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Develop and strengthen will power: advice of a psychologist

Willpower is one of the main characteristicsmodern successful man. Some people believe that this is a character trait. For example, there is such a thing as "strong-willed character". It is often used in relation to a person who has a well-developed strength of mind. And in fact, life success very often depends on willpower, so it should be developed if there is a desire to achieve something in life. The article will discuss how to strengthen and develop willpower.

Why do we need strength of mind?

Many people are forced to go to work,conscientiously perform duties, and do it daily, for many years. This is the manifestation of the strength of the spirit, which must be strengthened. A person with a weak will will never achieve much in life.

Society values ​​people who force themselveswork, go to the goal, despite the difficulties. A well-developed will helps to overcome problems and obstacles. A strong spirit can get rid of shortcomings, bad habits, and also overcome depression. Therefore it is very important to know how to develop and strengthen willpower.

Strength of spirit and psychology

This concept is one of the most complex in psychology.Characterized as a person's ability to control and coordinate their actions, behavior. If you characterize the concept in one word, then the word "self-control" is most suitable, it is thanks to him that a person is able to perform or vice versa not to perform certain actions.

In the scientific community there is a judgment that for the development of the strength of the spirit it is necessary that man live in harmony with his soul.

Is it possible to develop and strengthen willpower? How to do it?

Tips on how to strengthen the lifeblood

The strength of each person's spirit is a peculiar component of his character, which makes him hardy, strong, and persistent.

The strength of the spirit of each person is a peculiar component of his character

Many people on Earth want to know how to develop and strengthen the will power (their vital core) in order to achieve the desired goal in life.

  • Listen to your intuition and inner voice, believe them, follow the gusts of the soul.
  • Always maintain self-esteem.
  • To have moral values.
  • Be honest with yourself and others around you.
  • Do not adapt to other people, in any situation remain yourself.
  • Do not compare yourself with anyone.
  • Try not to despair and not be upset.
  • Believe in yourself and in your strength.
  • Try to think positively.
  • Renounce weakness.
  • To be independent.
  • Do not allow failure to knock yourself out of the rut.
  • Persistently go to the goal.
  • Take responsibility for your words and actions, never shift the blame on another person.
  • Do not listen to the opinions of others if they do not fit the logic.
  • Fight internal fears.

Ways how to develop in oneself the strength of mind

Before developing this quality, one shouldunderstand yourself and understand what exactly you want to achieve in life, and only after that start to act. In psychology, a number of factors have been singled out, in the presence of which a person can develop his willpower.

  • Understand your desires.
  • Always soberly assess their capabilities.
  • Develop an action plan and follow it clearly (it should be flexible, it will help in the development of the individual).
  • It is necessary to abandon bad habits.
  • Train yourself to self-organization and self-discipline, learn to control all your weaknesses and desires.
Before developing your will power, you need to understand yourself

Exercises to develop strength of mind

In order to develop and strengthenself-discipline and will power, it is necessary to start with the simplest requirements for yourself, and then raise them. Developed the most basic training, which will help in this:

  • Exclude from the speech all bad phrases, especially abusive.
  • Take for yourself the habit of doing useful things every day.
  • Do self-control, includingfinancial. Monitor your expenses, the quality and quantity of food eaten, for the amount of time spent on the Internet. Self-control helps to strengthen important personal qualities.
  • Plan every day, strictly painting every hour. Try to do everything that was intended.
  • Before going to bed, analyze the past day, if something could not be done, plan it for tomorrow.

You can try special exercises fortraining will, which will strengthen this quality. For example, if the goal is to save money, you should start monitoring your expenses, record them and try to spend less than the previous month with each month.

If the goal is to lose weight or exercise more, you need to exercise certain exercises every day at the same time.

Everything great starts small! Achievements of the smallest goals and plans form the character of a person, his attitude to life and, of course, will power.


How to strengthen and develop will power and determinationin a man? And can this be done at all? This is quite possible if you follow the recommendations of psychologists and follow their advice, and never give up on the road to success. The most important thing in the process of self-improvement is believing in yourself, do not pay attention to gossip and the opinions of others. It is necessary to listen only to your inner voice and those who provide support, in addition, you should always keep a positive attitude.

 Do not be afraid to do something new, the fear of change inhibits the development of personality

Do not be afraid to do something new, fearchanges hamper the development of the personality, hinders the development and strengthening of useful traits of character. You should always have a clear plan of action and try to follow all of its points.

