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How to choose a press simulator

Simulators for the press allow you to work out the musclesabdomen at home, as most modifications are compact and do not require special attachment and storage claims. Among a wide range of proposed devices, it is really possible to choose a model that optimally meets the needs and capabilities of the user. Some of the sporting shells allow you to work out other parts of the body. We will review the popular types of equipment, as well as learn the feedback of the owners.

Simulator for the press and abdomen

Bench or bench

This simulator for the press is most often used at home. When practicing on the bench, not only the abdominal muscles are strengthened, but also the dorsal as well as the gluteal sections.

According to the configuration, sports equipment of this category is divided into several types:

  1. Horizontal option. This model is made fixed in one position or at a certain angle.
  2. A bench with a tilt backrest. Great for pumping the stomach, buttocks and back.
  3. The version with a curved back is used by professional athletes, since it combines power and aerobic loads of a high degree.
  4. Advanced simulator for the press and abdomen- Roman bench. Such models are expensive and installed mainly in sports halls. The shell is equipped with a mechanism for lifting the legs, massage rollers and springs.

The advantage of boards for the press isuniversality, ease of operation, reasonable price, compact dimensions. Cons - tall athletes sometimes find it difficult to find a suitable projectile. In addition, the development of other muscle groups requires the purchase of additional equipment.

Rowing option

Simulators for this type of press imitate rowingon the waves, affect the upper shoulder girdle, arms and abdominal muscles. The device is a device from the engine, platform, footrest and handle, moving in amplitude, identical to the movements of the oarsman. The way of loading in simulators can be different: mechanical, electromagnetic, magnetic type. Shells differ in configuration, additional options and cost.

Rowing machine for the press

Experts recommend usingelectromagnetic versions that have the maximum set of programs and have a near zero noise threshold. The minuses of these modifications include the uneven effect of loads on the bottom and top of the body, as well as a weak effect on the abdominal muscles, with a rather significant total load.


The simulator for the press and abdomen consists of a mechanismfor an emphasis and an arcuate handle. The principle of the projectile is to pull the handle to itself, as a result of which the stop begins to contract and act on the stomach, which facilitates the working and tension of the corresponding muscle group. The unit is suitable for both men and women.

To increase the effect of studying on the Absleiter,it is necessary to ensure the regular performance of exercises with a large number of repetitions (at least a thousand for one workout). To positive moments include the receipt of visible and rapid results, the absence of excessive strain on the spine and joints.

Rocket press machine

This group includes several modificationssports equipment, differing from each other in design design and additional functionality. The standard version is a collapsible projectile. One part of them is equipped with several pillows under the head and back, the second element serves for the emphasis of the elbows. Employment on the device is productive, in the opposite position it is possible to pump other muscle groups. The folding structure does not pose any problems during transportation and storage of the unit.

Press Bench

An improved model of thepress simulator, the feedback on which is given below, has a more modern design with the possibility of adjusting the load on the vertebral column and neck. On such a device provides a long back massage type, providing a kind of warm-up of muscle fibers, as well as contributing to improving blood circulation.

In addition, AB-Rocket enablesmaximum control of the correct movement, not allowing the back to fall below the recommended threshold. By the disadvantages, users do not consider a very heavy load for professional athletes and ease of doing exercises. Women this option is suitable for uniquely to develop the relief of abdominal muscles.

Gymnastics rollers

This is one of the most inexpensive, but effectivehome simulators for the press. The wheel with handles allows not only to form beautiful abdominal muscles, but also to create its excellent shape. Additionally, when rolling the roller, the spinal, hip, and gluteal parts are trained.

The main advantages of this gymnastic projectile:

  • practically does not take up space;
  • gives a visible effect in a month, provided regular classes;
  • Great for home, office or street;
  • additionally strengthens not only the musculature, but also the heart with the respiratory system.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the design,It is not so easy to engage with a roller simulator. It requires not only muscle tension, but also proper balancing. This further develops the vestibular apparatus and improves the coordination of movements.

Roller for press

Torso track

This unit is designed for experienced athletes,because it requires considerable effort to perform multiple turns and bends of the trunk. The simulator allows you to work out different muscle groups, including all parts of the abdomen.

Externally, the projectile is similar to a treadmill with sidehandles. The athlete assumes a lying position, and then pulls up, leaning on the handles. Additionally, the arms, back, shoulders develop. Among the shortcomings is the high cost and complexity of doing exercises by women.


