/ What is the most difficult and dangerous sport?

What kind of sport is the most difficult and dangerous?

In the world there are many kinds of sports, and allthey are unique in their own way. And each athlete is able to choose from this only what is suitable for him by temperament, physical data and his desire. Each sport, be it the oldest or, on the contrary, new, conceals in itself a whole world of emotional experiences, aspirations for victory, self-improvement, as well as falling and reaching heights. In addition to all of the above, sports are a danger and a challenge. But what kind of sport is the most difficult and dangerous? It is difficult to answer this question, but ten sports have already been identified that are considered dangerous and complex in the world.

what kind of sport is the most difficult
So which sport is the most difficult?This is basijjumping, which in English means "jump from a low fixed altitude". This sport takes the first place among others in extremism. Beyser (the so-called athlete), unlike the parachutist, jumps from low altitude and near the object of the jump (rock, bridge, antenna, building), which is also a danger. He must time to open his parachute in time to land successfully. When falling, the beaser tries to take the correct position of the body using air masses. There is a potential risk that the parachute may not open, or the jumper may become entangled in the lines.

What kind of sport is the most difficult? This is heli-skiing!Athletes are brought by helicopter to the peaks of the mountains, after they slide off them on skis. In this case, there is a danger of avalanches, the direction along which the skier slides is unknown and unpredictable. Very often such directions are impassable and become a problem for the skier.

Many are carried away by an excursion to caves and canyons,located under the waters. Problems with low visibility, the lack of the ability to quickly find themselves on the surface, if necessary, and again a lot of unforeseen circumstances - all this includes cave diving. And this is also the most difficult sport.

what is the most dangerous sport

Underwater travel - diving - carries within itselfthe following dangers: a collision with a shark and other predatory representatives of the aquatic fauna, disruptions in the operation of equipment that is used when traveling in water. In addition, there is a threat to health in the form of cardiovascular diseases and lung diseases.

Still not sure what kind of sport is the most difficult?

Rodeo - this is a danger, the probability of getting dislocations, fractures and the fact that an angry bull will trample on the player. This kind of sport has about 80,000 victims in 365 days.

Mountaineering, or climbing on rocks - overcomingvertices of rocks. This is one of the spectacular sports. There is a threat to break about the rocks, falling from a height. When injuring an athlete, it will be difficult to provide first aid and take him to a hospital. What is the most dangerous sport? Of course, this is mountaineering.

the most difficult sport

The most popular and favorite sport thathas millions of adherents, but at the same time is one of the dangerous occupations - this is hockey. Hockey - it's injuries, a broken tooth, a lot of bruises and dislocations.

Football.Threatening factor of this sport are various injuries, heart attacks, danger from inadequate fans in the form of attacks or incendiary mixtures. At the same time, football is very popular in the world.

The surfer rides on the crest of the wave with the help ofspecial adaptation - boards. This occupation is one of the traumatic sports. Surfing is dangerous because an athlete can drown in water strata. Small bruises, fractures and bruises, concussion - this is just a small fraction of the danger that surfing is fraught with.

Now you have learned about what kind of sport the mostcomplicated. And, probably, it is worth to give honor to those athletes who devoted their entire lives to these ten listed complex and dangerous sports.