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Cottage cheese diet for weight loss: menu, reviews

Cottage cheese is a low-calorie product with a mild taste.Its popularity has grown over the past few decades, and it is often recommended as part of a healthy diet. Cottage cheese not only offers a lot of protein - it is also rich in essential nutrients. For these reasons, it is widely used by athletes and for weight loss.

The use of cottage cheese includes weight loss, highthe content of protein, vitamins B and healthy fats, in addition, this product reduces the risk of breast cancer. It is also a good source of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium, which play a vital role for the body.

The nutritional value

cottage cheese and milk

Nutrients contained in cottage cheese (100d), include energy (98 kcal), carbohydrates (3.38 g), fat (4.5 g), sugar (2.6 g), protein (11.12 g), vitamin A (37 μg) and vitamin D (21 μg). Some trace elements, which are in curd: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, selenium and zinc.

Cottage cheese is formed when casein, milk protein,reacts with acid and coagulates. This is one of the favorite proteins of bodybuilders, sprinters and other athletes, because casein is a very slowly digestible protein and releases energy slightly.


Cottage cheese is a short-term diet,which can lead to rapid weight loss. It provides meager food and a very low number of calories. If you plan to try a diet with cottage cheese, first consult with your doctor. Especially it should be done if there are diseases or you take prescription drugs.

How it works

cottage cheese with fruit

There are several versions of the curd diet forlosing weight. Some of them for three days, some for seven days. Although cottage cheese is the basis of all versions of the diet, there are other foods that you can eat with it. Some versions of the diet allow you to add cinnamon to the cottage cheese. Other versions of the diet allow you to eat fruits or vegetables along with cottage cheese. The amount of cottage cheese that is allowed to eat, also varies, and some versions of the diet say that you can eat as much fat-free cottage cheese as you want.

One cup (226 g) of low-fat cottage cheese (1% milk fat) contains:

  • Calories: 163.
  • Protein: 28 grams.
  • Carbon: 6.1 grams.
  • Fat: 2.3 grams.
  • Phosphorus: 30% of daily consumption (RDI).
  • Sodium: 30% of RDI.
  • Selenium: 29% of RDI.
  • Vitamin B12: 24% RDI.
  • Riboflavin: 22% of RDI.
  • Calcium: 14% of RDI.
  • Folate: 7% of RDI.

It also has a decent amount of vitamins B1, B3 and B6, as well as vitamin A, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and copper.

Notice how much protein contains one cup. The share of protein accounts for more than 70% of calories in cottage cheese.


According to the National Institute of Diabetes,digestive and renal diseases, low-calorie diets, such as a curd diet, can cause fatigue, nausea and a general feeling of weakness. If you follow a diet for a long period of time, it can lead to loss of muscle tissue. So, it can lead to a slowing of metabolism.

Diet for 5 days

girl and yogurt

If you want to lose weight fast, but the idea of ​​fastingmakes you give up the case even before it starts, try this curd diet. It is based on low-fat cottage cheese and kefir, which contribute to the process of burning fatty deposits.

During a diet, you will never feel hunger. This is one of the most economical and practical rations for the body. In addition to weight loss, this cottage cheese diet will help to cleanse the body of toxins.

Special food should last 5-10 days, not moreTogo. The ideal term for such a curd diet is a week. During this time, you can lose from 3 to 5 kg. It's important to follow the rules without breaking them: do not eat sweets and other forbidden foods, otherwise the diet will not have any effect.

There are 4 variants of this diet. Choose the one that you like more, and start.

  1. It is necessary to consume 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese anddrink 1.5 liters of fat-free yogurt. Divide this amount into 4-5 equal meals. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Drink a glass of kefir just before bedtime.
  2. Eat skim cottage cheese 5 times a day with a glass of skim milk. At night you can drink a glass of milk.
  3. Eat 500 grams of cottage cheese during the day, 2 slices of any fruit (all allowed, except banana). Drink water and green tea.
  4. You can eat 500 grams of fat-free cottage cheese anddrink 2 cups of kefir, in which you can add a handful of whole grains or bran. You can drink water, herbal and green tea. Here is a menu of curd diets for a week.


diet muggy

There is a cottage cheese diet for four weeks.This is one of the varieties of the Maggi diet. Cottage cheese is the main element of special nutrition. It can be described as low-calorie, low-fat, carbohydrates, high in protein. At first glance, an ideal product that does not contain food components that turn into fat contains only the necessary nutrients for life. In general, this diet is really very effective and, importantly, will not make you hunger. Although it has its shortcomings, about which later.

