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Galina Grossman's method of losing weight: the essence and feedback

The technique of losing weight Galina Grossman -the currently widespread method of combating obesity. Its author promises that it will be possible to get rid of unwanted pounds quickly and painlessly. The main thing is to strictly observe all the necessary rules and recommendations.

Biography of Galina Grossman

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The technique of losing weight Galina Grossman has becomethe result of many years of scrupulous labor. Studies that the author was engaged in to comprehend the nature of the human body, to achieve an attractive appearance, without exerting exorbitant efforts, have borne fruit.

Galina Grossman was born in the distant anda small hamlet in the territory of the Estonian SSR. Surprisingly, it had not only doctors, but even electricity. What can we say about other benefits of civilization. Therefore, the heroine of our article from childhood was interested in the recipes of folk medicine, which were actively practiced in the district in the absence of professional medics. Also her attention was constantly attracted by people who had the ability to heal and heal others. She spent a lot of time with them.

Education Grossman

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At the same time, Galina decided not to limit herselfthe knowledge that traditional medicine could give to it, and apply the scientific approach in everything. Therefore, right after school she entered the university for a biological faculty. Later she defended her thesis on biology. His professional career began at the Institute of Biophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. This happened in 1974. She was engaged in space development. She had to study how weightlessness and other critical situations affect the human body.

Later, she decided to concentrate ongive natural beauty and health to as many people as possible. For this, she opened the Center for Human Biology and Ecology in Estonia, which she supervised over many years.

In general, the activities of the center were aimed atconducting rejuvenation courses led by the founder of the center, organization of lectures on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, recruitment of participants in the Galina Grossman weight loss course.

How old is Galina Grossman?

These questions are asked by almost everyone whocollides with her in life, learns about her courses and techniques. The fact is that the heroine of this article has been following her health, proper nutrition and metabolism for many years. Rejuvenation courses for her are not an empty phrase. However, she does not give her true age. He considers such questions indecent.

If she is asked about it directly, thenclaims that she is already five years old. It is for such a period, according to Grossman's theories, that the cells of our body are renewed. At the same time if you follow all the recommendations, as well as the method of losing weight Galina Grossman, then you will feel like a five-year-old child.

Weight loss from Galina Grossman

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Galina Grossman's weight loss system can be trusted.After all, she is a dietician with several decades of experience. Most of them she devoted to developing her own author's concept of how to rejuvenate the body and lose weight.

Weight loss is one of the key conditions for rejuvenationfor the whole organism. The fact is that the body can not be cleansed and refreshed until it is overweight. This is the first thing to fight against. Extra pounds, and sometimes tens of kilograms, fat deposits, improper and unbalanced nutrition - all this prevents the body every day feel young and healthy.

Galina Grossman is the author of a unique methodology,which will solve immediately a set of problems that are of concern to many modern women. In a short time, it will be possible to normalize weight, clean the entire body and significantly rejuvenate.

Such results will be achieved throughbalanced proper nutrition, scrupulous food intake, literally by the hour, and effective fat burning. In addition, in addition to the main effect, Galina Grossman's weight loss program will help you solve a whole range of problems. You will forget about painful heartburn, put blood pressure in order, relieve the body of harmful toxins and unnecessary salts, solve all problems with pains in the spine and knee joints.

Principles of methodology

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The basic principlesadhere to Galina Grossman, is a diet that is accompanied by mandatory physical activity and careful observance of the correct regime of the day. Only by meeting all the above conditions, you will be able to achieve the expected effect - a loss of 8 to 15 kilograms. This result will come to you in just one month.

There are several mandatory rules, which can not be forgotten in any case.

First, there is strictly on the clock, the violation of the regime is unacceptable. The only exception can be for people who have to work on the night shift.

Secondly, you can not deviate from the list of allowed products. And also use them only in a predetermined amount.

