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Fitness bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2: review and reviews

It's no secret that the company introduceda new generation of fitness gadgets. Bracelet for fitness is a new, improved model that meets all modern requirements. Since the release of the first model, 2 years have passed, and this time the company has spent not in vain. Fitness bracelet is significantly supplemented with all sorts of functional, including GPS-module. The software has been expanded. The design is improved. Compared with the previous model, it became more practical.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 - fitness bracelet forwide range of users. It can be used in training, and in everyday life. The device helps to monitor the training process and record all its nuances. Smart gadget will determine any kind of activity: running, walking, climbing the stairs, calculate the distance and speed of movement, remember the route.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 review

For beginners or people who followtheir health, pay attention to their diet, there is the possibility of monitoring the regime of the day. The notification will remind the wearer of the bracelet that he has been sitting up, it's time to move. A special program will monitor the quality of sleep, and the application will allow you to monitor the amount of liquid drunk. The cardiac sensor can continuously record the pulse, which will allow us to assess the general condition of the body, then compile a training program based on the data obtained.

Thanks to the innovations of the fitness bracelet, you canuse as a player, because the built-in memory (4 GB) will store a lot of music. Experienced athletes will appreciate the numerous settings and diversify their training process.

The 2016 model comes in a black cardboard box. The complete set includes a bracelet, strap, charger, instruction manual.

fitness bracelet samsung gear fit 2 review

Body material and bracelet

The case is made of plastic. Possible color options: black, blue or pink. The strap is made of rubber. The size can be chosen: small (4.9-6.7 inches in circumference), large (6.1-8.3 inches).

The strap has a tongue with locks with onehand, holes - on the other, it is securely fixed on the wrist. Thanks to this fastening, it rests securely on the wrist. On a run or training does not flies. Such a mechanism is not for everyone in the daily life, but in training it is convenient to use.

Inhalation protection

Fitness bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2 is equipped with a protectionfrom dust and moisture IP68. This means that the device is completely protected from dust and can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for more than 30 minutes. In doing so, it will work in the water. This function allows you to use a fitness bracelet for training in the pool.

samsung galaxy gear fit 2


Weight of the bracelet is 30 g, dimensions - 24.5 * 11.7 mm, the length can be from 155 mm to 210 mm.

The arrangement of the buttons is convenient, on the right - 2 buttons for control, on the inside - a cardiac sensor and contacts for charging.

Unlike the first model, the screen Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 has a vertical orientation, like a normal clock. This is much more convenient when the fitness bracelet is on hand.


The size of the touch screen is 1.5 inches, the resolution is 432 * 216 pixels, which provides a clear picture.

Samsung in its devices uses Super Amoled technology, which gives the image rich and rich colors, wide viewing angles.

The brightness can be adjusted from 1 to 11. This range allows you to use the device in the dark at low brightness, and in sunny weather, increasing it to the maximum value.

Protection of the screen is provided by the reliable technology "Gorilla Glass".


The device can be connected in two ways:via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (depending on the distance between the phone and the bracelet). Devices must be connected to the same network, and the phone must have a Samsung Gear application.


The first mechanical button is responsible for turning Samsung Gear Fit 2 on and off, reviewing the menu and returning to the main screen, the second button returns.

The main functions can be controlled by gestures: svayp to the right shows the list of programs, to the left - notifications. The shutter on the top turns on the player, adjusts the brightness. It also turns off notifications.


The technical equipment ensures the stable operation of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2. Overview of the main characteristics is as follows:

  • dual-core processor Exynos 3250,
  • physical memory 4 GB,
  • operational - 512 MB,
  • Bluetooth 4.2,
  • accelerometer,
  • gyroscope,
  • the GPS module.

For alerts, there is a vibration motor.


Fitness bracelet works only with smartphones on which "Android 4.4" and higher is installed, the amount of RAM should be more than 1.5 GB. The device does not work with smartphones on iOS and Windows.

Additional functions

Samsung Gear Fit 2 R360 has a lot offunctions. These are all kinds of applications: SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Votsap, Instagram, iMessage, calendar, weather, incoming calls, call lists, training data. All of them can be configured using a special application. You can save and synchronize audio files.

samsung gear fit 2 sm
To respond to messages, you can use the prepared templates and emoticons.

Samsung Gear has very useful featuresFit 2, whose review is presented in the article. Applications allow you to use the choice of dials, change the information on the screen, and also find the phone from the device or, conversely, the bracelet from the phone.

