/ How to clean the inside of the thighs? Complexes of exercises and massage for losing weight

How to remove internal parts of the thighs? Complexes of exercises and massage for losing weight

If you are sedentary, then such athe problem is how to remove the inner parts of the hips, most likely you are also concerned. For the female body, the so-called "thighs" is a zone of a natural fat depot. In order for the thighs to acquire a beautiful shape, you will not only need to pinpoint problem zones, but build a whole program of weight loss.

Complex impact: from nutrition to massage

If you start work on any partyour body, then you know that you can not achieve results by exercises alone. You need to make a comprehensive program that will help you both to remove the inner parts of the hips, and to improve the overall condition of the body. The path to a beautiful figure lies through the following stages:

  • a review of nutrition (and a subsequent shift towards improving it);
  • increased motor activity;
  • adjustment of the daily routine;
  • personal care.

Important conditions are the absence of stress. If you get involved in the pursuit of an ideal figure, and do not like yourself now, your dream of how to remove the inner parts of the hips, and will remain unattainable. All changes (like the processes leading to these changes) should not be a burden, but a pleasure. Learn to enjoy the physical load, realize that for your taste buds there will be enough and a small piece of cake, find entertainment for your soul. Then you yourself will not notice how the extra pounds seem to melt by themselves.

expander for the inner thighs

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If you have never done anything, start withsmall - increase the number of steps you take in a day. Want to change the shape of the legs - use them more actively. Do what they are meant for - go, run, climb the stairs, dance. In a week of such activity, you will feel much better (the influx of fresh air has still not harmed anyone), and without long walks you will feel as if you are missing something.

Engage with friends

Striking results make it possible to achieveregular swimming. "Froggy" technique with a wide leg development allows in a short time how to remove the inner parts of the thighs, and in general make the legs more elegant.

Revision of food

To lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. But you need to trim your diet competently - food should remain rational. To urge the process of drying the inside of the thigh, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Exclude from the diet "empty" calories - refined foods, fast carbohydrates, baking and baking, semi-finished products. Such food often has high energy value, but poor composition.
  • Restruct your diet so that the main meal is in the first half of the day, when digestion is the strongest.
  • Exclude sweet in the afternoon.
  • Do not eat four hours before bedtime.

Do not be fond of diets - everything that you lose will return to you again after the end of the "hunger strike". Listen to your body to understand what it really needs.

Do not forget about water

A separate item in your diet should beclean drinking water. Pay attention - not tea, not coffee, namely water at room temperature or slightly warmer. The disorder on the inside of the thighs is a reflection of stagnant phenomena in your body. The use of a sufficient amount of water helps to disperse these processes and as if washing out the debris from the cells. If, on the contrary, you are worried by puffiness - go to the doctor and check. A healthy body should cope with excess fluid without problems.

Getting Started with Cardio

In parallel with adjusting the diet includein his life regular exercise. In addition to special exercises for slimming the inner thigh, your classes should contain both light cardio loading - for training the cardiovascular system, and complex exercises for working out the entire body.

Sport is your best friend

Any training should always begin with a warm-up - you need to switch your body from a calm regime to an active one. Usually this stage lasts about 15-20 minutes. During this time you will have time:

  • knead the joints;
  • intensify blood circulation;
  • accelerate breathing;
  • keep warm and sweat a little.

In the warm-up you can include such movements, which in themselves will help strengthen the inner thigh. These can be the following exercises:

  • jumping with mixing-breeding legs;
  • swing your legs forward and into the sides;
  • jumping with the implementation of "scissors" - a horizontal crossing of the legs;
  • alternating rotation of knees bent at the knees.

When you feel ready, go tothe main part of the workout. For visible results it is desirable to engage at least three times a week. If you are a beginner, start with at least two. The duration of the main workout is at least 25 minutes. First, do about 10 repetitions for each exercise in 2 sets. Gradually increase the number of repetitions to the maximum possible, and the number of approaches - to 3-4. Carefully watch your condition and avoid fatigue - remember that the body "builds" the muscles not during work, but during rest.

Squats for the inside of the thigh

Most often, any dot work on the legsbegins with squats. For the internal muscles of the hips, we advise you to pay attention to squats in a wide rack, which are often referred to as sito or plied squats. The technique of squats of this type differs a little from the classic exercise in the rack of the leg on the width of the shoulders.

The starting position is standing, legs widearranged, the socks are deployed to the sides, the knees look in the same direction as the feet. The pelvis is pulled up, the coccyx is twisted downwards. Slowly drop down to the level until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Take care that your knees do not go beyond the line of socks (their vertical projection). The back and the press must remain engaged. Exit from squatting is as slow as entering, but do not try to straighten the legs to the end, otherwise the muscles of the hips will immediately turn off from work.

Do not lower the pelvis below the hip line, especially if you have problems with the knee joints. Working with weights in this case, you also do not fit.

Leg mixing and breeding

A classic exercise for losing weight insideparts of the hip is the mixing and breeding of the legs lying on the back. This position is favorable for those who have problems with the back, since here the loin, being pressed to the floor, does not experience discomfort.

Starting position - lying down, head on the floor, backwell elongated. Raised legs can be both bent and straightened. Try to ensure that during the movement of the movement of the waist did not bend - to do this, leave the press on.

