/ How to store a bicycle in the winter? Preparing the bike for the winter

How to store a bicycle in the winter? Preparing the bike for the winter

True fans of a two-wheeled bike are notthink about how to store a bicycle in the winter. They skate every year and in any weather. However, with cold weather and the arrival of autumn frosts, most vehicle owners feel uncomfortable. Rain, wind and ice make you stop cycling and begin to prepare a bike for the winter season. In this case, the storage conditions must comply with certain rules, by which the bicycle parts will not wear out until the next season.

Choice of wintering grounds

Ultraviolet radiation, frosty air,constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity negatively affect the components of the bike: their elasticity is lost and the processes of destruction begin. The rain and snow are also harmful, as bearings and chain are corroded.

In view of the foregoing,the question of where to store the bike in the winter. The best option - a dry and heated room with no moisture, moisture and sudden temperature changes. Good apartment, balcony and garage. You can also use the services of a bike workshop, saving your strength and time on self-service.

Storage of a bike inside the apartment

If the living space is quite large, or absentthe desire to disassemble a two-wheeled friend, you can put the bike directly in the corridor or room. In this case, you only have to pump the wheels from time to time, but there may be difficulties with free movement (you will often touch the pedals and steering wheel).

Bicycle storage on the balcony in winter

Also suitable for storage is a pantry orspecial closet-garage. The bike is put on the rear wheel and takes up little space. At the first variant it will be inconvenient to get necessary things, and the second - dorogovat.

There is also a system of goods with counterweights. This design makes it easy to take care of the vehicle, changing its position in the air.

Saving free space

Many are worried about how to store a bicycle in the winter in an apartment, so as not to feel constrained and uncomfortable. A good solution is to buy fasteners with two hooks.

Where to store bicycles in winter

Such hangers are available to everyone, and the price affectsonly the material of manufacture. It is recommended to purchase wooden or plastic fasteners in order not to scratch the bike. Mounting on the wall is carried out by means of self-tapping screws, after that the vehicle is hung over the upper pipe.

In other cases, space saving is achieved by disassembling the bicycle for spare parts. After removing the steering wheel and wheels, the bike can be put on the closet or under the bed.

Storage on the balcony

Sun rays and moisture destroy paint(it can completely peel off), so keeping the bike on the balcony in winter should take place under appropriate conditions. This part of the apartment must be glazed, and the bike itself is covered with paper (cloth) and sprinkled with a silicone spray. As a result, the paint will not dry up and fade.

In addition, it is recommended to lower the wheels a little, so that severe frost does not damage them.

Garage or storeroom

Some people besides their own apartment or house own additional premises, but they still do not know how to properly store a bicycle in the winter.

Preparing the bike for the winter

Garage will be an excellent option only when it is heated. Otherwise, excessive humidity and temperature changes will make the bike unusable.

As for the pantry, it all depends on the temperature. If it is a plus, the room will do. In this case, the vehicle must be protected with a film to avoid excess moisture.

Preservation of a bike

Preparation of the bicycle for the winter begins afterchoice of storage location. First, the vehicle is washed and then wiped dry. The remains of the old grease are completely removed from the chain and bearings using a rag or cleaning agent. After this, apply liquid mineral oil to protect the parts from rust.

If the bike has rim brakes, they needto unbutton. In the case of discs - relax the cable, and when they are hydraulic - drain the liquid into the vessel. All this will help reduce the tension of the springs of high-speed switches.

If the bike is suspended for specialfasteners, lower the tires. In other cases, maintain the inflated condition of the wheels and rotate them 90 degrees every week. It is also recommended to wipe the tires with a silicone spray. As a result, the tires will not crack and will be kept better.

Preservation of a bicycle for the winter

Preservation of a bicycle for the winter means andits analysis. To reduce the size, you can remove the wheels and seats, and turn the steering wheel toward the frame. However, if there is no need to save space, you can not disassemble the vehicle, and remove only important components from it (batteries, for example).

An excellent option would be to buya bicycle cover. It protects against scratches, dust and corrosion. In addition, with the help of special handles, the bike can be suspended on the fasteners, which will increase the free space in the room.

Biking in winter

Most owners of two-wheeled horses hangautumn their vehicles on the hook and are waiting for a new warm season. But there are those for whom preparing a bicycle for the winter will allow you to continue enjoying your favorite walks. At the same time, a proper selection of equipment and clothes is very important.

Preparation of a bike for skiing in winter

If you decide to ride on snowy days, you should carefully take care of tires, chains, brakes and forks.

How to properly store a bicycle in winter

Pump the wheels not to the very end, so the grip on the surface will improve, and the patency will increase. You can buy and special winter tires, but they are expensive.

As for the chain, while walking on itgets a lot of reagents, which are sprinkled with roads. When you return home, there will be a question about where to store the bicycle. In winter it is recommended to put the vehicle in a warm place so that it thaws. After this, it is necessary to clean the chain and dry it, and wipe the bike with a dry cloth.

If the bicycle is equipped with hydraulic brakes,problems are almost not observed. Owners of the same classical vie-breaks will be forced to work with brakes after falling into deep snow. As a result, the rim and the rotor will be cleaned, and the walk will become more careless.

In the case where the bike has an inexpensive plug, itsimply will not function. Owners of high-quality means of transportation would do well to replace the oil with a more liquid, corresponding to the temperature of the environment.

Selection of winter clothes

The question of how to store a bicycle in the winter is fully understood. Now you can take care of clothes.

How to store a bicycle in winter

The ideal solution will be a wool suit, a windproof jacket, a sweater, a lower thermal underwear, soft gloves and boots. Do not dress too warm, otherwise sweat and catch cold.

If at some point decided to stopskiing before the best weather conditions, then the knowledge of how to store a bicycle in the winter, certainly useful. Preservation of the vehicle will be successful, and there will be no reasons for unrest.


Bicycle storage on the balcony in winter or onspecial hangers in the room - an excellent option for small apartments. For some citizens the problems will be solved by a heated garage or dry storage. Also well-proven cycling.

Take care of your two-wheeled friend, and he will serve you for many years!