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Anna Trubnikova - professional rhythmic gymnast

Anna Trubnikova - professional Russiangymnast, who despite her young age has many fans around the world. She has won a lot of victories in various tournaments. Trubnikova achieved success in sports due to her boundless perseverance and innate talent.

The beginning of sports career

Anna Trubnikova was born on May 20, 1996 in thethe city of St. Petersburg. The parents gave the young Anna to the local gymnasium when she was 4 years old. In the cultural capital, artistic gymnastics is very popular. Every fourth girl in this city is engaged in this sport. Athletes from St. Petersburg are distinguished by their musicality and elegant technique of performing elements. This young sportswoman took to herself for training coach Marina Solovyova. After that, Alina was trained by Ulana Galina Eduardovna for 10 years. In 2009, the performances of this talented gymnast were marked by the famous coach of the Russian team Irina Viner. It is she who decides who to invite to participate in prestigious competitions. One day, Wiener stated that it was Anna Trubnikova who was the best gymnast in Russia. But at international competitions, this athlete often makes serious mistakes, because of which she loses a large number of points.

Anna Trubnikova

Professional career

In 2011, Anna first joined thejunior team of Russia. In group exercises under the direction of Irina Bystrova and Elena Petunina she showed good results despite her young age. In the same year Anna Trubnikova became the champion of Europe. After this victory, her career revived. Within 4 months she began performing at the Russian Championship. The other members of the team were older than Anna. Despite this, she acted on a par with them. Since 2011, this talented sportswoman trained in Novogorsk and St. Petersburg. At home, she was engaged in the same Galina Ulanova. First of all, all the specialists in rhythmic gymnastics noted how she performs a turn in the ring. For her, this element was crowned. Anna Trubnikova around the world performed it better than others.

Anna Trubnikova artistic gymnastics

Achievements in sport

Anna Trubnikova, artistic gymnastics forwhich has always been in the first place, in life, won many victories. At the World Cup, which took place in the homeland of Anna in St. Petersburg, she was no equal. The estimations of this gymnast were much higher than those of her competitors. Trubnikova was very pleased with the support of the fans. In the hall of the JCC she already performed at the age of 12. In the team championship Anna Trubnikova in 2012 won the Russian championship, and in the individual all-around became a bronze medalist. The following year, this rhythmic gymnast took 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. In 2013, she participated in the Grand Prix in Moscow, which confidently won. In the same year she was not left without medals at the Grand Prix in Holon, Kalamata and the World Cup. In 2014 Anna Trubnikova won the Cup of St. Petersburg. Despite the large number of victories, this athlete is not recognized on the streets of Russian cities. She is happy, because she does not like excessive attention to her person.

Anna Trubnikova rhythmic gymnastics photo

Life after the completion of a professional career

Sports career of girls who are engaged inrhythmic gymnastics, is quite short. Already at the age of 22 they finish their performances and are looking for themselves in life. Most sportswomen begin to teach, since for them sports are the main thing in life. Anna Trubnikova belongs to the category of such girls. Rhythmic gymnastics, a photo of the girl's performances in this sport could often be seen in the news, is very important for her. Anna is happy to work with children in her homeland. In the center of gymnastics, a large number of children come to it every year. Young coaches approach the process of teaching children very creatively. They invite teachers to the school for acting, dancing, jugglers and, of course, choreographers. They understand children well, because they still remembered the difficulties they had themselves. This athlete since 2014 is studying at the Novosibirsk State University. PF Lesgaft.

Anna Trubnikova gymnast

Anna Trubnikova, gymnastics for which alwayswas an important part of life, now successfully working with children. During performances, she always performed complex programs, even when they were not awarded a large number of points.