Try to always maintain self-control, which helps to form will and character.

How to strengthen and develop will power: advice of a psychologist

There are several rules for how best to develop an inner core.

№1. Do first what you want least.In the life of each of us there are such days when very many things must be done, and all urgent. You need to start with the one that you most do not want. We are always prevented from coping with the impossible tasks only laziness. Every ordinary person is capable of more than he suggests. Laziness and lack of faith prevent us from translating many of our plans into reality and realizing our possibilities to the fullest extent. Only a strong person can take himself in hand, believe in oneself and overcome his laziness.

If there is no faith in one's own strength, one should suppress lazinessForcibly. Persistence is always stronger than our fears. The first victories will bring change in character. To strengthen the willpower, you can start with the smallest - with the morning runs, which help very well to form a strong-willed character. Scientists have proven that running develops willpower, beginning with overcoming the reluctance to get up early in the morning, and ending with overcoming constraints in front of people. It is not necessary to devote a lot of time to this activity, 30 minutes is enough to strengthen the will and increase vitality.

№ 2. Perform exercises to develop self-control and strength of mind should be constantly. Indulgences form a weak character.

No. 3.For the development of the strength of the spirit, there must be a conscious confident desire to be better. With the development of the will, the personality, preferences, habits and even the circle of acquaintances change. Therefore, if there is any doubt about the readiness for change, it is better to leave it as it is.

But if the desire to change conscious and strong,then it is necessary to implement it. For example, you want to pursue a career, you have to work hard for this, and sometimes at night. After several days of labor, fatigue appears, more and more often thoughts of rest are turning in my head. Here in these moments and it is necessary to show the strength of the spirit. It should be repeated the words: "A person is capable of more than he thinks about himself."

№ 4.During heavy loads our body needs encouragement, the most effective of them is glucose. Always with you need to have fruit, they allow you to restore blood sugar and cheer your body.

How can you train a character, for example, when losing weight?

Recently, the issue of completeness and the fight against itbecame very relevant. The willpower in the fight against excess weight is the main assistant on the path to harmony and beauty. Without the strength of mind, even sport does not help to achieve success. Before losing weight, it is necessary to strengthen this quality.

Willpower in the fight against excess weight is the main assistant on the path to harmony and beauty

To get a positive result, the following recommendations should be followed, which will help to strengthen and develop the personality traits needed for weight loss:

  • Learning to love yourself (this helps to strengthen the will in the period of weight loss), then there will be an incentive to lose weight.
  • Teach yourself to eat on a strict schedule. The body will eventually get used to the routine, it will improve digestion, help speed up the metabolism.
  • Make an appointment for fitness. In the company of like-minded people it will be much easier to train.
  • Start training with light exercises, giving them about 10 minutes a day, then eventually increase the load.

How to develop the strength of mind in a child

Of course, to develop this quality of personality ina child is necessary, especially for boys, since they should be the mainstay of the family in the future. With the development of willpower in the child, the foundation of a full-fledged personality is formed.

When raising a child, you need to pay attention to such factors as:

  • Educate his self-confidence.
  • Do not suppress the independence in it.
  • Do not accustom him to the fact that everything in life is given easily, to explain that to achieve the goal it is necessary to make efforts.
  • Do not indulge all his whims, do not succumb to his manipulation.
  • Telling that all the failures are fixable, and this does not mean that for the second time nothing will turn out.
  • Teach persistence and perseverance.

It is necessary to teach the child that the willpower and our capabilities are much wider than we imagine.

The psychologist Kelly McGonigal's opinion on how to develop and strengthen the willpower

McGonical in the book told the reader about the method of training the will. She argues that the strength of the spirit can be developed and strengthened, training it like a muscle.

This proves once again that self-organization and self-discipline, as well as self-development, can make positive changes in the life of a person and develop in him an iron strength of spirit.

In his book "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? "Kelly McGonigal says that a person's ability to self-control is the response of the brain and body to sudden desires and impulses.

"Willpower is a person's reaction to the internalconflict. For example, you are overcome by the desire to smoke another cigarette or eat a larger portion for lunch, but you understand that you can not do this, and from the last forces you resist minute weakness. Or do you know that you need to go to the gym and pay for utility bills dusty on the coffee table, but you would prefer to hang out? "

It took more than one million years toform in the human brain prefrontal cortex, which controls all the processes that distinguish it from animals. For many years in the scientific world it was believed that the structure of the brain is unchanged. But scientific research conducted by neuroscientists has proved that the human brain reacts strongly to any experience, that is, if every day to solve problems in mathematics, the brain will be oriented precisely to this science, if one learns long poems, a fast process of memorizing information will be formed.

