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Footballer Eduard Malofeev: biography, career, family and interesting facts

Eduard Malofeev is a famous Soviet andRussian footballer, and later coach. For many years he played for the Minsk "Dynamo". Has the nickname of a computer (initials). This article will present a brief biography of the athlete.


Eduard Malofeev was born in Krasnoyarsk in the1942 year. However, the birthplace of the hero of this article is the Moscow region of Kolomna. In Siberia the family of Malofeevs was evacuated during the Second World War. After the surrender of Germany, they returned back. But before Edward's departure, they were baptized in Krasnoyarsk, although at that time it was not approved because of the atheistic ideas of the Communists.

The father of the boy worked as a mechanic, and in his sparetime playing football. Malofeev the elder did it very well. He was even invited to the army club TsDKA. But he refused the professional career. The fate of his son Edward was predetermined.

Eduard Malofeev

Acquaintance with football

At the "wild" stadium, which was near thethe house of the future sportsman, actively played volleyball, basketball and card games. It was to the latter that Eduard Malofeev became addicted. Football interested the boy only after his mother caught him for gambling and heavily punished. By the way, it was she who patted the son's sportive form, when Eduard played in the children's team "Smena". Even then, the boy stood out with extraordinary bombardier qualities. To improve the game he helped his father, teaching dribbling and various feints.

New level

"Vanguard" is the name of the team with whichbegan his sports career Eduard Malofeev. Football has become his profession. Excellent game of the hero of this article allowed the "Vanguard" to enter the "B" class of the national championship.

Soon young talent was noticed by the capitalbreeders. The greatest interest to the attacker from Kolomna was shown by the Moscow "Spartak". The doubler is the position that Eduard Malofeev got into the team. Football, family and faith in God were then the main priorities in the life of the athlete. Already in the first match, he scored a hat-trick. Edward significantly increased his own earnings and declared himself to the whole country. Began to help finances to parents. And his religiousness did not bother the colleagues and the management of the club. The main thing is that the scorer regularly scored.

malofeev eduard football

Take-off of career

Show high level of game in doubles"Spartacus" a young man was not prevented by an attack of appendicitis, nor received in training an absurd trauma (the field was not well maintained, and the athlete broke his wrist). In just one season in this team Eduard Malofeev scored more than 20 goals, managed to light up in the first team, became the champion of the USSR, got into the newspaper, got the title of "master of sports" and an invitation to the national youth team of the country. But he did not succeed in revealing his potential to the end. In 1962, Edward was invited to the Minsk "Dynamo". Coach "Spartacus" did not want to let the striker, but Malofeev made a firm decision to leave, because he really wanted to be in the first team, and not in the double.

malofeyev Eduard

The idol of Belarus

In the "Dynamo" played fellow countryman Eduard Mikhail Mustygin. The hero of this article has followed his career since childhood. Soon Mustygin was injured, and Eduard Malofeev took the place of fellow countryman. At the start of the season-63 he made a successful tandem with Vladimir Shimanovich. Malofeev's game was so successful that the "blue and white" were in the semifinals of the USSR championship. And Edward himself was invited to play for the national team.

The reason for the success of the Dynamo was progressivecreative concepts of their mentor Alexander Sevidov. He used the scheme 4-4-2, which will gain its popularity only in the seventies. Also, Sevidov developed speed-strength endurance in his players. Now Malofeev believes that it was those training sessions which essentially "planted" his heart.

But in 1963 Edward did not think about it. According to the results of the championship, "Dynamo" received bronze medals, and Malofeev - a permanent place in the team. Also, the player took the second place in the table of scorers of the championship (21 goals). It is noteworthy that Eduard spent his first game for Dynamo against Moscow Spartak, scoring a penalty. After such a breakthrough, the young man began to receive invitations from Donetsk, Tbilisi, Kiev and Moscow. But the athlete throughout his career remained faithful to the Minsk "Dynamo", becoming the real idol of Belarus.

football player Eduard Malofeev

Team play

His first match in her line-up was footballer EduardMalofeev held against the team of Japan. The coach replaced him with the injured Slava Metreveli. The athlete played brilliantly, having issued a hat-trick. The official debut of Malofeev took place on October 22, 1963. In that match, the hosts hosted the Hungarians in Moscow. The meeting ended with a score of 1: 1.