The diet lasts 4 weeks, and all this time is necessaryfollow a well-defined menu. Excess and departure from the approved nutrition plan is prohibited. It is not recommended to even choose food analogues, for example, to replace a chicken.

The creator warned that the slightest deviationfrom the prescribed diet - and the diet does not work, the weight loss ceases, and the lost kilograms are returned so that any breakdown will lead to the onset of a diet.

It is impossible to say exactly what this statement isis true. Probably, this is just a measure of deterrence, which increases the motivation for strict compliance with the rules of the curd diet Maggi. But in fact, rare and small errors in the menu do not carry such harm, as promised by a severe author.

With a small deviation in the diet, there is nothe need to return on the first day of the diet, and then reconcile with a new period of severe deprivation. This is not just meaningless, but for some people it may not be useful both physically and psychologically. Below is the menu of the curd diet for 4 weeks.

The diet menu

apple or cake

Breakfast in the first two weeks of the diet will be the same - 200 g of cottage cheese (up to 9% of fat content) and fruit.

First week. The first day:

  • Lunch: any fruit.
  • Dinner: beef (lean, 100-150 g), salad from leafy vegetables.

Second day:

  • Lunch: boiled chicken breast.
  • Dinner: fish (low-fat varieties), vegetable salad, 1 piece of dry bread, 1 any citrus.

Day Three:

  • Lunch: low-fat cheese or cottage cheese, 1 piece of dry bread, tomatoes.
  • Dinner: meat (lean), vegetables.

Day four:

  • Lunch: any fruit.
  • Dinner: meat (lean), vegetables.

Day five:

  • Lunch: cottage cheese (150-200 g), vegetables.
  • Dinner: fish (low-fat varieties), vegetables, 1 any citrus.

Day Six:

  • Lunch: any fruit.
  • Dinner: meat (lean), vegetables.

Day Seven:

  • Lunch: chicken fillet, cooked vegetables, tomatoes, 1 any citrus.
  • Dinner: steamed (or boiled) vegetables.
cottage cheese in a bowl

Second week. Day 1-3:

  • Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese and vegetables (it's worth forgetting about potatoes).
  • Dinner: fish, vegetables, any citrus.

Day four:

  • Lunch: cottage cheese, as well as any vegetables.
  • Dinner: meat (lean) or fish, vegetables.

Day five:

  • Lunch: fish (shrimp), vegetables.
  • Supper: fruit, low-fat cottage cheese.

Day Six:

  • Lunch: meat, grapefruit or orange, tomatoes.
  • Supper: any fruit.

Day Seven:

  • Lunch: chicken, tomatoes, boiled vegetables, any citrus.
  • Dinner: the same as the day.

The third and fourth week of the curd diet for 4 weeks, the products are distributed on their own.

  • The first day. Dietary meat or chicken (200 g), 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, fruit, 1 piece of dried bread, a can of tinned tuna (in its own juice, without oil).
  • Second day. Similarly, only without chicken (you can meat) and tuna.
  • The third day. 400 g cottage cheese, a little boiled vegetables, 2 tomatoes and cucumber, 1 slice of bread, fruit.
  • Day four. Chicken 500 g, 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 slice of bread, dried fruits.
  • Day five. Boiled and fresh vegetables, fresh fruit.
  • The sixth day. Chicken, low-fat cheese or cottage cheese, 1 piece of dried bread, 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, fruit, yogurt.
  • The seventh day. 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese, a little boiled vegetables, a can of tuna (in its own juice), 2 tomatoes and cucumber, dried piece of bread, fruit.

After the end of the diet, it is necessary to limit the consumption of calories to support the progress achieved in the future. In addition, the transition to a normal diet is recommended to do gradually.

Reviews and results

girl and scales

As already mentioned, the diet enjoys greatdemand. First of all, because it allows achieving significant results. On average, according to reviews on the curd diet, it can help people lose 5-10 kilograms, depending on the amount of food eaten and the initial weight.

Against the background of the weight loss rate, as it shouldexpect fatigue increases, resistance to stress decreases. If this is moderate, and fatigue does not extend to daily activities, do not pay attention to it: a small lack of energy against the background of high-protein food is natural and expected.


A person who feels well canit is easy to sustain 4 weeks of a curd diet, without damage to health. But in the presence of certain diseases, a diet can be dangerous. It is contraindicated for people suffering from constipation, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (any), patients with liver diseases and especially with kidney diseases.