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Psychological testing for admission to medical college: features and requirements

In order to enroll in a medical college,to get an education, it is not enough to have good exam results. It is necessary to pass the entrance examinations. Many specialties also require psychological testing for admission to a medical college. To become a medic, little to have knowledge of biology, chemistry. Applicants must have certain character traits, such moral and ethical qualities that will allow them to cope with difficult medical activities in full. To determine the professional suitability, these tests are conducted among the entrants.

psychological testing for admission to a medical college

Psychology of the paramedic

Psychological testing for admission toThe medical college, as an additional test, is assigned to such faculties as "Sisterhood", "Medical case", "Obstetrics". What are the requirements first of all for the psychological care of the health worker?

  • In a medical professional, the first place should be resistance to any stressful situation.
  • The main desire is to help people, the main thing is the love of humanity. All this should be combined with high intellectuality, breadth of horizons, education, upbringing.
  • The main character trait should betact, ability to communicate with patients and their relatives. Always there should be a willingness to disinterestedly save human life, despite any difficulties at any time of the day.
  • All medical professionals must strictly keep all confidential information, keep secret the details of the patient's private life.
  • A physician should always be proactive, possessing the makings of a leader, having organizational skills, communicative skills.
  • The most important quality of a specialist in medicine is the feeling of empathy - compassion for a person.
  • Stronger sense of health for health workersjustice, duty, responsibility, restraint, ability to sober thinking, composure and calmness in any stressful situations. With all this, there is a willingness to always come to the rescue.

sample tasks of psychological testing

Psychological tests for entering the honey: a list

Already in preparation for admission, manyentrants think about what tests the commission offers to pass, what their results are directed to, what questions are most popular. Any psychological testing for admission to a medical college will certainly pass through the developed tests or their analogs listed below. These include:

1. The test EA. Klimova.This type of testing will identify the inclinations of the entrant to a particular type of profession, determine his predisposition to the ability to work with people. If in the professional sphere "person-person" the future student attains less than three points, then for sure he will not be admitted to nursing, midwifery or paramedic work.

2.The Shmishek and Leongard questionnaire makes it possible to reveal the accentuation of the character, to investigate the main features of the incoming. At this stage, individuals are identified who are able to conduct professional activities in the field of "man-man." Group curators can receive recommendations that will allow students to adjust their behavior and attitudes. If the indicator on the "Lies" scale gives out more than 5, the applicant is screened out. This figure is critical, it is believed that such a person consciously changes the image of himself from others, behaves defiantly, infantilely, deceives people, hides his inner world, does not recognize any authority, can not adequately perceive criticism in his address. Do not fit for work in obstetrics and paramedic work of an individual who is dominated by a stuck or excitable type.

3. The test of J.Holland (Holland) on the level of professional preference. Allows you to determine the most suitable area for the test area. If the test results show below 7 on a social scale or too high for a conventional one, the result is considered unsatisfactory.

psychological test in medical college

DDO E.A. Klimov

To pass the psychological testing foradmission to the medical college, you can independently pass the differential-diagnostic questionnaire Klimova. It will help to identify in which sphere you are most inclined to realize yourself. The scales of the questionnaire contain types of occupations that are divided into "person-person", "person-nature", "person-sign system", "man-technique", "person-artistic image". The subject is offered 20 pairs of activities, he should choose only one answer and put "+" in the corresponding cell. Time for thinking is not limited, but on average, the test takes 20-30 minutes, this should be warned. For each match with the key, one point is awarded.

