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Preparing protein shakes for slimming at home

Nutrition, as you know, is half the successin the struggle for a beautiful figure and good health. Many diets sin with low protein in the diet. Meanwhile, protein is necessary for muscle growth. With poor nutrition, the muscles are destroyed, which helps to reduce body weight, but at what cost? Flabby skin and unhealthy complexion were hardly the goal of losing weight. Preparing protein shakes for weight loss at home and including them in the diet, you can achieve remarkable results.

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Protein and weight loss

In the case of weight loss without protein products anywhere.Under weight loss, we understand not a simple loss of body weight, but a decrease in the percentage of body fat. The protein promotes the preservation and growth of muscle tissue. In order to lose weight properly, you need to radically change the diet. It must be a fraction. You can not allow the appearance of a feeling of hunger, so protein shakes for slimming at home - a wonderful version of a delicious and healthy snack, conducive to long saturation. You can buy ready-made concentrate, and you can prepare yourself a protein shake for weight loss. Reviews of such snacks are the most positive, because when you prepare yourself, you control the composition and taste of your cocktail.

Protein cocktails for weight loss: recipes for all occasions

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At the heart of any cocktail should behigh-protein mixture. You can buy powder in a sports shop, and you can use low-fat cottage cheese, egg powder, skim or powdered milk. The simplest recipe: mix 100 g of cottage cheese and crushed fruit. You can add a little bran to improve digestion. Instead of cottage cheese, you can use low-fat kefir or include both of these products. For example, mix 100 grams of cottage cheese and yogurt, add a teaspoon of cocoa. Another recipe: to 200 g of kefir add a tablespoon of honey and chopped nuts. In protein shakes for weight loss at home, you can safely add low-fat milk. This cocktail will be more liquid. With 200 ml of milk, mix as much natural yogurt without sugar, add 100 g of raspberries. Ingredients can be selected according to their preferences, receiving a unique product.


protein slimming cocktail recipes
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By itself, this product is not conducive tolosing weight. Food in general should become more balanced and correct. In addition, do not forget about physical activity. The most effective method of protein intake after intensive strength training. Protein cocktails for weight loss at home will be an excellent help in the fight against obesity. In addition to cocktails, protein should contain other dishes. The norm of protein should be divided between snacks and normal meals. Also it is necessary to reduce consumption of carbohydrates, especially simple (sugar, flour). Complex carbohydrates in the form of cereals take in the morning, gradually reducing their number by the end of the day. Thus, a protein cocktail is an excellent assistant in reducing weight, but the goal will be achieved only in conjunction with exercises and a rational diet.