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Salad "Brush" slimming: reviews and results, photo, recipe

On the eve of New Year's holidays everyoneI want to look good. Far from each of us has enough time and willpower to go to the gym all year and adhere to a diet. If you do not have too many extra pounds, then an elementary increase in the diet of fresh vegetables can help you. Ideal option will be a salad "Brush" for weight loss. Feedback and results we will closely consider in this article, but first I want to note that this is a simple and affordable tool that will necessarily give the desired result.

salad slimming brush отзывы и результаты

History of the famous salad

He has a lot of names, it's Broom,"Scrub", "Dietary", "Vitamin" and many others. However, most of all, it is known as the "Brush" salad for weight loss. Reviews and results are published on specialized websites almost every day. All new people become adherents of a healthy lifestyle and an optimal diet, and everything begins with a simple and delicious salad.

Probably, you will be interested to know that the homelandThe recipe is America. Back in the 1920s, this salad was invented, which has become almost a classic. Initially, it included only vegetables, in later versions it also included fruit. However, the most important property, due to which he deserved public attention, is his low calorie content. For 100 g of the product (which occupy a significant place on your plate), only 50 kcal are needed. This diet contributes to a smooth weight loss. This is the reason that among Americans, completely suffering from excess weight, became very popular salad "Brush" for weight loss. Feedback and results confirm that even without changing the usual routine of the day, you slowly but surely will put themselves in order.

salad slimming brush отзывы

Indications for use

In fact, it is necessary to have it on the tableand every day. Regardless of whether you are overweight, your body needs fiber, vitamins and minerals, the source of which is fresh vegetables. Therefore, be sure to adopt such a simple and affordable recipe as a "Brush" salad for weight loss. Feedback and results are best asked from a professional nutritionist, he probably will tell you a dozen or two real cases, when people, only adding to the diet of this salad, were able to get rid of the hated extra pounds.

But not only overweight is an indication forapplication. If you want to adjust the metabolism and remove toxins from the body, improve the microflora of the intestines and get rid of constipation, significantly improve digestion, then an excellent service will serve as a salad "Brush" for weight loss. Reviews say that this salad also helps get rid of swelling, which means that soon enough you will look much better.

salad slimming brush reviews who tried it

The Benefits of Salad

This dish speeds up metabolism, normalizeswork of the digestive tract and effectively cleanses the intestines. Each serving contains a significant amount of fiber and complex carbohydrates. Due to this composition, salad is extremely necessary to eat during a variety of diets, when the body suffers from a shortage of various substances, especially it is important with a protein diet. But that is not all. Salad "Brush" for weight loss (reviews cut it off with a whisk, as it removes all the excess from the body) contains a huge amount of vitamins that are needed by a person every day and all year round.

The famous recipe

Surely every reader is already very interesting,how to cook this delicious and healthy salad. Everything is very simple here, all these ingredients are in every house, and they are quite inexpensive in the market. You need white cabbage, beets and carrots. The quantity is used arbitrarily, so you can focus on your own taste. In the original it is proposed to take 0.5 kg of cabbage, carrots and beets. All vegetables should be finely chopped with straw, for this purpose you can use a food processor, grater or knife. Lemon juice is used for dressing, but even if you add a little olive oil, the caloric content will grow very slightly. But vinegar and salt to add is undesirable, even in small amounts.

You have turned out a salad "Brushka" for weight loss. Reviews (who tried, remain connoisseurs of this dish forever) about it only positive. It is delicious and fresh, bright and juicy. Such a salad can become a daily side dish to your favorite dish, be it meat or fish, any porridge. Daily use as an additive to the main dish increases vitality, strengthens immunity and improves digestion.

salad slimming brush recipe reviews

Salad for fasting days

Every day there is this salad you can and need, exceptMoreover, it is extremely important for your health. But to quickly and effectively lose weight, it is also necessary to spend unloading days. Best is a salad "Brush" for weight loss. The recipe, which is confirmed by its excellent taste, as well as its excellent state of health after its regular use, is designed specifically to ensure that every day (once or twice a week) you exclude from your diet everything except this salad. Then, weight loss, cheerfulness and beautiful skin are exactly guaranteed to you. You need in the morning to chop a half kilogram of vegetables (for 0.5 each type), and then divide the resulting amount by approximately 8 servings, that is, you can snack every half hour, and hunger will not torment you. For one day of such unloading you can lose about 2 kg.

salad slimming brush reviews and how much you can reset

Reviews for unloading days

So many women have already tried a salad"Brush" for losing weight. Reviews and how much can be reset, if every week to spend one day exclusively on salads, they willingly provide on specialized forums. So, most of them say that in just one such day you begin to feel much easier, that is, the body is quickly released from everything harmful. And if you take the rule every three days to spend on a salad, then in a couple of months you will simply not know. However, this is only one side of the coin.

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Among those who have tried a salad "Brush", there are those,who remained dissatisfied with the result. These people notice too frequent visits to the toilet, indigestion or bloating. In fact, this is possible if you have not previously learned the list of contraindications. He is, and we will certainly bring him, but a little later. However, what is noteworthy, such unpleasant phenomena are observed in those who switch to food only with one salad. But this is not necessary, it is enough to replace the complex side dishes, potatoes, pasta and multi-layer salads with "Brush", and choose low-fat fish or meat as the main dish, and the result will appear very soon. Another drawback, judging by the reviews, is that the salad is hard to eat. But since we are talking about a day of unloading and cleansing the body, it does not just eat up.


It is not recommended to use such saladpregnant women, since a large amount of fiber can cause hypertension of the uterus. However, we are talking about a large number of it, and little by little fresh vegetables must be added to each meal. It is not recommended to spend unloading days on the "Brush" people suffering from serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as prone to diarrhea. In addition, if the salad is seasoned with lemon juice, it should be more careful with people prone to allergic reactions, as well as those with increased gastric acidity.

salad slimming brush reviews and results recipe


We have already said a lot about such a wonderful dish,as a salad "Brush" for weight loss. Reviews and results, photos before and after regularly appear on the network, more people realize that not wonderful pills, but only a change in diet, will solve the problem of excess weight once and for all. Daily use of a brush as a side dish will help get rid of 2-5 kg ​​per month. One unloading day will reduce your weight by 1-2 kg, and since a week is recommended to arrange no more than one (in rare cases, two) of these days, then a month you can throw 4-8 kg.

However, there is another version of the diet in whichSalad "Brush" for slimming is used. Reviews and results (the recipe we already mentioned above) suggests that this option is the most effective, in addition, to maintain such a diet is much easier than any other. You will need to alternate protein days (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese) with the days spent on the "Brush". As a result, you lose 10 kilograms in 12 days.

Let's sum up the results

"Brush" salad is a unique dish. Tasty and useful, it will not only saturate the body with the necessary vitamins, but also will get rid of all unnecessary. It's about fatty deposits, toxins. But if the last two leave the body on their own, then to quickly leave fat stores, you must necessarily increase physical activity.