Side attacks

A universal exercise for the hips areattacks. If you are concerned about how to clean the inside of your hips, we recommend that you pay attention to side attacks. They are performed from a neutral standing position:

  • Take a step to the side, transferring weight - the knee looks in the same direction as the sock;
  • sit down - the body smoothly approaches the knee;
  • Control the angle in the knee - it should not be sharper than 90˚;
  • repeat on the other foot.

The weight of your body should be evenly distributed along the foot. Also, make sure that your knees do not go beyond the vertical projection of the socks.

In some cases, it will be superfluous to perform direct attacks - it all depends on the characteristics of your body.

Tight hips


Scissors are a classic exercise from home aerobics, which is based on the cross leg movement. Most often, scissors perform, lying on their backs:

  • the loin is pressed to the floor, the legs are raised at an angle of 30-45˚;
  • keeping the lower back on the floor, cross-leg movements;
  • repeat the exercise a maximum number of times.

The second variant of this exercise -back scissors. To do this, you need a bench, in extreme cases you can lie on the edge of the bed. You lie on a bench, wrap your arms around it and cross your legs with your legs raised. Try to keep your legs going up not at the expense of the deflection in the lower back, but thanks to the included gluteus muscle.

Exercises lying on one side

From such a very lazy starting position,as lying on its side, in fact, you can make several active movements that will noticeably affect the condition of your hips and legs as a whole. It can be like full-fledged mahi kicking up and to the sides for several approaches for one workout, as well as micromotion. For example, lying on one side, lift the upper leg to a height of 40-50 centimeters, pull the toe and several times turn the hip up and down in the hip joint. After a few repetitions, you will feel an unforgettable burning sensation in the muscles. Then pull the toe on yourself and repeat a few more times. Repeat to the other leg.

Further work with coordination andstretching, and also connect the muscles of the press can be in the next exercise. Without changing the starting position, start rotating the upper leg to the maximum possible amplitude. Make a few laps in one direction, then repeat to the other. Try to keep the body on one straight line - the body should not walk with staggering following the movement of the foot. Then repeat the rotation on the other leg.

Exercises with a butterfly expander

Want to do your homework yetmore effective? Get a special simulator for the inside of the thigh - a butterfly-expander. The action of such simulators is based on the natural resistance of the elastic material from which the expander is made.

The butterfly expander in its form is reallyreminds this light-winged insect. This compact and very cheap device is easy to buy and store in the house. Classes with an expander for the inner thighs are built on the same principle as training with own weight. First, you perform a warm-up, then you can do several preparatory exercises without an expander. Directly with the simulator, you can do about 10-15 repetitions in 2-3 approaches. If it's hard for you, do one approach.

Butterfly can be used for information-breedinglegs, not only when lying down, but also sitting on a chair with a flat back - just clamp the simulator with your hips for the maximum number of times. To complicate the task, do not relax your legs to the end or hold the expander in the most compressed position.

Exercises with an elastic expander

In addition to the butterfly simulator, there are other typesexpander, for example, rubber shock absorber with handles. Its shape resembles a rope, only stretching. It can also be adapted in the exercises for the inside of the thigh.

With an elastic band, you can significantly complicate the dilution of the legs to the sides - just rest your feet in a tourniquet, and let your legs overcome resistance when moving.

Raising the legs to the sides

If the elastic expander is closed in a ring, then wewe get a shell, which is called a fitness band. It can also be perfectly adapted for breeding legs - just put the elastic on your feet and move your foot to the side.

Legs aside

Massage of the inner thigh: is it possible or not?

One of the elements of cellulite prevention is massageand self-massage. However, the information about the massage of the inner thigh is very inconsistent. In this zone there are a lot of lymph nodes, so you need to massage it without fanaticism. Experts unequivocally agree that can and honey massage on the inside of the thigh can not be done. If you want to work this zone, then use light strokes, rather than intensive kneading. Do not hurt and daily massage in the shower with a washcloth.

And if on the contrary?

Most often, the stronger sex has an internal problemThe side of the thighs has a completely different meaning. In the gyms you can find men who work not only on the external muscles, but also strive to pump the inside of the thigh. At home, this is also realistic, but you will need more discipline. It happens that a woman aspires to make her thighs more rounded and get rid of an ugly gap, giving the legs excessive curvature. If you have a figure of the type of ectomorph (dry and lean), then perhaps you will need a more pronounced load on the muscles of the thighs.

The squatting technique in this case will not change,But in order to build muscle, you will need additional weights. During a wide squatting, you can take a dumbbell in your hand, and dropping down, hold weights in the arms outstretched.

Wide squats

Do not exclude from the program and such a simple exercise, as the ascent to the socks. For all apparent lightness, it does not allow the muscles to get stronger, but it also affects your ability to keep balance.

Do not forget about stretching

Each your training should be completedstretching exercises. This is necessary not only to bring your body into a state of rest. Stretching lengthens the muscles and gives them a beautiful shape. This helps both to remove the inner parts of the thighs, and to make you more flexible and graceful.

Useful for women's health isExercise fold with legs to the sides. For her, you take the position sitting, maximally spread your legs and with an extended back bend down. It is important that the movement begins precisely by turning the hip joints, rather than rounding the back.

If you feel that a wide fold is notis given, - at the slightest inclination, the back is rounded, and the knees come off the floor - you can do this exercise lying on the wall. To do this, you simply lie on the floor, rest on your buttocks against the wall and spread your legs vertically on it. Then, spread your legs along the wall to the sides. It is worth lying there for about ten minutes - and you will feel how your feet are drawn down to the floor.