Beginning next year, coach BeskovHe regularly called Edward, but very rarely released him on the field. Perhaps, fortunately, since the defeat in the final of the European Cup-64 in the country perceived very negatively. Undoubtedly, there was a political background: Beskov's wards lost to Spain, which was then headed by General Franco.

The coach of the national team was expelled with disgrace, but in his placecame Nikolai Morozov. He trusted Malofeev with confidence. The new coach managed to achieve the best result in the history of Soviet football - 4th place at the World Cup-66. The national team was preparing for this championship in Switzerland. Morozov's wards were very worried. The most calm was Edward. Unlike his teammates, he did not suffer from insomnia and was involved in modern music, becoming a fan of Ray Conifff, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles.

Such emancipation helped Malofeev designa double at the gate of the Chinese team. Then Edward distinguished himself in a sad match for bronze. That game was for several reasons. First, the meticulous Malofeev was not sure of the authorship of his goal. Secondly, thanks to Eusebio, the Portuguese were stronger. Thirdly, no one was happy with the fourth place.

The next coach of the team was Mikhail Yakushin. He, like the previous coaches, did not forget about the Dynamo. And Malofeev thanked him in the match against the Greeks at the European Championship-68. Eduard's only goal not only ensured victory for his team, but also humiliated the "black colonels" that led the Hellas. The footballer was awarded the title of "Honored Master of Sports".

malofeev Eduard football family

Completion of career

After that, Eduard Malofeev stopped playing forteam. Her new coach Gavriil Kachalin did not pay attention to the 28-year-old striker, who became 71 top scorer after the championship. At the FM-72 hero did not take this article. Get out of the big football - that's what decision Eduard Malofeev took. The athlete's family fully supported him. Part of this contributed to the serious injury of the football player - the break of the meniscus. Over time, it was cured, but the veins are still worried about computers.

malofeev Eduard football family

Coaching activities

Malofeev Edward did not use hisposition and hold a position in Minsk "Dynamo". The athlete decided to start from the very bottom - children's football. Initially, Eduard Vasilyevich began to apply non-trivial approaches in training and focused his attention on psychological training. Thanks to this, his team took the primacy of the city. To improve his skills, Malofeev traveled to Leningrad, where he listened to a series of lectures. After that he headed the double of the Minsk "Dynamo".

In early 1975, Moscow opened a Higher Schoolcoaches, and Edward without hesitation entered it. He became the first graduate, deservedly received "excellent" in all subjects. After returning to Minsk, Malofeev led the team "Dynamo". Eduard Vasilievich's innovative methods did not inspire athletes. The trainer made a lot of ill-wishers, who betrayed his temperament for his unbalanced, unyielding for the unbalanced, and his expansiveness for uncontrollability. But Malofeev's methods proved their work capacity: in 1982, Dynamo became the champion of the USSR. And in 1986, Eduard Vasilyevich helped the team to win a ticket to Mexico. But Moscow rejected the coach. As a result of the behind-the-scenes struggle, the federation federation of football sent Malofeev to resign. And later he was removed from the Minsk Dynamo.

Eduard nefteyev family

Only forward!

But, despite the intrigues of ill-wishers, EduardMalofeev, whose biography was presented above, did not despair and continued to achieve success as a coach. In Makhachkala he helped Anji get a ticket to the first league, in Tyumen, brought "Din-Gaz" to the top division, created "Amaral" in Kislovodsk, and organized a professional team in Pskov (later 95% of its players played for the best clubs in the country) .

Finally, the Belarusian team almost did not reach the finalWorld Cup 2002. The reason for this failure lay in the fact that several team leaders simply did not trust Malofeev and denied his principle of one-man management. And it sounds like this: "If the soldiers during the battle will seek explanations, then this will lead to a guaranteed defeat." Alas, there was always intrigue around Edward. But his enthusiasm did not stop. In his interviews, Malofeev regularly declares his desire to work as a coach until he is 90 years old.