Working hours

As the manufacturer claims, Samsung Gear Fit 2The SM-R360 works without recharging for up to 4 days. The battery is lithium-ionic, its capacity is 200 mA / h. In life, the gadget requires daily charging with active use. To extend the device's operating time, a gentle mode is required. The device is charged using a special charger, cradle. It is equipped with a magnetic connector and restores the full charge for an hour.

Basic fitness functions

Use of the device in training willthe full information for an estimation of all advantages of a bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2. The review will help you to familiarize with its functions, but only in practice you will manage to estimate all its advantages.

samsung gear fit 2 r360
Precise sensors determine such training:

  • run;
  • climbing the stairs;
  • yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • rowing;
  • exercises on simulators;
  • exercises with weights (squats, lunges, etc.);
  • bicycle riding.

Using a bracelet on cyclic typestraining, such as running or cycling, you get detailed information (duration of training, distance, average speed, maximum speed, palpitation, etc.). The built-in GPS-module will display the traversed route on the map.

Before the start of training you need to choose the type of activity and its duration. Then click "Start".

In addition to physical activity, you can use the function of fixing the quality of sleep. In addition, it is possible to enter data on the amount of fluid consumed.

When wearing a bracelet, if you do not do anything for a long time, an alert will work that it's time to move. You can disable this notification.

samsung gear fit 2 sm r360

Differences from the previous model

The second model is much better than its predecessor in many respects:

  • Unlike the first model, the second one works not only with Samsung phones, but also with others, which will meet the technical requirements.
  • RAM in the new model 512 MB, 4 GB -built-in, in the old model - 8 MB and 16 MB, respectively. This increase in memory the manufacturer was able to provide by changing the platform with RTOS on Tizen. Now the owners of the fitness bracelet will be able to store music on the device itself.
  • The new model assumes autonomous work, it will not be necessary to carry a smartphone.
  • Added GPS-module. This, of course, increases the amount of energy consumed. The dual-core processor also increases power consumption.
  • Despite improved performance and increased power consumption, Samsung reduced battery capacity from 210 mAh to 200 mAh.
  • Sensors - determinants of position remained in the second model, a barometer was added.
  • The design has changed for the better, the display and strap look better together.

Positive reviews

The creators of the model took into account almost all the nuances of working with it. Thanks to the many opportunities it can be used by both professional athletes and beginners.

There are a number of advantages that the fitness bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2. Reviews note a number of advantages:

  • great choice of fitness settings;
  • good cardiac sensor;
  • GPS-module;
  • player;
  • 4 GB of internal memory;
  • powerful processor;
  • dust protection;
  • bright screen with protection from scratches;
  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi;
  • convenient and reliable strap;
  • with a long operation, the gadget shows an accurate pulse, works without any complaints;
  • simplicity of settings.

Negative feedback

Despite its functionality and multitasking, the bracelet is far from ideal. Among the shortcomings, the reviews highlight the following:

samsung gear fit 2 reviews

  • Work only with OS "Android".For iOs and Windows, the bracelet is not available. And even the owners of the Android operating system will not be able to use the gadget if the version of the software of their smartphone is below 4.4, and the amount of RAM is less than 1.5 Gb. Samsung Gear is available to owners of powerful smartphones.
  • Short work without charging.Despite the manufacturer's stated work of up to 4 days in reality, the gadget works much less. To increase the duration of its operation, you need to switch to a gentle mode.
  • The location of the physical buttons on the right side, which involves wearing a fitness bracelet on your left arm.

These shortcomings reduce the number of people who can enjoy working with Samsung Gear Fit 2. An overview of all its advantages and disadvantages allows you to draw certain conclusions.


Bracelet "Samsung" is a great fitness trackerfor people who monitor their health or regularly train. It allows you to monitor your pulse both during the day and during sports. Numerous settings will diversify the training process, help you evaluate your efforts, the energy you have spent, the number of steps you have taken and much more.

Functional, light, with elegantly curvedbody, the fitness bracelet also delivers aesthetic pleasure. Thanks to its universal design, it can be worn with a different style of clothing. A convenient strap, 3 colors to choose from, the ability to choose the size of your wrist - this is the variety that not every manufacturer provides.

A quality screen with bright colors and Super Amoled technology, protection from scratches and new design will compete with any other model with similar characteristics.

Dust-proof properties provide long-term work, allow using the bracelet in training in the water.

Short work without charging and high enoughthe price is still the drawbacks of the fitness bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2. The review will help you to finally decide on the choice. In general, the fitness bracelet meets all modern requirements, so it's unlikely that you will be disappointed.