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What should be the height of the table

With the development of science and technology in our lives, allit became quite convenient and practical. Now the slightest failure in everyday life takes us out of balance and causes discomfort. We are accustomed to certain standards, and any deviations from them may seem inconvenient to us. For example, imagine an oversized door that is difficult to open, or, on the contrary, too small and narrow, passing through which, you can get stuck in the doorway.

table height
Think about how it can affect our feelingsheight of the table, say, written. If it is low for us, we will suffer from pain in the back, legs, headaches. With care for health, as well as convenience and comfort, we choose things, focusing on our own tastes and the same standards.

In many institutions, at contests, institutionswe also come across rules and standards. It can touch anything - the length of the skirt, hairstyle, equipment and much more. So, at table tennis competitions the height of the tennis table should be equal to 760 millimeters, length - 2470, width - 1525 millimeters.

height of a tennis table
Naturally, the table should be rectangular andIt is covered with a matte monochromatic paint of dark color. Such a standard is very important in the conditions of a professional game: after all, every player must be in equal conditions and play by the rules. And the height of the table, its length and width should be convenient to all. According to such criteria, the standards are selected.

Also when playing billiards, we pay attention tothat all tables are the same size, regardless of the type of game. For example, the height of a billiard table for playing pool is 80 cm, its width and length is 112 cm × 224 cm. For each game of billiards, there is a standard table size and even a cue. If you are going to buy a pool table at home, then do not forget about the correct choice of room for a billiard room.

height of billiard table
It should be spacious enough to accommodate at least a billiard table and several players, and there should be room for a swing by the cue.

Choosing a desk for yourself, be guided by your growth, but do not forget that the height of the table (standard) for the letter should be about 75 cm. Rarely, where you can find a table that will exceed this height in height. It will be easier to make a table higher by order, but such a need appears only at a very high growth, above 185 cm. Some believe that the way out of this situation is to purchase a chair with height adjustment, but this opinion is erroneous. If the chair or chair is too low, then you will experience no less discomfort than from the low table. The height of the table and chair can affect your health and well-being. Buy a better desk on request.

The same is true of the dining table, whichaccording to the standards below written only five centimeters. There are tables that are designed for standing work. The standard of the so-called cutting table is 87 centimeters.

By creating certain standards, manufacturersexpect to please most buyers, often forgetting that there are exceptions to the rules. Therefore, it is recommended to choose furniture that will be created especially for you and will provide maximum comfort and convenience.