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How to catch a donku catfish

Donku, or bottom tackle, is used for catchingfish from the bottom or close to it. Its characteristic feature is that there is no float here. And about the bait the fisherman will recognize by the shots the lodge or when the line is stretched. There are several options for how to fish for donka. And one of them is catching fish from the bottom with a float rod, equipped with a massive sinker and float, which is pulled to the top of the rod or lies on the water. And they use such gear mainly on rivers and other water bodies, where there is a current. Because it is less convenient to catch in standing water with the help of a donkey - because a long line is sagging. And during the fishing in flowing water, the force of the current sags the fishing line.

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With the help of this tackle, it is possible to catchthe most diverse fish. For example, a tempting prey for each fisherman is a river predator - catfish. As you know, this moustached handsome man usually lives on the bottom of the pools. And here the obvious question arises: "How to catch a catfish?" To donka! A simple tackle is used for this event.Take a heavy sinker with a weight of up to 150 grams.This weight depends on the strength of the current at the place of fishing.And with the help of a powerful swivel the movement of the sink is limited On it a strong leash from a metal rope or a braided line is attached.

The choice of a hook is also an important moment inthe resolution of the question of how to catch a donku catfish. The hook must be very strong and sharp. Its size should correspond both to the size of the bait, and the magnitude of the expected production. The main line is very strong, excellent option - wicker. The same goes for the rod. It should correspond to the mentioned gear as much as possible, that is, be designed for a difficult struggle with a large and strong rival. It will be even more reliable if the rod is equipped with a powerful multiplier. A catfish is a strong contender, and one should not treat it with a haughty attitude. This threatens the fisherman with crushed coils, broken rods, forest cuttings and other troubles.

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As you can see, to the question of "how to catch a donku catfish"must be approached responsibly. All elements of the bottom gear should be carefully checked and double-checked. Tackle should be not too rough, but strong enough: the catfish will simply not go for "oak" tackle. In addition, we still need to choose such a fishing place, so that it is convenient to handle with donkey, especially when fishing from its native elements. Because getting a catfish out of the water is not just a warm-up, it's hard work, which will have to sweat.

Answering the question about how to catch donka, do notit is possible not to mention the bait. And for a catfish, the best option is a frog, which should be hooked with the back foot. You can still catch on zhivtsa: here goes a small asp, a Chekhon or a podyazok. A good option would be a fillet cut from the side of fresh fish. And on the Lower Volga, for example, in the summer heat, fishermen catch catfish on a simple household soap. In this case, the fish most likely reacts to the smell of fats used when cooking soap.

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But it is not enough to know how to catch this river's donkagiant. You still need to choose the right time for catching. A craft catfish with the help of the gear in question is best wound in the morning, at dawn, or in the evening. This river predator often grabs bait in the dark. Most of this happens in the summer, when he hunts for Chekhon. During the fishing from the boat you must observe absolute silence. Catfish is a careful fish. You can not also rock the boat at anchors, because the bait is twitching from this. The catfish, even when hungry, first tries the bait slightly. And then, not finding anything suspicious, finally swallows it. Such a "tasting" bait can last up to half an hour, so you do not need to hurry with the cutting. After the catfish "led", it is necessary to wait a few seconds, but only then to cut. He spits out the bait rarely, so if the bite has gone into a leash, you know - half the case has already been made. And after a successful cut, you only have to pull it out of the water. And you can show off a trophy.