant for a future mother and is dangerous for the fetus. This problem is especially important for pregnant women, as it is necessary to undergo examinations of numerous doctors many times. Perhaps overstretch of the left ventricle and exacerbation of kidney disease, as these complications are provoked by sudden pressure jumps. The most dangerous form of manifestation of hypertension is a stroke that occurs against the backdrop of a strong emotional shock.

how to treat white coat syndrome

Diagnosis and treatment

How to get rid of the white coat syndrome?First of all, it is necessary to carefully monitor the pressure indicators. This procedure can be done independently at home, or use a special device that outside the medical walls on time notes the pressure norm in automatic mode. A mandatory condition is the passage of a number of analyzes. So, you need:

  • donate blood to cholesterol and check the lipid profile;
  • to determine the level of sugar in the blood;
  • hand over urine to laboratory tests;
  • undergo a complete examination with the definition of general clinical indicators;
  • visit a cardiologist;
  • to undergo ultrasound examination of the kidneys and heart.

In case of detection of accompanying pathologiesthe patient is prescribed complex treatment and maintenance therapy. One of the forms of rehabilitation is a course of study and conversation with a psychologist. Often it is the self-training that helps patients cope with their condition.

how to deal with white coat syndrome

Preventive measures

Many people are interested in the question of how to deal with the white coat syndrome? The answer of specialists is this: it is important to prevent the development of the disease. The standard set of measures for a healthy life is:

  • rejection of all bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, etc.);
  • transition to proper nutrition: all food should have a balanced composition and not contain a large amount of fat;
  • training of emotional stability under the supervision of a qualified psychologist; various self-control techniques help to increase self-confidence and get rid of the fear of a hospital atmosphere;
  • deterrence of excessive emotionality;
  • normalization of motor activity;
  • reception of sedatives on the prescription of a doctor.
  • pregnant women need to be under the constant supervision of a psychologist.

These activities will help to support the vessels intone, and the heart is in order. Many patients use traditional medicine methods for reconstitution (decoctions of herbs, infusions). But the adoption of all decisions must be agreed with a specialist in order to avoid possible problems in the future.