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How to become a person? Practical tips

Man makes himself.This must be known and remembered. And do not expect that the process of personal development is an inborn feature. We need to work on ourselves, moreover, a lot. How to become a person: what you need to know and do for this - let's talk about this further.

how they become a person


Initially, I want to understand the terminology.So, what is personality and how does it differ from ordinary Homo sapiens? Man - this is a special generic concept, indicating the relationship to the higher stage of development of the living. Personality is an individual, which is the result of thinking activity. It is important to remember that such a person has a whole complex of socially significant elements that are successfully realized in public life.

Can a person not be a person?

Before considering how a person becomes a person, it should be noted that there are two opinions about whether each person can become it.

  1. Some argue that in the process of socialization and development, each living unit of Homo sapiens becomes a person to some extent.
  2. Another group of specialists testifies that there is a circle of persons who can not be called a person. Such people do not develop in the course of their development, but degrade.

That is, as a small conclusion I want to say that, in fact, the formation of the individual is the process of assimilating the norms and values ​​that are relevant to a particular society.

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Becoming a person: what you need

It's time to figure out how to become a person. What for this you need to know or be able to do? It is important to remember that the main thing in this case is the presence of the following points:

  • Self-awareness.That is, how much a person feels in himself the strength and desire to improve, change. Here, the notion of self-confidence (not self-confidence, which prevents a person from becoming a full-fledged person) inevitably follows.
  • It is necessary to understand that for all his actions a person is responsible himself. We must hope and rely only on ourselves, not expecting help from the outside.
  • Personality is an independent person. Neither from other people, nor from circumstances.
  • Well, the main thing is to be able to recognize your mistakes and be flexible. Principles are good, but you need to be able to concede, lose.

how a person becomes a person

Auxiliary tools

Learning how to become a person, you neednote that this will require special auxiliary tools. So, these are specialized books or other publications, various thematic trainings. And of course, communication is very important. To do this, you can ask for help from certain specialists who will help you to cope with this process. It can be a psychologist, trainer or someone who can correctly motivate.

The process of becoming a person

Psychologists have provided two simple steps that illustrate how they become a person:

  1. You need to look under your mask. That is, bared to yourself, to understand what a person really is, throwing away all the images. This search is the most important stage of development.
  2. Experience of feelings is the next stage.In moments of strong emotional stress, a person becomes what he really is. The formation of the right self at such moments is no less important.

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Signs of personality

Are there certain signs that define a person as a person? So, psychologists distinguish the following points:

  • Openness to new experience. The person constantly tries something new, learns and develops in new directions for himself.
  • Individuals realize the capabilities of their body and fully trust this feeling. The person knows the measure in everything.
  • A full-fledged person ceases to seek approval or assessment from the outside. Such people have a so-called internal locus, where personal value judgments of everything that happens are formed.

A little about the creative personality

Very often people are interested in the question:how to become a creative person? Here, in addition to working on yourself, you also need a bit of talent. If it is, just fine. After all, a creative person is a socially developed individual who has certain creative abilities or simply creates. If nature has not given a deposit to singing or drawing, one can successfully tackle what does not require special skills. So, you can easily learn how to embroider according to schemes, weave handbags, bracelets or make origami figurines. Such types of creativity have instruction, following which you can create beauty on your own.

A little about an attractive person

I would also like to tell a little about how to becomeattractive personality. Or - in other words - charismatic. However, we must understand what exactly will be discussed. After all, it's not about external attractiveness, but in the very charisma. That is, in a complex of such signs as self-confidence and natural charm. How to become an attractive person, what should I do for this?

  • It is necessary to have a bit of optimism.
  • It is important to have a sense of humor.
  • Attractive personalities are successful people. It's not only the rich, but also those who have achieved everything on their own.
  • And, of course, they are strong people.

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A little bit about an independent person

Realizing how to become an interesting person, you need notforget also that it is required to be at the same time an independent person. This does not mean that we should give up the help of others. But you need to rely only on yourself, not expecting help from outside. Independent individuals have their own opinion, it is simply impossible to influence from the outside. Such people always find a way out of a difficult situation, learn not only on their own, but also on other people's mistakes. And most importantly, they know how to recognize personal mistakes and apologize.