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Nexus 5x - smartphone review

If you do not follow closely the sales marketsmartphones, then you probably are not aware that Nexus mobile devices are being developed by various companies in partnership with the famous Google corporation. In most cases, these smartphones have a design from the Android developer. These devices have a variety of modifications and characteristics.

Today we will test Nexus5X. The device overview is also included in this material. All Nexus smartphones are regularly updated to the latest operating system versions. In addition, they are considered to be among the best in terms of characteristics and external parameters.


nexus 5x review
Google chooses the mostpopular and successful manufacturers, able to create new devices from the Nexus line. It is also possible that one developer can release more than one device, but several at once. A similar situation, for example, has developed with the company LG, which in just one year managed to create several Nexus devices, including 5X. Today it will be discussed in this article.


google nexus 5x review
So, before us Google Nexus 5X. We'll start with a review of the hull material, as well as external parameters. If you pay attention to the design of Nexus, then you can immediately understand that manufacturers are not so keen on this aspect, and eventually the devices are quite simple. Naturally, the logic of a large corporation Google is immediately obvious: it wants the smartphones from the Nexus series to have a universal and unique appearance, which many will like and will not cause users to complain. However, many manufacturers of these devices can fulfill the wishes of a large corporation. In particular, this can be said about the LG Nexus 5X. The phone's review will allow you to get acquainted with the presented model, as well as determine for yourself whether you should buy it or not. In fact, in the first place everything will depend on your wishes and preferences. You can safely say that the device is unique in its kind.


lg nexus 5x review
Turning your attention to the frontdevice, you can see that the screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches is covered with an additional protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. Also this display has an oleophobic coating. On the front of the smartphone are two speakers. They allow you to get high-quality sound from the Nexus 5X. Overview of the back provides an opportunity to notice a serious flaw. The fact is that the large camera module is significantly allocated. The same can be said about the fingerprint scanner and, naturally, about the Nexus logo. In appearance it is impossible to determine what this device is different from other similar smartphones, as the manufacturers seriously decided not to think about design. If you want to purchase a mobile device with an unusual appearance, as well as the shape of the case, then for sure this option you will not even notice.


A few words about the strength of the Nexus 5X. The review of the case allows to say that the front part of the device is completely covered with Gorilla Glass, and the sidewalls are made of matte plastic. The back of the smartphone is also made of plastic. It is incredibly pleasant to the touch. Also on the back there is a special effect "soft-touch", it is very convenient. Thanks to him, the phone is less polluted and practically does not slip out of the hands.

Let's turn our attention to the size of Nexus 5X. Overview of the dimensions allowed to prove that, despite the appearance, the device was quite light and compact. The code name of this smartphone, which was used in the development - Bullhead. The model numbers are H791 and H790. The phone is released in 2015. This model is the first device that was equipped with the operating system Marshmallow - Android 6.0. The smartphone is presented in black, white and blue colors.