/ / "Neptune" (swimming pool, Tomsk): description and services

"Neptune" (swimming pool, Tomsk): description and services

Wellness and recreation - the main slogan of the complex "Neptune" (Tomsk). A swimming pool, a sauna, a gym, a salt cave and many other things are ready to offer to Tomsk citizens and guests this wellness center.


This year, the organization celebrates its thirteenthon account of a birthday. In 2004, Neptune, a swimming pool (Tomsk), began its history with only a Finnish sauna, and today it is a huge complex that offers customers a range of health services.

Visiting Neptune, the guests will not only be pleasedrelax, but also spend time with benefit for your health. It is here to their services several pools, water in which is prepared by the technology of ultraviolet cleaning and ozonation, Russian steam room, hammam, sauna, billiards, gym and health room. And for holidaymakers with children there is a special children's room where children can play and have fun.

Briefly about the services

Infrared cabin

What is available for guests who love hot steam,IC "Neptune" (Tomsk)? The pool offers an infra-red cabin, where the air temperature is warmed to 50 degrees, which allows you to stay inside it until half an hour. Radiation has almost no contraindications, has an excellent health and warming effect.

Salt room

It is an artificially createdThe space where the floor, ceiling and walls are made of salt blocks, thanks to which a healthy microclimate is created in the room. Halotherapy is indicated for people who suffer from frequent colds and diseases of the ENT organs, and strengthens the immune system.


Modern technology, created for correctionage-related skin changes. Staying in collagenarium contributes to the improvement of the structure and appearance of the skin, narrowing of the expanded pores, smoothing of fine wrinkles, equalization of face tone, disappearance of pigmented spots, and also positively affects problematic and oily skin.


A unique method of restoring health, based on the traditions of the Slavic steam room, with the use of a pair of medicinal herbs.

Rest zone

Bright interior of the main hall raises the mood, heated chairs create comfort, for fans of active recreation there is billiards, tennis, simulators.

Children's area

The leaders of the complex tried to do everything,so that the little guests also liked the time spent here. The game room is suitable for both kids and older children. In it there are labyrinths, slot machines, space for games. While the parents are resting, the children are engaged in active games.


When looking for a place to spend the weekendbe sure to pay attention to the IC "Neptune" (pool). Tomsk boasts two such establishments, one of which is located on Frunze Avenue, 240-A, building No. 10, and the other is located on the street of the 79th Guards Division, house 4/5. Both complexes will undoubtedly please visitors with their quality of service and reasonable prices.

Neptune (Tomsk): swimming pool

Frunze - the prospectus, where the three-level complex is located, combining a number of recreational and recreational procedures. Here there are three swimming pools, Russian and Finnish twin, Turkish hammam.

A large swimming pool has a length of 22 meters, here threepaths, hydromassage, a large waterfall, an attraction "Rain". A medium sized swimming pool measuring 4 by 7 meters has a hydromassage and a children's area. The small pool has a low water temperature (-15 ° C).

Services offered:

  • pool;
  • bath complex;
  • courses on swimming training;
  • phytoplankton;
  • zone for children;
  • cafeteria;
  • gym;
  • massage with fish;
  • salon of sunburn;
  • salt room.

"Neptune": a swimming pool (Tomsk) on the Guards

The complex, located on the Guards, includesin itself a street pool, Finnish saunas, outdoor pavilions, a tennis court. In addition, the guests of the complex can rent here a suite, a junior suite, an economy class.

Neptune Tomsk swimming pool

Services offered:

  • hotel;
  • street arbours;
  • BBQ;
  • outdoor swimming pool;
  • bath complex;
  • a playground for playing tennis;
  • gym;
  • infrared cabin.

Customer Testimonials

Does SK Neptun use popularity among its citizens?The swimming pool (Tomsk), according to reviews on the Internet, is a wonderful place for spending weekends or family holidays. There is a good gym, very clean pools with warm water, which is especially important for visitors with children. Excellent bath complex - you can choose a steam room for every taste: for lovers of dry steam - a beautiful Finnish sauna, for fans of the Russian bath - an excellent steam room on wood. Children are delighted with the Turkish hammam. Women positively speak about phyto-bacterial, rejuvenating procedures and massage with fish.

There is a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and incredibly delicious Altaic tea.

The administration of the complex strives to make each guest's stay interesting, pleasant and useful.

If you want a quality holiday, then be sure tovisit the wellness center "Neptune" (Tomsk). The pool, the prices for which services are presented on the official website of the company, is available for all categories of citizens. Single visit will cost an adult 200 rubles per hour, a child - 100 rubles. The monthly subscription is more profitable: its price starts from 1400 rubles for adult citizens and from 700 rubles for children.