This universal device is beautifulsuitable for working hands, back, legs, abdomen. In the modern market there are versions compatible with the bar that can be quickly installed in an apartment or house. Exercise requires some physical training, beginners this shell will have some time to learn.

The simulator of bars for the press allows to pumpall areas of the abdomen. Recommended for various twists, swings, corners and slow ascents with lowering. Feature - the implementation of approaches slowly and not often (up to 10 repetitions at a time), as well as the possibility of weighting the legs in the ankle to obtain a better effect.

Bars for the press

Reviews about the electric simulator for the press

Recently, thanks to the marketingadvertising, myostimulators for abdominal muscles become popular. In this category, special fat-burning belts and spot-forming parts of the body are simulators "butterfly press". The second option is a small device with four power channels, which operates from batteries with a power of not more than 10 mA. Judging by the responses of consumers, such devices are good at curing cellulite and fat deposits. However, it is unlikely to pump up the "cubes". Approximately on such system the "miracle-belt" works, only it covers a part of a stomach on all circle.

butterfly trainer

Elementary gymnastic shells

Among the simplest and cheapest, but effective, simulators for the press, there are several modifications. To begin with, let us consider the peculiarities of hula-hoop (hoop).

Ring-shaped trainers for torsion at the waist -one of the oldest, but no less effective devices for strengthening the press. In addition to forming and strengthening muscles, working with this projectile allows you to create a thin waist, which is important for women who want a good figure without emphasizing certain parts of the body. Among hula hoops, there are a lot of variations: conventional from plastic, metal versions with filling, weighted models, modifications with calorie sensors. To the pluses consumers include a minimal risk of injury, the possibility of conducting classes anywhere, cheap.

The disk "Health" ("Grace")

Reviews about the simulator for this type of press is activepropagandize the gymnastic projectile, known since the Soviet period. Modern variations are equipped with a special coating, lighting and other small "surprises". This projectile is more aimed at training the oblique muscles of the press and the formation of an ideal waist. It is distinguished by its simplicity, compactness and inexpensive price.

Some modifications are equipped with an expander thatgives the opportunity to develop the vestibular apparatus, and also to work the muscles of almost the entire body. The main advantages of Grecia are the burning of a large number of calories in one workout, compact (it occupies no more than 0.5 square meters of area)

Horizontal bar

This is the simplest and most effective simulator. Modern modifications are installed not only on sports grounds, but also in apartments. Often the horizontal bar is combined with the bars or the Swedish wall, which makes it universal for men, women and children.

Varieties of sports equipment:

  • Street versions represent a common iron crossbar on the racks;
  • Angular models are mounted on the wall, folded, which is convenient for small rooms;
  • Sliding modifications are installed in the doorway, do not require drilling of walls, can be adjusted in length;
  • ceiling and wall horizontal bars;
  • combined complexes with other gymnastic shells.


This is perhaps the most fun and unusual simulatorfor the development of abdominal muscles. The device is a large springy ball on which a certain set of exercises is worked out, in order to obtain the proper effect. Regular training should be followed and the entire training list should be implemented. It is worth noting that pregnant women can be engaged in such a projectile.

The whole secret of fitball lies in its simplicity. In just a few hundred rubles you can afford to buy a simulator that allows you to really lose weight and form a press. The projectile has practically no contraindications and causes positive emotions. The disadvantages concern inexperienced users who are afraid of falling off the ball.

User Reviews

Among all the variety of simulators for the pressit is difficult to choose the optimal model. Some consumers vote for cheap and practical projectiles such as a roller, hoop or disk. This is due to the affordable price, high efficiency and compactness of devices. As for the electric simulator for the press, the buyers' opinions agree that it is adapted for massage and elimination of fatty pads, but it does not help to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Owners of modern benches and analogues forpumping press for them. The advantages include the ability to perform a variety of exercises that develop and other muscle groups. And one and the other has the right to exist, the final choice is yours.

Press simulator


Experts advise to obtain visible andquick results to develop an individual training program, regardless of the type of simulator. In addition, it is recommended to monitor the correctness of nutrition. Regular classes and observance of the above recommendations will make it possible to get not just a beautiful belly, but a real press, in just a couple of months. If you decide to seriously engage in your body, think about buying sports equipment that will help you work out the maximum number of muscle groups. To maintain the waist in the form, enough will be an outdoor circle or a gymnastic hoop.