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Fishing in Yeysk and Yeysk region: features, popular places and recommendations

Fishing in the Yeisk district, as testified by the reviews, will be an unforgettable pastime for those who like to sit with a fishing rod on the bank of a river, lake or sea.

Fishing in the estuary of the Yeisk district


Fishing in the region takes place all year round.Fishing in Yeysk on the Sea of ​​Azov almost always brings a decent catch. Here you can get a decent pike perch, ram, gobies of different kinds, chebach, etc. In the summer, fishermen toss their gear not only from boats, but also directly from the shore. In winter, lovers of "quiet hunting" go out to ice fishing. On the territory of the Yeysk region there are numerous bases that specialize precisely on this pastime. Organized fishing is well developed here. In Yeisk it is customary for the whole family to go out of town for the weekend. And such bases, as a rule, offer not only a civilized rest in the bosom of nature, but also an opportunity to do your favorite hobby - to fish. Those who wish can rent a boat and tackle. However, most of the locals fish on the shores of the Azov Sea. In the city itself fish is caught mainly only at the end of the Yeisk spit, on the side of the Taganrog gulf, and also in the coastal zone where the depth is more than fifty centimeters. More often comes to the hook here comes such a small fish, as the Azov bull.

Fishing in Yeysk at the Azov

Most popular places

That the fishing in Yeisk was successful, for a startYou should find out where you can get a big catch. Local residents say that there are such places both within the city itself and in its environs. The most popular place, judging by the reviews, is the spit dividing Yeyskiy estuary with the Taganrog Bay. Speaking far into the sea, it is considered a very favorable place for fishing. The only drawback, because of which fishing in Yeisk on the scythe of the same name in the summer is difficult - is the presence of lovers to swim, which gather here in the bathing season.

The tributaries and old people of the rivers flowing into the Sea of ​​Azov,are also very popular among fans of "quiet hunting". They literally abound in prey. On the banks of many of them, commercial fishing is very common. There are many lakes on the territory of this region. In most of them, as local residents testify, there is an excellent fishing. In Kopanska (Yeisk district) there is an amazing lake Khanskoe. It is famous for its picturesque landscapes and rich underwater world. Here you can from the shore, and from the boat. The only condition for finding a good place for fishing is the presence of a car. Many go fishing to Dolgaya dewdrops, not far from the village of Dolzhanskaya, Glafirovskaya, Yasenskaya or Kamyshevatskaya.

Fishing in Yeysk

Catching on the Yeysk spit

A good location, decent depth andthe sea currents that bring the shoals of fish to the shore - these are several reasons why they always leave with a rich catch from here. And the prey can be pulled out always, even in the tourist season - in the summer, when numerous bathing people join the fishermen. The stone pier located at the tip of the Yeisk spit is considered one of the most elite places for fishing. The fact is that the latter invaded the sea with a narrow long strip. It is always surrounded by very strong currents, so a long and powerful stone pier, arranged at the end of the spit, formed a quiet natural creek. And there the fish rushes. Fishing rods can be thrown on both sides of the stone pier. Catch both in quiet standing water, and in open sea space with currents. There is good depth everywhere, and therefore successful fishing is ensured.

In the estuary

Yeisk district is famous for its estuary.A convenient location and the availability of suitable infrastructure have made it one of the popular places for fishing. Liman in the Yeisk district is important for both industrial fishing and for amateurs. By the way, for the latter, fishing is restricted by law. Fishing in Yeysk in the estuary in the spring is completely forbidden, and in the rest of the time you can only use spinning or fishing rods.

Fishing in Kopanskoy Yeisk district

Due to the low concentration of salt in its waterThere are both freshwater and marine inhabitants. Here you can get the Chekhon and ram, pike perch, sea gobies, carp and crucian carp, pike, perch, bream, sturgeon, beluga, herring and northerners. Fishing in Yeisk in the estuary is possible all year round, but in the spring it is prohibited, and in the summer it is complicated because of the holidaymakers. Almost all the fish here are seasonal.
Fishing in the Yeisk District

Recommendations: what to catch

In autumn, in the estuary well go pike perch and ramming.They are caught more on a worm, cake or a manga. Pike perch is best sucked on bait. At the end of May, after the lifting of the ban, fishing in Eisk on a sea bull is widespread. Numerous armies of lovers of "quiet hunting" are sent here, taking as a bait worms, meat, chicken and even the very prey. Caricatures are considered carp and pelengas. They have their favorite places and are caught only if there are certain conditions for biting: at the optimum temperature of water and the level of oxygen. Those who decide to catch them, can count on a successful catch, if they take as a bait worms for the bearing and carp for sazans.

Fishing in Yeysk on the Azov Sea reviews

Fishing in Yeysk on the Sea of ​​Azov

Testimonies experienced spinningists testify toThe fact that the best time for catching fish in this main reservoir of the region is considered to be autumn and winter months. At this time, the ram is especially well bitten, which is abundant in the sea.

The groove of this fish depends mainly on twofactors: from the water level and from the direction in which the wind is blowing. Here, almost no one will try to ram on bloodworms. Most often for bait, locals use cake, semolina or pieces of spleen. The winter catches of the ram are very impressive. True, fishermen have to go or go on the ice that covered the pond, to the place of catching two or three kilometers, and sometimes more. But the caught prey will greatly please the winter sportsmen. In summer the ramming swims close enough to the shore. Therefore, it is caught here both for fishing rods and for simple bottom tackle. In summer fishing in Yeisk in Azov is the most successful if it is possible to go out with local anglers on a boat to the sea. And those who do not have such an opportunity, can sit with a fishing rod at the confluence of the Azov Yaseni and Ei rivers in the Azov. Here you can get a good catch from roach, birch and bass.