Thirdly, choose one day a week, for example,Monday or any other that is declared "aquatic". This means that on this day you are required to drink twice as much liquid as you normally do and not eat.

Fourthly, do not forget that by refusing a list of prohibited products, never refuse yourself in the water. You can drink as much as your body requires.

The process of losing weight

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The whole process of losing weight is conditionally divided into twoparts. First you need to remove the extra pounds, and then stabilize the weight. That, having grown thin for a month, you for the next 30 days did not return to your old weight. Stabilization will help to avoid sudden jumps, which often occurs after a person stops adhering to a diet.

For the listeners of her course, she developed detailed recommendations Galina Grossman on the technique of losing weight. The menu on the average day can look like this.

Breakfast should be between 9 and 10hours of the morning. This is the most optimal time for the first meal. In your morning diet should come from 100 to 150 grams of protein food. You can cook fish for a couple or bake it, you can eat turkey meat, beef tenderloin, seafood, cottage cheese or one hard-boiled egg are allowed. From this list it is necessary to choose one thing. As we can see, the set of products is very extensive, so that the diet will be varied.

Then for breakfast you should eat 250 gramsvegetable stew or salad. Salad can not be filled. Also, neither a stew nor a salad should contain "heavy" vegetables and potatoes. To all this, add one slice of black bread and a glass of kefir or tomato juice (without pepper or salt).


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If you follow the technique of Galina Grossman for weight loss, you will get a detailed plan for the day on nutrition. So, after the first meal, lunch is necessary between 13 and 14 hours.

At first you should eat meat broth (300-400milliliters), seasoned with fresh herbs. And you can cook it absolutely on any meat. Then 100 grams of salad from raw vegetables without dressing. Also a glass of yogurt. It should be unsweetened and low-fat, do not contain any additives. The only thing you can put in it is one tablespoon of bran or muesli.

For dessert is not a very large cup of coffee or tea without sugar. Also, milk can not be added to the drink.


Supper should be two times.The first dinner is from 17 to 18 hours. It can be called a lunch. This is 200 grams of fruit. Practically any, except for bananas. And a glass of tomato juice or kefir with a low percentage of fat. If desired, the drink can be replaced with tea.

The second dinner takes place between 21 and 22 hours. You need to eat 5 prunes or the same amount of large dried apricots. To drink half a cup of kefir or one cup of unsweetened tea.

This diet offers to adhere to GalinaGrossman. Reviews about losing weight, which come from those who have already tried this diet on themselves, are mostly positive. Everyone remarks that the menu is sparing, uneasy, more like a healthy diet than a way to lose excess pounds. The author of the technique advises to adhere to such a regime from one to one and a half months. In this case, of course, vary the products, keeping their caloric content.

Another mandatory condition is the "water" day.Once a week, you should drink twice as much liquid as usual, and nothing at all. Remember that breakfast the next day after fasting should not be dense. It is necessary to confine yourself to a glass of tomato juice or kefir. Starting from lunch, you can eat on schedule.

Physical activity

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In order to work Galina Grossman's technique, weight loss exercises must be performed throughout the diet period.

There is nothing difficult - just to maintain high motor activity. For this you can do sports, or you can just walk around the street every day for at least an hour and a half.

But ideally you need to enroll in a specialized section, where your training will be monitored by a professional trainer-consultant. It can be a circle of yoga lovers or Latin American dances.

Weight stabilization

After the desired result is achieved, the weightit is necessary to stabilize. To do this, you need to smoothly "get out" of the diet. At this time should also be strictly fed by the clock. The only thing that can be expanded is the list of products. You can more often afford bread, fried meat, a variety of fruits and juices. Include in the diet sweet. Only 50 grams per day, not more.

In the period of weight stabilization, it is important to consolidate the effect not only physiologically, but also psychologically.

Many argue that the results of Galina Grossman's method of losing weight give results. In the responses, women and men note that if you strictly adhere to all the rules, then success is guaranteed to everyone.