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Alexander Galimov: biography and family hockey player

Alexander Galimov became the only hockey player of Lokomotiv, who survived the Yak-42 crash. After a serious accident, he fought for a few more days ...

Alexander Galimov

Life before the accident

Hockey player Alexander Galimov was born inthe city of Yaroslavl on May 2, 1985. For the first time on the ice ground the future goalkeeper of "Locomotive" came out at the age of five. All of Alexander's career took place within the walls of the club of his native city. At thirteen years Galimov began to play for the youth team "Locomotive-85". Since 2000, his club has won three times in a row.

In 2002, Alexander began to speak in the secondthe composition of the native team in the First League of the Ice Hockey Championship. By the efforts of Galimov "Locomotive-2" already in the following year became the winner of the championship. In professional hockey, Alexander came in 2004 as part of the same Yaroslavl club, which initially played in the Super League, and then in the Continental Hockey League. "Locomotive" always stayed at the top of the standings. In 2008 and 2009, he won the second place, and in 2005 and 2011, he closed the top three.

Also in 2005 in the life of the hockey player happened andanother very significant event. Alexander Galimov became a member of the youth national team of Russia, with whom he won "gold" at the World Junior Championships.

However, participation in the youth team of the country is notthe only achievement of the hockey player. Thanks to his successful game, the athlete was able to get into the ranks of the national team and play for her at the Karjala Cup in Finland. The Russian team won an honorable second place.

Alexander Galimov survived

Galimov took part in the Euro Hockey Tour in 2010 and in 2011.

The only survivor

September 7, 2011 was a fateful date foryoung talented hockey player and his native team. Players Yaroslavl "Locomotive", along with the coaching staff flew to Minsk, where the first game of the season was to take place. Yak-42, on board which were hockey players, crashed near Yaroslavl.

Alexander Galimov after the disaster

Galimov and one of the crew members were able tosurvive and even independently free themselves from the wreckage of the aircraft. Despite serious injuries, Alexander for a long time was conscious. He came to the rescue of rescuers and police officers, he could clearly say his name.

The struggle for life

Alexander Galimov immediately after the disaster wasdelivered to the Yaroslavl Clinical Hospital. For several days the doctors fought for the life of the only surviving member of the hockey team. Despite the fact that the heart of Alexander continued to fight, doctors gave a completely disappointing predictions. The injuries that Galimov received on the fall of the plane were incompatible with life. 80% of Alexander's body was covered with burns. Also, the hockey player had a burn of the upper respiratory tract, one lung and a kidney were damaged. From the hospital, where Alexander Galimov lay, almost every hour false information arrived. According to some rumors, the hockey player died on the medical table immediately after he was brought from the scene of the accident.

Physicians fought for the life of the athlete to the verythe last breath. The very next day he was taken to a special plane in the capital, at the Research Institute. Vishnevsky, where he was personally examined by Andrei Alekseev, head of the medical center. Galimova was immersed in a drug-induced sleep to relieve painful shock.

Alexander Galimov: Funeral and Farewell Ceremony

Alexander also came to support his family inthe face of the wife and parents. A huge number of burns was the main obstacle to an urgent operation. The only thing that the doctors could do was ventilate the athlete's lungs. However, this assistance was not enough, and on September 12, the hockey player died of the injuries.

Alexander Galimov funeral

The next day, the farewell ceremony was heldwith the athlete, who was held in the ice center "Arena-2000". Galimov was buried according to the rite of mummalmans at the Churilkovsky cemetery in his hometown. Say goodbye to him came fans of Yaroslavl "Locomotive", as well as the closest and dear to him people.

The family of Alexander Galimov

After the death of Alexander remained a loving wife andlittle daughter. Unlike many athletes, Galimov tried never to expose his family relations. His wife and only child were the people most dear to him.

This is confirmed by the following case fromlife of the athlete. At one of the wedding ceremonies of his friends, Galimov along with his wife was seen by photographers. The day after the solemn event, the pictures appeared in one of the social networks. Seeing the photos, Alexander immediately asked them to remove.

Alexander Galimov's wife was for a long timeleader and member of the support team of the native team of Alexander. Young people got acquainted thanks to the same club and puck. The couple soon had a first child - a girl Christina. As the friends of the sportsman, the daughter of Alexander Galimov note, are practically a complete copy of his famous father.

During Alexander's stay in the hospital, Marinawas always beside him. Together with him, she flew to Moscow. As well as many of the friends and friends of the hockey player Galimov, she fully believed in the positive outcome of the treatment.

Alexander Galimov's wife

Parents of Alexander Galimov

Another weighty niche in the life of a hockey player is alwayswas the family in which he was born and grew up. Alexander deeply revered and respected his parents. The father of the sportsman, Saidgerei Galimov, has always been his best friend and reliable assistant. Together they went hunting, fishing in the river, where the plane fell with the athletes.

Few can imagine what had to be experiencedan elderly father who suddenly heard of the fall of the aircraft on which his son was flying. Together with the rescuers, Saidgerei himself dived into the Volga in search of the bodies of athletes. Galimov Sr., like no one else, believed in a miracle. Together with Marina he accompanied Alexander to the plane. As noted by others, Said, while next to his son, constantly knelt in prayer. And of course, he hoped until the very end that his beloved Sasha would soon be on the mend.

Eternal memory of a hockey player

It is thanks to the father, according to his own wordsAlexander, he came to hockey. Said raised from him a strong-willed sportsman, a real man, able to fight to the end, not only for the puck on the hockey field, but for all people close to him.

Parents of Alexander Galimov

Alexander Galimov survived after the worst accident.And although the doctors could not return the athlete to life, he will remain forever in the hearts of his devoted fans. Friends and comrades remember the athlete as a person who is honest and always open to the people around him. During Alexander's stay in the hospital, absolutely outside people prayed for him, which once again confirms how valuable and valuable the athlete was for this world.