The human brain reacts strongly to any experience

Download the book "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? "With torrent can be on the Internet.

The book is very interesting and informative for bothpsychologists, and for ordinary people. In the psychological treatise "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? "McGonigal Kelly and other psychologists offer the reader the simplest, but effective ways to develop an internal core.

Willpower is expended during the day

According to McGonigall, a characteristic feature of willpower is its limitations, restraining itself and its reactions manifestation of self-control eat up man's energy reserves.

"Trying to control one's cool temper or ignore annoying factors, we draw strength from the same resource"

Some psychologists, including McGonigall, believe that the strength of the spirit can be restored with the help of certain training.

Download the book "Willpower.How to develop and strengthen? »The epub-format is available on the Internet on any site you like. This scientific work was attributed to the genres "Practical Psychology" and "Self-Improvement". Readers leave about the book "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? "Reviews are only positive. They write that this is a remarkable scientific and literary work, which helps to understand a lot. Readers say that the book contains a lot of stories about ongoing experiments related to the strength of the human spirit. The book McGonigal indicated practical methods for the development of their own strength of mind.

How can I strengthen my will power?

In his book "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? "Kelly McGonigal gives such recommendations as how to improve one's own will:

  1. Manage stress.In stressful situations, a person makes reckless decisions, while self-control requires an in-depth analysis of the situation and circumstances. The psychologist advises in such situations to be distracted from thoughts.
  2. Formulation of sentences with the phrases "I do not ..." I can not either…". If you have to refuse something, you should use the phrase "I do not ..." in order not to give myself an idea that you can not do something. For example, instead of the phrase "I can not finish this project", it is better to formulate "I will not finish ...", instead of the phrase "I can not eat this loaf" - "I do not eat bread" and so on.
  3. A healthy full-fledged dream.McGonigal believes that constant lack of sleep strongly affects the work of the brain. In addition, it is believed that people who sleep more than 7 hours, work more productively and feel happier.
  4. Do meditation. Eight weeks of meditation increase self-control and self-awareness, improve attention and concentration.
  5. Healthy eating, lifestyle and sport.
  6. Do not be lazy and do not postpone everything for later.In McGonigall's book "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? "Explains that telling yourself" not now "," I'll do it later, "" I'll start running on Monday, "a person is freed from internal torment and remorse, and as a result, does nothing at all.

This is a list of recommendations that the psychologist givesand philosopher Kelly McGonigal. If there was a desire to read the original source, you can download the book "Willpower. How to develop and strengthen? »Pdf-format on the Internet, a huge number of sites offer this form of document.

A healthy lifestyle and sport strengthen the strength of the spirit of man

Experiment with marshmallows

Professor of Stanford University MichelWalter in 1970, was carried out one fascinating experiment. We studied the willpower of children, whose age was 4 to 6 years. The child was brought into the room, seated at the table, where only one marshmallow lay. He was offered to eat it now or wait a certain time, and then as a reward, get one more delicacy.

The experiment involved about 650 children, more than half of whom ate marshmallows immediately.

Interesting facts related to the strength of mind

Psychologist Baumeister argues that will power -as a muscle. It is either pumped up or weakened by the weariness of a person. He also argues that the power of the spirit is interconnected with the ability to make decisions. Psychologist's advice, how to strengthen and develop willpower, and how to learn to make decisions correctly:

  1. We need to make important decisions only in the morning.
  2. Strengthen the body and the brain from time to time with glucose.
  3. Do not take one decision after another. The brain becomes tired and, in the final analysis, the last conclusions will be erroneous.
  4. Fatigue is the number one enemy for willpower, self-control and right conclusions.
  5. Every day you should make a schedule and strictly follow it, it will help to save energy and not spend it on trifles.
  6. Be sure to get enough sleep every night. Underdelness, as a rule, reduces efficiency and increases the level of fatigue.
  7. When making important decisions, you should listen to your intuition.
  8. Perceive mistakes as a stepping stone to progress.
  9. It is positive to think.
  10. Easier decisions are made if there are obligations to other people.
The power of the spirit allows us to conquer all the "peaks" in life

One of the most important characteristics of a personis the presence of fortitude. Without it, he will not be able to finish things to the end. This is our tool that helps to achieve the desired, it can and should be improved, developed and strengthened.