/ Who are you - Mr. Porzingis Kristaps?

Who are you, Mr. Porzingis Kristaps?

"New York Knicks" fans cried whenthe commissioner of the best basketball league of the world announced that in the draft their team was chosen young, lean, lanky Latvian guy with a difficult for American pronunciation name Porzigis. This guy took less than a year to declare himself and make all skeptics silent.

First year with championship ambitions

What is the phenomenon of this player?To begin with, we note that Kristaps Porsingus, whose growth is 221 centimeters, which is even a basketball measure is a huge indicator, is considered one of the most promising young players of the league. The 21-year-old center was chosen as the final fourth number by a team from the same state. Contrary to the fears of most experts, this guy immediately, from the first games began to prove that he was ready to work out his contract for a maximum. Kristaps literally stormed into the strongest basketball league in the world and, almost with his own talent and zeal, turned the once rather feebly "New York Knicks" into Larry O's contenders for Bryan. Porzigis Kristaps is a man who was booed by his own fans at the beginning of the season, and now The income from sales of his T-shirts is second only to such NBA legends as Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

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A little bit about KE Pee

Kristaps, like many Europeanbasketball players, called the first letters of the name and surname. Latvian newcomer was immediately given a simple nickname "Kay Pi", which is pronounced much easier than his real name. Porzingis Kristaps is a very modest and well-mannered guy. It is unlikely that loud statements and aggressive attacks against rivals or arbitrators will sound from his lips, but nevertheless some information can be found out by meticulous journalists about him. At this point in the young man's head everything is as in the old song: the first thing, the first thing ... basketball, well, then the girls. According to Porzigis Kristaps, the first-year in the NBA does not have a personal life, all the free time is basketball. 24 hours a day, this talented guy gives his favorite thing: working in the gym, training in the pool and the arena, as well as many, many other things. The goal is one - the championship.

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Latvian afrokosichki

In his youth, Porzigis Kristaps wore an interestinghairstyle. And many journalists begin the conversation with the question of his already well-known afrokosichkah. All are interested in only one thing: well, where does the Latvian boy have such an extravagant haircut? The basketball player explains this is a long-standing dispute with his brothers - Janis (by the way, also a professional basketball player) and Martins. As a child, the guys argued who would not cut their hair longer. After a couple of months the brothers could not stand it and surrendered, and Kristaps, being still quite a child, could not decide on the future hairstyle and just decided to grow his hair further, and there already, as they say, "went-went". Plus the famous NBA mods, such as Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson, who are also big pigtails, even more inspired confidence in choosing the right hairstyle.

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Kristaps Porsingis, whose photo flashes oncovers of many sports publications, does not forget about the main goal of his sports career. Now the thoughts of the Latvian talent are wholly and entirely subordinated to a single goal - the championship in the national basketball association. This guy falls asleep and wakes up with only one thought - to become better, to become more useful, to become more effective. There will be five, maybe ten years, and who knows, maybe this player will still write his name in the history of the best league in the world!