/ / Danis Zaripov. Russian hockey player, "Metallurg" (Magnitogorsk). Biography

Danis Zaripov. Russian hockey player, "Metallurg" (Magnitogorsk). Biography

The name of Danis Zaripov is known to all fans of hockey. The article contains his brief biography and description of the sports way.

Zaripov Danis Zinurovich. The history of sport success.

In the cold Chelyabinsk in March 1981 appearedto the light one of the best hockey players of the post-Soviet space. From early childhood, the guy will be interested in sports. Parents of Danis in time will notice the aspirations of the son and will give it to the hockey section.

As it turns out in the future, in this sportthe young man fully realizes himself and will win many prestigious awards and titles. In the meantime, the young player started attending the training of the local children's team and dreamed of reaching a professional level.

Coaches who worked with a young talent inchildhood, noted that he stands out against peer backgrounds incredible performance and perseverance. When Zaripov was only 10 years old, he was predicted a great career, because he had the ideal parameters for a successful hockey player. It's hard to believe, but at the age of 15 the boy makes his debut in professional hockey. So in 1996, Danis Zaripov began his career. Biography athlete is incredibly exciting, because in his career, as in the life of men, there were a lot of interesting events.

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Early career years

Danis Zaripov began his professional careerin the team "Mechel" from Chelyabinsk. In 1996, this team played in the top league of hockey, and a fifteen-year-old guy had the opportunity to play at a high level. True, in the native club the player did not stay long.

Already in 1998, a seventeen-year-oldmoves to Canada, in the Swift Carrent Broncos. The case was unique in its own way, because usually the athletes flew overseas only when they achieved serious success at home. As the Canadians said later, Zaripov was acquired because he had incredible potential for a seventeen-year-old boy.

Young talent has spent quite a successful season,for which he played 62 bouts and scored 31 points on the system "goal + pass": 23 goals and 8 assists. After the season in Canada, Chelyabinsk decided to return to Russia due to the fact that there was not a single proposal from more serious teams. What was the cause of this is unknown, because Zaripov's debut performances in the Canadian team were very effective.

Next season, Zaripov begins as part of thenative "Mechel". At that time the club from Chelyabinsk managed to get into the Super League, but the young player was not able to play that year at a high level. After returning from Canada, Danis Zaripov played only two years in his native team. Unfortunately, neither the first nor second seasons were successful: in total he scored only 28 scoring points. Certainly, the management of Mechel began to think about how to get rid of the once promising sportsman. Zaripov himself was aware of his weak level and decided to leave.

No one wanted the player decided to invite to "AkBars "from Kazan. Season 2000/01 hockey player started as a player of this team. The first year was not very successful, only nine scoring points for 41 games, not at all what was expected from the athlete. It is noteworthy that Zaripov at that time was only twenty years old. To the surprise of many, Ak Bars did not leave the player. As a result, the next year the player holds a high level and scores 26 points (16 goals and 10 assists). After the 2002/03 season, the young athlete began to be seen as a potential candidate for the national team. It is this period rightfully considered the starting point in the career of the athlete.

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The main stage of the career

The period in the Kazan club will be incrediblesuccessful. In Ak Bars, the player will spend twelve years. During this time, he will turn from a hockey player, who put high hopes, into a real star of Russian sports. Each of the twelve seasons he will hold at the highest level, which will cause delight in those who once condemned him to failure.

The 2006/07 season will be the brightest and most memorablein the career of Danis. He will establish a personal record of effectiveness - 62 points (32 washers + 30 assists). In the same year the team will win the silver medals, and the leader and captain of Kazan will be called to the national team of the country.

In 2013, the club and the athlete decided not to renewContract. As a result, Danis Zaripov joined Metallurg from Magnitogorsk. At the time of the transition to the camp of "metallurgists" the hockey player was only 29 years old, and he clearly did not say his last word. The first year in the new team was very successful in the personal plan: the player wrote 53 effectiveactions. Season 2014/15 was no less successful for both the club and the athlete himself. Zaripov continues his performances today for the club from Magnitogorsk.

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Career in the national team

Performances for the national team of the country show exactly what Danis Zaripov is. The hockey player played at five world championships and once participated in the Winter Olympics.

In the collection of his awards there are three gold medals of the World Championship, one bronze and one silver of the world championship.

For the main team of the country, Danis Zaripov spent a total of 49 games and scored 51 assists (34 goals and 17 assists). He is one of the record holders in the number of awards.

Zaripa Danis wife

Personal life

With the future wife of Tatiana hockey player met atone of the matches, and it was at the beginning of the new millennium. Two years the young people met and in 2002 decided to play a wedding. Another year will pass, and the couple will have a son, who will be called Arthur.

A woman always sincerely says she dreamed aboutsuch a man as Zaripov Danis. The wife is proud of the fact that her husband has done everything himself and now can provide his family without anyone's help. Tanya and Danis have been living in a happy marriage for over thirteen years and are an example for many young families.

Awards and achievements

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Below are some of the main awards and ranks of the hockey player, which he achieved in the composition of different teams:

  • Three-time world champion.
  • The Gagarin Cup is a three-time winner.
  • European Cup of Champions.
  • The Continental Cup.
  • Champion of Russia.

Also, the athlete has a large number of personal achievements:

  • Twice he became a participant in the Super League match of the match.
  • The Best Sniper (2007).
  • The Golden Stick (2009).
  • Four times participated in the matches of all the stars of the KHL.

Zaripov also has several state awards.

Here such he, the outstanding sportsman of our time, Zaripov Danis Zinurovich.