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Mario Balotelli - difficult life and star career of the famous Italian striker

Mario Balotelli is the name of the famous Italianfootball player, who, despite his small age, was quite a busy career. However, in the past tense it is inappropriate to talk about him, since the Italian striker continues to play for FC "Milan".

Life difficulties

The future footballer Mario Balotelli appeared onlight in Palermo. However, soon after his birth, the family decided to move to a city called Bagnolo Mella. Unfortunately, there the child was ill and somewhere a year was in hospital. The thing is, he was already born sick. The doctors had to do little Mario several operations on the stomach. It's unfortunate, but his family was not so wealthy to provide his son with a decent life and treatment. And so they had to ask for help from social services.

Mario Balotelli

When little Balotelli was two years old,his parents gave the boy an Italian family from the town of Concezio. They already had three children - one girl and two boys. Soon, the new Mario family officially formalized custody of him. After many years, his biological parents repented that they left their baby because of poverty. And the guardians, who became relatives for Mario, several times brought the boy to his home, but no one opened the door. Balotelli, being an adult, said: "Where were they at the time when I was nobody?" There was not a single attempt to get me back or meet, but now I'm playing in Serie A, and they are glowing on TV screens with a mournful expression of faces ".

Club career

The Italian footballer changed several clubs.Mario Balotelli's teams are known all over the world. Of course, he spent most of his career in Serie A, but there were times when English clubs decided to buy an Italian striker. He began his career as Mario in "Lumetzan", in the youth team. There the striker played from 2001 to 2006, and after that he spent a year in Milan "Inter". Then he returned to his native club again. However, he stayed there for a year, after only two matches, after which he again moved to Inter, for which he played 59 games. Then he bought Manchester City for three years, and then AC Milan. But the football player was not allowed to rest, so in 2014 Mario Balotelli was in Liverpool, who a year later gave it to Milan.

footballer Mario Balotelli

Another striker is a player of the Italian team,for which he started performing since 2008 (team to 21 years). From 2010 to the present, Mario Balotelli draws goals for the national team in the championships of the world and Europe. On his account 33 games and 13 goals scored.

Career in Italy

As part of their first two clubs (whichare "Inter" and "Lumezzane") Mario Balotelli three times became the champion of Italy, the winner of the Super Cup and the Cup of the country and the winner of the Champions League in 2010. And all this for a couple of years! A significant period in the life of the player is the time he spent in Milan. The Italian was bought for 22 million euros, and in his debut match, he justified the hopes placed on him, having issued a double to the goal of "Udinese".

the commands of Mario Balotelli

After a short time in the match with"Palermo" Mario repeated his success, again scoring two goals for opponents. At the end of spring, on May 8, he became the author of the third double in the "red-black", having registered him at FC Pescara. And finally, as part of the final match of the Championship of Italy, the football player realized a penalty in the goal FC "Siena". Then the "Rossoneri" won with an exciting score of 2: 1.

Achievements in England

Mario Balotelli spent some time in England.For example, Manchester City bought it for £ 24,000,000. And then, as in the case of "Milan", he scored in the first match in the 72nd minute, which became victorious (and also unique) for his new club. Double to the goal of "West Bromwich Albion", a hat-trick to the team "Aston Villa", two goals to the archenemy rival "Manchester United" - this football struck by how fiercely he behaves on the field, as he can score.

However, in "Liverpool" such achievements the striker did not manage to achieve. Perhaps, because soon it was given back to Milan.

Interesting facts about the football player

Mario Balotelli is the top scorer of the CupItaly 2008, winner of the Golden Boy Award 2010, he also joined the symbolic team in 2012 (after the European Championships). And of course, this promising striker - the record holder of the Italian national team for the number of goals scored in European championships.

Mario Balotelli Goals

Moreover, in addition to his beautiful goals, Mariois also known for very sharp, straightforward, but respectable quotations. The most famous among football fans is the following phrase: "To play for Barcelona" I do not play with girls. " In general, there are many expressions belonging to this football player. Each of them has a specific character. Probably, the imprint here was imposed by the difficult childhood of Mario. But if it seems stern and even aggressive, as he himself said, when the fans sing songs about him, he gets warm at heart. And even if there is no smile on her face, she is in the shower.