/ How much can you sit on a twine and not hurt yourself?

How much can you sit on a twine and not hurt yourself?

So, you decided to do your stretching.There is a reasonable question about how much you can sit on the twine. Experts do not recommend hurrying with this, as unnaturally fast stretching of muscles and tendons will lead to nothing good.

For how much you can sit on a string
Exercises for stretching muscles
To begin with, we determine what the "twine" is.This is a specific exercise, stretching muscles, ligaments. It is the position of the body, in which the legs are divorced in different directions parallel to the body (longitudinal) or perpendicular to it (transverse).

The way you can sit on a twine, eachdetermines for himself. There are people who are naturally flexible and with good stretching, there are prepared, regularly engaged in sports, and there are newcomers. Nevertheless, perseverance and work on yourself will provide an excellent result. Just do not need to wait for it in a matter of days.

Beginners always try to quickly achieve the result, making mistakes in how much you can sit on the twine from scratch. Everything has its time, and here the main thing is not haste, but a systematic approach.

The most important thing in any training is warming up.Stretching is no exception. It is necessary to prepare the muscles and ligaments for stretching, otherwise you can get a serious injury. Therefore, before stretching, it is necessary to make a half-hour charge.

Were you warmed up? Fine, now you can safely do stretching. Go to sit on the twine, of course, will not work. For this, special exercises for stretching muscles are developed. Here are the main ones:

  • You sit down on your heels, one leg straightens and leads to the side, slowly rolling from foot to foot. Perform at least 10 repetitions, breathing should be smooth, however, like the back.
  • Sit on the floor. Keep your back straight, pull out even legs forward, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Perform the torso of the trunk to the right and left toe in turn.
  • Go down on one knee. With emphasis on the other leg, pull the bent back, trying to set it back as much as possible. Keep your back straight, do not hurry.
  • Sitting on the floor, connect the soles of the feet,hand knees. The exercise is that you have to touch the floor with your knees. You can help yourself by resting your hands on your knees. Perform smoothly, measuredly, keep your back straight.
  • For any object that is at the waist level, slip one leg. Carry the slopes down, trying to touch the palms of the floor. For each leg is recommended to perform 10-15 inclinations.
  • Sit in the transverse or longitudinal twine,as much as possible. You will see your level of stretching, which will show how much you can sit on the twine, based on the preparedness of muscles and ligaments. Insure yourself with your hands, a little discomfort will be, but the pain should not be too strong. Feeling light, you can gradually make the landing deeper.

For how much you can sit on the twine from scratch
Repeat these exercises at least every other day, the result will not take long to wait.

Do not forget that it is not always useful to stretch. If you have bruises of the legs, spinal diseases, hypertension, cracks in the bones or fractures, you can not do it.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that, for how muchyou can sit on the twine, determined individually. And the time it depends on the natural data and physical training, as well as on the state of health. Good luck!