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How to understand women and their feelings? What does a woman want from a man?

The film "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson is veryis good, and it can be reviewed repeatedly. This is an easy comedy about how an ordinary man was electrocuted, and he was able to read women's thoughts. At first, it almost drove him crazy, because women think so much!

how to understand women

But then he realized that this gift allows you to find out,how to understand a woman's behavior. This film, despite the fact that it was filmed in 2000, is still interesting to see the representatives of both sexes. And why? Because he reveals the eternal secret for men: how to understand women? Since the script was written by the ladies, the girls themselves noted that the film turned out to be remarkable and very reliable. If this picture passed you, and you still have a hard time imagining how a man to understand a woman, then this article is offered to your attention.

Why understand women?

By and large, representatives of one sex canperfectly understand each other, but not always a man and a woman quickly manages to come to a common opinion. How to understand women? What do they mean? What lies behind coquetry? How to understand that a woman is in love? These questions are often asked by men. After all, the very way of thinking of both sexes is very different, and therefore it is not easy to understand each other. Especially often a man is at a dead end, wanting to understand if the lady is in love with him or just flirting without a purpose. How to understand the attitude of a woman and correctly decipher the message from her?

"Cherche la femme!"

As the French say, no matter what the occasionhappened, the woman is to blame. In fact, there is something in this. All the ephemeral pleasures of the world, such as wealth, power, glory, fade before simple happiness to love and be loved. But here the first difficulties arise. You liked the lady. But how to understand what she is experiencing you? How to understand what the woman liked, how to behave in order to kindle interest in it? There is no special science here! A little practice and attention, and you can in three minutes of communication with the girl to understand who she sees in you.

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What do women desire?

For ladies it's perfectly natural to want to bebeautiful (to attract a worthy companion), to have a family and to give birth to children. Knowing this, a man gets a key to understanding the behavior of women. You do not necessarily want to marry, but if you show yourself as a worthy man, to whom you can rely and with whom you will be calm, then the ladies will treat you with great disposition.

Remember: it is not necessary to give all this to a woman.It is possible to simply show that you are not afraid of responsibility, that you can rely on. This will be enough to look dignified in the eyes of the lady. If you do not want to marry or have children, it's not a reason not to be loved by a woman you like. These issues you will discuss later, in a relationship. Which certainly will start when you learn how to understand women.

how does a man understand a woman

Rule one: women from Venus

Before you learn to understand womenthe fair sex, as themselves, you need to learn the following. Between the behavior of men and women there is a huge difference in the strength of the various instincts inherent in nature.

Who is a man?The continuer of the family, the breadwinner, the "stone wall". He may not be affectionate, because nature did not impose on him the functions of raising and nurturing young. He may not be able to cook, since his task is to get food, and let culinary talents show the companion.

And who is then a woman?This is the mother, the continuer of the family, the keeper of the hearth. Sometimes modern young ladies try to escape from their destiny, begin to build a career, call themselves chayldfri. And then they shock others when they suddenly give up all this for the sake of a snotty kid and a beloved spouse. It is these functions that nature has laid in women.

Rule two: the whole world theater, and the main actors in it - women

In Ancient Greece in theatrical productions, allroles (including women's) performed by men. But in fact, the situation is exactly the opposite: women are the ones most likely to be acting. Not all ladies are great actresses, but to play from time to time is peculiar to everyone, and it's not about the stage in the theater. Do not be surprised if you see a woman you like in different roles. Some are afraid of the world and diligently play the role of bitch, others - a little girl, the third - an insidious seducer. How to understand women in this case?

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Remember that the mask is just a mask,which tries on people. If a woman sees that you can be trusted, that you can substitute your shoulder at any time, do not betray and not bring a crushing blow, then it will open before you. Any lady, when she is natural, is feminine, sweet, light, caring. Remember that the rest are just masks.

Rule three: watch the movements

Comparison of women with cats is corny and old aspeace, but sometimes you can not do without it. Imagine a fluffy playful animal. When the cat is in the mood, it smoothly moves its tail, rubs its head. If she gets angry, the movements will become jerky and nervous.

how to understand that a woman is in love

How does a man understand a woman by watching her?Always remember about cats. Playful mood will give the game a wrist, fingering ringlets, stroking jewelry. If you appear before a woman, and she starts stroking her hair, adjusting something in her clothes, she clearly sees the object of attention in you. If, when you look at you, nothing changes in the behavior of the young lady, most likely, you are not interested in her.

Love and pigeons

By the way, behavior monitoring canto tell you that a woman is in love. Hardly before such a lady appears her favorite, her cheeks turn pink, her eyes shine, and her feet are directed toward her lover.

Love and sympathy is good, but howunderstand what a woman loves? That this is not a mask, but an authentic feeling? Also, how not to confuse love with friendly feelings. Below you will read what signs in the behavior of the ladies indicate its warm attitude towards you:

  1. The woman shares everything with you. There are moments in life about which you can tell only the closest. If you fall into this category, it means that you have a special relationship with a woman.
  2. The woman told about her close friends to you.Each of us has one or two closest friends. These people become the attorneys of our secrets. If you do not know how to understand a woman's feelings, the surest way is to find out if she told you about her friends.
  3. The girl is involved in your life.It would seem that unnecessary little things like how much you like to sleep or what you eat for breakfast, do not interest anyone, but only if a person is not in love with you. If a woman asks you about everything up to trifles - it's not accidental.
  4. Empathy for troubles.When there are problems in the life of others, we condole loudly, but by and large we do not care. If a woman genuinely worries about the difficulties that exist in your life, then you are not indifferent to her.
    how to understand the attitude of a woman

Do not confuse friendship with love

Not always ladies honestly play.Flirt, flirt, and themselves do not experience anything at all. So how to understand a woman? Photo lovers especially annoying when you are alone, and all the surrounding girls with their behavior like a mockery. Do not get excited! So, you confuse friendship with love.

Sometimes we give out wishful thinking,especially when it comes to the affairs of the heart. How to understand a woman who is sincerely interested in you, but at the same time you think that there is no love? Perhaps you are close to such a young lady as a friend. She sees that with you it is interesting that you deserve trust, but at the same time she is not physically attracted to you. As they say, there is no spark. The surest sign of this is the absence of jealousy. Tell the woman about some (possibly fictitious) lady of the heart. If her reaction is completely neutral, then you are just a good friend for her.

Check whether the young lady is in love or not

how to understand a woman's feelings

But still, if you are not indifferent to this lady, thenknow that from friendship to love one step. Show the woman that you can be a worthy gentleman, surprise with male actions. If it seems to you that her attitude is beginning to change, try such a trick. This technique has a double meaning. If a woman is already experiencing something, she will split. If not, then you can go out of the water and let the woman look at you with different eyes.

So, write to her in the evening (or even better at night)message, something like: "I'm madly in love with you! Can I count on the reciprocal feelings? "Ideally, a woman should respond to the message positively. If she says no, then do not be upset. So, while your efforts to conquer did not bear fruit. In the morning the next day you can say that you got drunk and mixed up the addressee in the contact list. This will calm the woman, but even if she does not feel anything to you, then during the night certain metamorphoses will occur in her head.