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What should be a gym mat for children and adults

Gymnastic mat - elastic canvas, made from natural, synthetic or combined materials, designed for fitness, yoga and other sports.

The presence of a rug contributes to the organizationthe most comfortable workouts. The device protects individual parts of the body from injury when in contact with solid surfaces. The gymnastic mat protects against cold and eliminates slipping during active gestures.


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There are several types of gymnastic mats. Such devices are classified mainly by the material of manufacture and parameters:

  1. Synthetic floor mats - made frompolyvinyl chloride. Differ in special durability and resistance to wear. On average, they serve for several years. Represent the perfect solution for home use.
  2. Products from an elastomer - possess the increased elasticity in comparison with rugs of the previous category. They perfectly absorb moisture and therefore practically do not slip during the execution of movements.
  3. Rubber mats with the addition of jute or rubber- have enough impressive weight. However, do not slip on both sides and do not create static electricity when in contact with surfaces. Convenient for training both at home and in the gym.
  4. Karematy - in fact, represent moretourist products than sports equipment. Made of synthetics. May contain a protective coating in the form of a polyethylene film or an aluminum shell. This gymnastic mat only slightly protects against injury. Its main task is effective thermal insulation.

The size

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To choose the right gymnastic mat for children or an adult user, you need to focus on its parameters. Of great importance when choosing is the build and growth of an athlete.

There are a number of standardized parameters according to which fitness mats are produced:

  • Length - from 175 to 220 cm.
  • Width - 60-80 cm.
  • Thickness - from 3 mm to 1.5 cm.

The thicker the gym mat is, the more comfortable its operation will be, since contact with the surfaces will be almost imperceptible for the user.

The main differences between expensive rugs and budget products

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What is the difference between cheap and expensive gymnasticmat? Price is the primary difference here. Currently, the cost of gymnastic mats ranges from 300 to 3000 rubles. The existence of such a wide price range is explained by the use of numerous materials of manufacture.

Certificates are not attached to cheap products.qualities that confirm their reliability and safety for both the user and others. A gymnastic mat, the price of which is frankly low, can become a source of unpleasant odors as it is used and even poison the air in the room.

Gymnastics mat care

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The simplest products of polyvinyl chloride,strong enough for regular occupations, suggest the possibility of cleaning by hand and machine washable. At the same time, a folding gymnastic mat of natural or combined materials is better to wipe with a damp sponge or a piece of cloth moistened with alcohol.

Not recommended when caring for a rug.use soap or chemicals. Any household cleaner absorbs into the thickness of the rug and adversely affects the skin with active perspiration. In addition, the soap mat becomes slippery.

To dry a wet product, rather actively rub it with your hands or stamp it with your feet, then hang it in the open air.

Tips for choosing

Effective for home fitnessconditions or workouts in the gym will be gymnastic mats that do not slip, are easy to clean, have sufficient thickness to ensure complete comfort during training with and without dumbbells. For yoga, it is recommended to stop at a fairly dense, thick, and most importantly - non-slip products.

Separately when buying worth paying attention tohow the product is prone to the formation of a charge of static electricity. This property will help to attract dust, collecting harmful microorganisms.


As you can see, the choice of mats for fitness is quite wide. When choosing a suitable option, it is necessary to focus mainly on the conditions, intensity and frequency of classes, as well as affordable prices.

If you plan to use a mat forirregular classes at home, in this case it makes absolutely no sense to spend money on expensive products. Some models made of elastomers or PVC, not too inferior to natural in quality. However, they are much cheaper. In the end, the main thing is not to save on your own health.