Types of professions by Klimau

  • "Man-Nature."If you like working in the garden, on the ground, on the ground, you love animals, wood, a subject of biology, then you should consider this kind of activity: to explore, study the condition of plants, animals; care, grow, carry out disease prevention. These professions include such specialties: agronomist, biologist, veterinarian, cattle breeder, forestry worker, field crop operator, vegetable grower, zootechnicians and the like.
  • "The man-technology." Professions for those who like to perform laboratory work, who understands the devices, can repair, wants to create, operate different types of equipment.
  • "Man-Sign System."Professions are mainly related to the processing of information. For those who have the ability to calculate, program, maintain records, statistics. Those who draw up drawings well, maintain a file cabinet, can consider options for occupations from this field.
  • "Man is an artistic image." Professions related to the creation, design of works of art.
  • "Man-man." The main subject of labor is people, relationships with them, various types of services, education, upbringing.

psychological tests when entering the honey list

The Shmishek and Leongard questionnaire

To pass psychological testing forThe entrance to the medical college is also offered on the questionnaire of Leonhard-Shmishek. He is called "Methodology of studying personality accentuations". Allows you to diagnose the type of accentuation. The theoretical basis is the concept of accentuated personalities. Leonhard believes that all personality traits are divided into basic and additional. The main are the core of personality. Strongly expressed, these features are called accentuated. The term took the place between the norm and psychopathy. Accentuated persons are not regarded as pathological, but under the influence of negative factors, accentuations can destroy the structure of the personality, carry a pathological character.

In the questionnaire, 10 scales, each containinghighlighted type of accentuated personality. A short "yes" or "no" is required to answer 8 questions. It is necessary to respond quickly, not to think. The result will give out the type of your personality.

The test of J. Gollond

Exemplary tasks of psychological testinghelp prepare for entering a medical college. According to the theory of J. Holland, each person belongs to a certain type. Having passed the Dutch test, you can determine which type of activity is right for you. If the profession is chosen correctly, in accordance with the psychotype, then the chances of achieving success in the chosen field of activity are much greater. The Dutch test allows you to determine your psychotype and choose the right occupation. What are the social characterological types?

  • Realistic.
  • Social.
  • Intellectual.
  • Artistic.
  • Enterprising.
  • Conventional.

Neurology tests at a medical college

Criteria for evaluation

When any psychological test is surrendered to a medical college, it makes it possible to find out a number of such criteria as:

  • A certain predisposition of the applicant to this or that kind of professional activity.
  • The level of empathy, compassion for the neighbor.
  • These or other personal qualities, type of character.

The final assessment of the test consists of points thatare typed at passage of tests. The test, respectively, is carried out on the keys to the tests. Testing is considered completed if the number of points exceeds the normative range.

test for admission to a medical college

Test for admission to a medical college

To find out if medical activity is suitable for you, we propose to pass the simplest test "I am a health worker". Honestly answer the questions "Yes" - 2; "No" is 0; "Sometimes" - 1.

  1. Do you always show sympathy for people?
  2. Is there a desire to help close or even unfamiliar people in difficult situations?
  3. Is it interesting for you to measure the pressure of a stranger?
  4. Did you have to give first aid to strangers?
  5. Did you feel pride at the same time?
  6. Would you like to say with pride after a hundred years that life was dedicated to saving others?
  7. Do you have a desire to work all your life in a white coat in a clean room?
  8. Have you ever thought about the social guarantees of doctors: 100% payment of sick leave, kindergarten, vouchers, medical experience?
  9. Have you thought about how to invent a cure for all diseases?
  10. Do you know that medical workers in the paid sphere receive much more?
  11. Are there any health professionals among your relatives?
  12. Medicine for you is charity (2); duty (0) or earnings (1)?

If your score is between 12 and 24, you can try to enter a medical college and go through more complex psychological tests.

psychological testing upon admission

Preparation for Psychodiagnostics

Whether you pass tests on neurology in a medical college, or prepare for psychological tests, think through tactics in advance. Listen to the tips for psychological testing.

  • If you are not sure about yourself, choose an image of an acquaintance whom you trust and imagine how he would answer the questions.
  • Avoid extreme answers. Do not exalt yourself, otherwise you may not be believed, but do not understate your abilities.
  • Trust your intuition, if you notice questions on the verification of sincerity, treat them more closely.
  • Often on this scale, the same question is asked the same question several times, be careful, your answers should not differ.
  • If you do not like the environment (noise, lighting), say it in the correct form. If the remark is ignored, then the test is so conceived.
  • If possible, after testing, copy the answer forms. Talk to your psychologist, let him analyze your test.