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Hunting for an elk: a pen, with dogs and from the approach

Moose is one of the largest animals,inhabiting the territory of Europe. There are individuals reaching a weight of a half a ton. On the territory of our country there are moose with shovel and deer-shaped horns. This large representative of the world of animals from all senses is most developed sense of smell and hearing, while vision is average. The elk has long legs and a high withers. Because of these anatomical features, it is very similar to the plow - the oldest instrument of tillers. Apparently, that's why people call it "elk".

general information

By their nature, moose are timid andsluggishness. However, if this animal is scared or angry, then it can reach speeds of up to 56 km / h. Los is an excellent swimmer, he can easily cross the water to twenty kilometers. In winter, this animal, in order to survive, drops its horns, which, with the onset of spring, grow very quickly.

For hunting, you need permission

Despite the fearless appearance of the moose, he has a weak point - the nose. It is for him that they try to grasp a powerful suhate predators, which are much smaller and smaller in size and weight.

How to hunt for elk

It is far from possible to get this large animalto each. After detecting the prey, it is necessary to let it approach the distance of a confident shot. The task of the hunter is to defeat the moose with a fatal blow, so that the animal does not suffer for too long. To do this, aim at the head or the spinal cord. In the first case, this is possible from a very close distance, only then there is a chance to knock down the prey in one stroke. If hunting for an elk is from a distant distance, it is better to mark in the neck: such a shot is immediately capable of hitting an animal.

A successful outcome depends not only on knowledge andskills arrow, but also from the correct choice of weapons. Hunting for an elk is most often carried out on a manually recharged store rifle. Such a weapon, as a rule, is equipped with a longitudinal sliding bolt and trigger guard.

With a four-legged helper

Hunting for moose with dogs is very commonlikes. It is conducted during the feeding of the elk. It is at this moment that the elk is as vulnerable as possible, it reacts less to barking and it is more difficult for it to escape. The task of the dog is to detect traces of elk and bring it to it as close as possible. If the husky is well trained, she will go "without a voice." She will only bark at the moment she finds the beast.

With a four-legged helper

From the middle of September the gonks begin to rush.From the very early morning these animals roar and muffled moans. Similar sounds can be heard about a kilometer, especially in quiet weather. With the onset of darkness, moose calms down. The elk of the elk is accompanied by a crackling of trees: the animals, losing their caution, begin to press noisily into the fallen wood. But thanks to their excellent hearing, it's difficult to sneak up to them. To succeed on the hunt, it is necessary to arrive at the place of the rut before dawn. I must say that the main condition of this event is increased caution. Hunt for an elk during the rut is as follows: the shooter (alone or with the wader) moves on the grounds, listening attentively to the sounds. If there is an opportunity to imitate the roar of the elk - excellent. Old bulls often go without fear to the groan of an opponent. Of course, this kind of hunting for elk requires from man not only concentration, mindfulness and discipline, but also caution.


The season of shooting with such a variantbegins with the freezing of the soil. It is at this time and is being raided by the moose hunt. The success of this event depends on the solution of two tasks - detection of production and determining the place where and where to drive it. It is also important to determine the lines of the chain of shooters and the order of the pen.

Sound extraction detection

They look for a sucked by traversing the grounds, studyingExit and entering the territory of traces to establish the presence and number of animals. Having determined the approximate direction in which the beast will go, the eldest in the team places the shooters.

Elk driving in two ways:

  • quiet - the beater goes on the trail, and after discovering, drives to the line of shooters;
  • noise, when people, having risen in a chain, with cries move in the direction of the shooters.

Hunting with Skrad

It is characterized by high sportscomponent. A hunter-alone or with a picker-walks around the elk. In the direction of their tracks, he determines the possible location of the moose and, moving cautiously, seeks to see it with the closest possible distance. The success of such hunting for moose largely depends on the experience and accuracy of the shooter. Important factors for the latter are the degree of knowledge of production habits and the ability to navigate the terrain.

Hunting for moose in the snow

The production of elk, especially in winter, has its pluses and minuses.

To the first many carry seasonality.Frost and fresh air, crisp snow, teamwork, the opportunity to practice shooting on this hulking animal - all this, judging by the reviews, causes an inexpressible feeling.

However, hunting for moose in winter has its ownlimitations. First, in this season you need to be especially careful, and secondly, the proper trophy - the horns - at this time the elk drops. It is best to go to the elk in January - February. In these months, the elk gains its maximum weight. It should be remembered that clothes and shoes should be almost noiseless. You will also need binoculars and masks.

Preparation for hunting

From the approach

For such an event it is enough to participatetwo or three people. Hunting for an elk from an approach in winter is especially effective in cloudy windy weather with shallow snow. First, it is necessary to determine the places where the elk can come to feed. Most often these are old fumes, felling, wetlands or river banks. Having discovered the moose, the hunter, walking against the wind, hides behind the natural shelters on the way. One must be prepared for the fact that it will not be possible to approach close enough, since these animals are very sensitive and timid.

If the elk on the run roars, it is better to go to meet, bypassing it on a wide range. Approximately from three hundred meters it is necessary to show utmost care and caution.

In order not to scare the elk,in parallel with the prey: when the animal itself creates noise, crushing the trees, etc. In no case do not rush: if you wait a little, the moose can go himself to the distance of the shot.

Hunting Hunting

This method assumes the presence of a tracer,well-known locality and able to arrange numbers. Hunt for an elk involves the participation of at least five to six people. Having found out preliminary traces of the sucked, moving from a place of feeding, them mark and remember. Then the numbers are placed with the setting of the beaters on their positions. Depending on the direction of the wind and the entrance traces, the side in which the corral must be made is also determined. The lateral arrows should be extended forward so that the extraction does not break out from the side.

Hunting after soil freezing

When the elk "goes" to the hunter, it is necessary to aim at the base of the neck, if from the side - to the spine or the lower thoracic part near the scapula.


Before going on a hunt, legalization is requiredthis type of activity. This means that you need to get permission to shoot. Free hunting for moose without a license can result in very unpleasant consequences.